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    Want to know what happens when you overstay? Simple, you can't do jack. You can't work, can't go to school (except to highschool), can't do anything productive. If you have tons of money, sure you'll have fun, otherwise, you're going to starve, get sick and start going on welfare.

    Is your life back in your country that bad for you to consider having a bum of a life here instead?

    What's your reason for wanting to overstay anyway?


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      Hey Sprint, you having a bad day? Relax, at least Marie's trying to help. Besides, Poarl seems to need to read it a few times before he/she gets the message.

      Let's just be helpful here shall we?


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        poarl, if you overstay, and you are not rich, you'd have to work in pubs, restaurants, doing housekeeping work, or babysitting children. You can always marry an USC, but s/he's gonna need a lot of money from ya...bottom line, having a visa is generally better. But who knows, you may learn a lot of interesting things during the incoming tough times...but the question is: is it really worth learning after all??


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          And it is a J-1 visa, as far as I know, she won't be able to adjust her status in anyway after overstaying that visa...


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            Even if you came here legally, with J-1 visa it's impossible to adjust your status, even if you are married to citizen.Unless you finish your residency here and apply at the most remote part of the US, then I guess you can stay.I have a friend who is married to USC but her husband can't do anything for her, She went to work in Fargo,ND just to be able to stay with her husband. I hope this will give you some ideas. or get an immigration lawyer, he is the best person to help you with your situation.But don't overstay because you will destroy your future. Your history goes with you whenever, wherever you are.


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              Just don't do it OK??

              There's not any legislation that will help you in the future to adjust your status... not now, not later... so you better go back to your home country and don't break the law if you don't need to... you seems that is only your will that may make you overstay... maybe the dream of a better future... but trust us... it "will" become a nightmare!!!... so just don't do it... it is wrong... don't break any law...


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                Don't do it, perhaps the guy has some reason why s/he cannot go back to her/his country...we might wanna consider this as well, otherwise s/he would not say "I *will* overstay, instead of *may* overstay.


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                  Not all J1 holders are subject to 2-year home residency requirement.


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                    Yeah, not all...


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