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on i130 petition but leaving for HOME

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    I think 'immigrant' may qualify for Cancellation of Removal right away now that he is in deportation proceeding before a Judge. He'd need to provide evidence of hardship to his PR wife though.

    Alternatively, the Immigration Judge may well give him time for his wife to become an USC so that 'immigrant' can qualify immediately for Adjustment of Status before the Judge.


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      hey you guys . its been a long time . i wasn't here . last month we finally went for my wife's fingerprints for her naturalization . and now we are waiting for her interview and my court date for my master hearing is in September .
      and i know that my wife will not be naturalized by then . but its a good chance .. she might be

      also another thing , my i130 petition says its taking any where from 150 to 999 days to process this case . i submitted my case is july 2001 .
      and todays date it make it . 740 days
      so i got another 200 some days for them to come up with a decision

      thanks everyone

      have a good day


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        immigrant: The I-130 petition is usually adjudicated within 9 - 12 months. You should have had in hand by now the I-797 Notice of Approval. Write to the Service Center where your I-130 is filed to see what's up with that.

        Without an I-130 approval notice the Immigration Judge won't terminate deportation proceedings against you and adjust you to permanent residence.


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          even if youre married to a legal permanent resident ? it says it takes 150 to 999 days
          to process my kind of case on the paper that i got from ins


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            Topic: Naturalization question, confusion, contradictory information?N400 instructions vs the naturalization guide(?!?)Please answer. Thank You.
            confused confused, and a little bit more
            posted April 07, 2003 11:10 PM
            It's weird that whenb you look in the instructions form for N400, it doesn't say that you need to add (attach other papers), but when you look in the naturalization guide, it says to attach accounts that show both names(husband and wife), iunsurance, or anything the husband and wife may have togethere(leases, etc.).
            Suppose that someone would just follow the n400 instructions, without reading the guide. They wouldn't know that they need to attach these rest of the papers.
            So? Attach or not attach?
            Is this immigration confusing people or it is just me who is confused?



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              immigrant is right. The I-130 adjudication time for a spouse of a green-card holder for the California Service Center is unbeliavably 5 years -- right now they're adjudicating cases filed in April 1998.

              So, the most viable option you have is for your wife to file a new I-130 with the INS on your behalf once she becomes an USC. But up to that moment the Immigration Judge should wait about it, i.e., not order you deported (for about 5-6 months.) but adjust your status to that of PR.


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                "your worst nightmare" what are talking about? Are you a normal human being?


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                  and you've become yourself a reality?


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                    "Serena" says,

                    "...But up to that moment the Immigration Judge should wait about it, i.e., not order you deported (for about 5-6 months.) but adjust your status to that of PR."

                    They usually wait for some months ... Bushmaster is an example ...


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                      Poster "Watch Out!" on this board is wrong.


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                        U.S. VISIT System Replaces Special Registration

                        The Special Registration program is officially over.

                        DHS Announces New 'U.S. VISIT System' for Travelers as the Department Marks Its First 100 Days

                        U.S. Department of Homeland Security
                        Office of the Press Secretary
                        April 29, 2003
                        For Immediate Release

                        Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge announced the launch of the new U.S. VISIT system as he discussed the Department's first 100 days. In a speech in Washington, the Secretary outlined the Department's plan to create a new entry-exit system backed by 21st century technology. The U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indication Technology system (U.S. VISIT) is designed to make entering the U.S. easier for legitimate tourists, students and business travelers, while making it more difficult to enter the U.S. illegally through the implementation of biometrically authenticated documents.

                        Drawing heavily on developing technologies and scientific capabilities, the system will utilize a minimum of two biometric identifiers, such as photographs, fingerprints or iris scans, to build an electronic check in/check out system for people coming to the U.S. to work, study or visit. The U.S. VISIT system will replace the currently existing NSEERS program, integrate the SEVIS program, and encompass the Congressional requirements of the automated entry exit system.

                        The U.S. VISIT System is a critical new border security and enforcement tool that will capture point of entry and exit information on visitors. The system will be in its first phase of operation at international air and sea ports of entry by the end of 2003.



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