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Pre-Divorce Joint Pending I-751 VSC

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    Im afraid that "waiting until the perfect moment(which never happens) to give that gift" has occured. No matter.. its done now.
    Be happy. The decision has been made for you, and it is the solution for your financial problems stated about filing for divorce. I assume he is in the same state as you for no-fault divorce. The only thing that will remain are for property/money matters to be resolved.

    I hope you are not further going to procrastinate on withdrawing the 751 until the "right time". But something tells me he has already beaten you to the punch there with BCIS and is going to claim mental torture. I think you have underestimated your husband and probably in the process compromised your position by waiting. and I am really sorry to hear this.


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      Would it not be necessary to prove that? There are no incidences, I am the only one who has been in weekly counseling for the past year...and surely BCIS doesn't just take soemone's word for it, otherwise everyone would do that?


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        you dont know what he is or has done. he could have been in counseling all this time just as you have. He is determined. And yes sometimes BCIS/IJ do things that make no logical sense. There are many stories that aliens take before the court that cannot be or have not been verified and they get status. Go back and read a post from Sammy on the subject back in Aug. I believe. (maybe pg 10 or 11 )

        Stop worrying about your hub strategy and start concentrating on yours. YOU need full focus right now. And you will have no control over that becuase you will never see the file.. it is his file. Like we have been telling you. Give BCIS as much info that you like so it is in the file for when the case comes up for review. It is your only means to represent your story of the marriage in the matter.

        Your husband is very good actor. He was able to convince you for 2 years and you never saw it coming. You dont think he could go infront of BCIS or IJ and do the same convincing??He was smart enough to position himself when you countered with annulment. He knew what he had to do and did it. Dont think for a minute that he did not put into place the necessary groundwork now to pull this off. And while you were thinking ,, he was doing. The clock is ticking.

        Rmember: " The difference between Salad and Garbage is Timing."


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          Please "swissnut" make up your mind and go ahead with your decision.

          Did you finally report all this situation?

          All this time that you had been here trying to get answers than nobody else but you have, your "so called husband" had been pretty busy too, but focusing in his own strategy and really hitting his target.

          So my suggestion as many other in this forum is please now you are the one to make a move for yourself, whatever is your decision just do it.

          If you believe that reporting him will make you feel better (as citizen, as human being, as a woman) go ahead do it and move on, get ready for better things in your life. Throw out the garbage and start clean.

          Good luck!!!


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