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    I am new to the U.S, what would be the diffirence between out of status and legal stay.i want to out of status and overstay hereafter the J-1,.i enter the U.S with J-1,

    thanks your reply in advance!

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    I am new to the U.S, what would be the diffirence between out of status and legal stay.i want to out of status and overstay hereafter the J-1,.i enter the U.S with J-1,

    thanks your reply in advance!


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      The only option is to get a waiver. I'm not sure how they work but I think your chances are slim.
      J1 visas usually have to go back home even if they marry a USC.

      Someone else would probably know better...


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        You want to overstay?? That's insane. Have you read how many people are asking for advises here about overstaying? Whatever you do to try to remain in the US, do NOT go out of status. Given that you want to stay in the US so much, you shouldn't screw yourself up by overstaying. The consequences are very serious, could be a ban of at least 3 years from entering the US, and then even after that the visa officers would always look at you with suspicious eyes. Bottomline, don't do it.


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          The difference between getting out of status and being legal is self explanatory. Are you subjected to the 2 yr. home residency requirement on you J1? If you are, you basically have to go back home for 2 yrs before you can reapply to get back to the US.

          There really is no sense for you to go through all the troubles if you overstay simply because life can be extremely hard plus it can get very expensive if you try to get yourself back in status. Do whats best to stay legal, and maybe you can apply for the 2yr residency waiver if you qualify. Here is a link that to give you options

          Check the link and see if you qualify for these various options and see where you best fit in. Don't overstay, because should you get into any trouble, you basically have little or no choice but to not only go back home, but you'll definitely have to pay the consequences of getting yourself banned from entering the US for a long time. Good luck.


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            $10000? or 3000? or 20000?how much would the cost be to adjust me back ?I am new here.

            thanks a lot


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              First of all, please clarify if you already overstayed or you are thinking of overstaying.

              Without clearing this up first, there's no point in anyone here giving you advice.


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                want to know how it woulld happen to be out of status?just come here new, but plan to overstay,I have not been out of status yet,



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                  So whats going to happen if you overstay... well, you can pretty much do whatever you damn well please! Once you overstay, you pretty much have to be careful of every single thing you do since you don't want to get into trouble. But should you get in trouble, you will have to go home and, depending on how long you are out of status, serve whatever appropriate ban from entering the US.


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                    can i still use it to see Doctor pay the medical fee?the insurance company will deny me when I use it buy insurance ?if my status is out of status, is my SSN still valid?



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                      you don't want to overstay, you may overstay...

                      don't do it!


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                        It's simple: you overstay, you're out of status, you get caught, you get deported. End of it worth the risk?


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                          Marie why do you always try to rephrase what someone else has already said?Cant you come up with something original, or if you do not know pls keep quiet.


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                            Your opinion.


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                              why is anyone encouraging this behavior? This person is unwilling to live up the agreements that got him/her the J1...and now wants "help" on how to stay in the US. My response? Simple. LEAVE. Go back to whatever country you came from. The United States does not need anymore liars, promise-breakers or law-breakers. You made an agreement with the US when you obtained your J1 visa. If you cannot respect those agreements, why do we need you in America, working illegally, scamming welfare benefits or doing whatever?


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