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I dont understand, How can someone enter illegally???

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  • I dont understand, How can someone enter illegally???

    I have always been wondering, how anyone could enter illegally, except by walking thru the dessert, which will for sure lead to death.

    Well I guess they all use fake passport or something...

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    I have always been wondering, how anyone could enter illegally, except by walking thru the dessert, which will for sure lead to death.

    Well I guess they all use fake passport or something...


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      There are many way to enter illigaly but I don't want to mention here, it will only promote illigal immigration and we don't want that.


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        You are right dont say it, they dont need anymore ideas on how to get here.


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          I never understood why they have 3-5-10 years bar anyway...

          If you bar them, once the bar is over they will come back and stay for good, hoping not to be caught.

          They should just be barred for life, in that way first we get rid of them and second for them since they know that there is no hope of coming back, they would start a new life and not be just waiting in their country for the bar to be over.


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            you are completely right, wondering. I support you strongly in that.


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              wondering, you are completely wrong, and very simplistic. You are not thinking of the big picture here. What do you think? They sit on their hands all day, waiting and planning to get in this country? They don't try to make a living in their own country? Do you understand that they are leaving their family (kids, husbands, wives) behind for YEARS to come here and work the jobs YOU dont want.

              Maybe instead you should think WHY they are coming here..economic reasons. You should try and boost THEIR economy, and put pressure on world political leaders not to EXPLOIT the working class of poorer countries.

              but, that would never happen, we will always have the division of "rich" and "poor", and as long as we keep exploiting the labor force of poor countries, we will have people wanting to come here to make more money so their family can survive.

              I hope you like your $1 doublecheese, and $100 sneakers (probably made by a 10 year kid making $1 a day ), I hope you enjoy your cut grass done by your landscaper who picked up an "illegal" and paid him maybe $5...

              There is so much to this problem that nobody really wants to do anything about. In one corner you have the racist and the other you have a fat capitalist doing what he does best (and doing it well). In the middle you have us.


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                Guest, you speak the truth here. There are so many people who hate immigrants, but love their own way of life, which somewhere or somehow is made easier by immigrants. The cost of building a home, or the fruit we eat would be so much higher if home grown americans were doing the labor. I was born in this country and I love it here, but I do not respect the people of this country who forget that we are all immigrants who adjusted their status by way of stealing land from the native indians who live here long before we did.


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                  I agree with both guests! without the immigrants, we would have a different lifestyle and the things we are fortunate to have, are made possible by the immigrants bc they do all of the things that we refuse to do.


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                    Hi Wondering:
                    Asked your great grand parent, he will tell you how.


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                      To know exactly, how they enter illegaly, U need to join custom & border patrol.


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                        Whether you all are here illegals or have illegals persons with them, and even though you are citizen, you are taking the sides of these illegals and ignoring the facts that they have broken our laws regardless of any reasons. Let me remind you that our grand parents did not come here illegally, and as far doing odd jobs is concerned then let me tell you that this country is made based on hard work from beginning, there were always hard workers and will be with or without illegals otherwise those landmarks wouldn't be there which are a symbol of american hard work, as well it never give the justification for them to be here. country or its people can not be paralazied in the absence of illegals. As far them scarificing their family or their country economy's situation is concerned, then u.s. is not responsible for their country or them. it is the responsibility of their own country to take care of its citizen as u.s.does to its citizen, and you can not justify this kinds of any reasons to break this country's laws or to be a illegal here, periord. It is not you while it is our govt who has been so generous so far to let in the people like you otherwise if you were in the europe then i will ask you where would be yr all justifications, because they will deport you right away even though if you do not have shoe on you, on their own expenses and without any appeal or representations.That's why there is no that much illegal immigrants, and over here you taking the advantage of our system or generousity. If america is also closed its door as others then where would be yr all justifications. Yes, america is a land of immigrants and always be, but it was never for illegals or laws breakers.


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                          Does ur grand parents belong to one of the "RED INDIAN" tribes? If yes, then they are definately not illegal, otherwise u know what I mean?????


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                            I often wonder what the USA would be like if the Native Americans had an established BCIS agency when Columbus first landed and in the years that follow. As a nation we have done great things, but we have also done some very terrible things. We have broken laws, we have invaded countries. Up above XXX said that we should let other countries rule their own people? If this is the popular belief why did we go to Iraq?


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                              We are all immigrants, except for the Indians.

                              Most of today's US Citizen's ancesters came here without being inspected because there was no INS at that time.

                              Wasnt it against the law to kill or put the Indians in reservations?


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