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extraordinarily unusual and extremem hardship re. cancellation of removal

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    I was worrying about the overstay ban in case I have to go back and asked a couple people who are in immigration business.

    Here the answer I got:

    "Basically yes, if you depart the US, even voluntarily, because of your overstay you would be faced with a 10 year ban on re-entry which would be enforced despite your marriage to a US citizen unless and until you were able to file and have approved a waiver of excludability. These waivers are (almost) entirely based on the emotional and financial hardship that your absence would subsequently cause a US citizen (your spouse), and with correct wording aren't all that difficult to obtain if genuine hardship would exist. However, if you were faced with such a ban you would be wise to have a competent immigration attorney file the waiver for you, since this would improve the chances of approval."

    Well, blessedone is right, God is in control, let him work on your situation. Our worries give us nothing but they take away our peace. When you lift up the situation to God, he will do miracles in your life. I experienced it.


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      OMG, I thought juju seemed so sweet. She really did wish death on someone. I read the posts to make sure it was not just an accusation. I am so very dissapointed.


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        That is good news, I think. I mean, the fact that it is not totally impossible to obtain a waiver if hardship can be proved. Thank you SO much for sharing that information!!!

        I did NOT wish death on anyone. I just said I wouldn't miss him if he were gone. Why would I? Forgive me for being human, but some ppl can really be upsetting. I would never miss the kind of hatred that tb has expressed here, and I don't apologize for that. However, that's a far cry from wishing death on someone.


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          Juju lets kill katherine too. She disagrees with you.


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            Juju, the sentiment is the same.

            What strikes me is that I see you running willy nilly around this board trying to reign in the behavior of other posters. If you are going to do that, you'll have to first make sure that your own behavior is exemplary.


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              You were talking about CLINIC...WHAT kind of organisation is can I contact them...
              are they good lawyers ? How are their fees ?
              Do they have a website..or a phone number ???
              thank you for your reply...


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                All I know is what blessedone (bless his heart wrote in this post. I am assuming it is a Catholic organization that helps immigrants and their families. and I assume they do it pro bono or at a reduced rate. Let's hope, anyway

                This is the first I've ever heard of them. Sorry I can't tell you more. I called all of the organizations that the INS has listed in their detainees rights manual. Either they weren't taking cases anymore, didn't take detention cases, or they referred me to a lawyer who wanted a lot of money just for a consultation. This was the list for Florida. I'm assuming they have other lists. Some organizations also take cases depending on nationality, and/or where the person was living before need for legal representation started.

                Good luck


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                  CLINIC is Catholic Legal Immigration Network. They have several programs to help immigration cases. I thought this could be a good avenue to find your immigration needs, if they can't handle it they may be able to direct you.

                  Hope this helps. Here's tne website address:

                  Good luck and God bless


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                    Sophia, if you start your own string, you will probably get more answers.

                    I can send you to for a start, you may get other suggestions if your post is more visible. since the subject is different, people likely to know the answer may not look at this string.


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