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    We were a success! It was stressful. We
    had every document and had made 2 copies, 1 for
    us and 1 to give to INS. If you are really
    in a bona fide marriage, you will make it. If
    you are not, you will not make it. We were questioned together and separated. However, all
    was fine. Actually, we weren't really nervous or
    really uptight. Maybe just a little.

    There was another couple from JOrdan sitting besides us. I over-heard the lady say (she was
    the US citizen) that they had been there early in the morning and then were told to come back.
    They took the husband by himself. He was gone
    a rather long time or it seemed long. The lady
    was leaving at the same time we were and she was crying. Evidentally, the husband had been detained, we do not know why. \
    Anyway, we were glad to get home and be relieved
    of this stress hanging over us.
    All of the comments on this forum are very good and helpful.


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      When we first got married it wasn't a big deal to either of us. Then I got pregnant, and we decided that we had a future to think about. Then we didn't know where to start, who to talk and so on and so on. At that time there was only one lawyer even remotely close and we had heard horror stories. Nut us we are in the right place now and hopefully soon we will have an interview.


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        nireehamdi, congrats. I am waiting for my AOS interview too.

        What kind of questions were being asked? Pls provide some details so we can get prepared.


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          Hello Nireehamdi,
          Congrads> Could you please post some or a few questions that the interview people asked you and your husband seperatly and together. I just wanted to knwo what kind fo questions they ask.


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            we were asked:
            number of rooms in the house
            what he slep in and on what side of the bed
            what I slept in
            what were favorite foods
            where we met, did we date before marriage...
            what degrees we have
            how long did we date
            did I know his family
            does he know my family
            what vacations we did together.
            we have about 25 years age difference...
            but it's okey with us....
            we had all documents including property that we have bought together, bank accounts, retirement account, beneficiary on insc. and whatever.
            what we did together..
            when did we last eat out together...
            what friends that come to our house..
            as we had everything and are very much together..
            it really didn't make any difference...
            as I think of the questions I will post...
            right now they are all a blur..
            what vacations we did together...
            we really had no problems with any of the questions.

            My husband did not have his medical
            when we take will be done.
            So this is good.


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              ANother point:

              Be sure to have the wife's social security card
              with name change...I hyphenated mine.
              Be sure to have driver's license of both parties
              with same home address.

              As I think of stuff I will post.


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                I havent change my last name. I come from a country where married woman keep their last names. Besides, I think I should keep it as a symbol of my relationship with my blood family. I really dont think there would be a problem.


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                  Congratulations on this big step...



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                    I hyphenated my last name.....
                    my maiden name - married name....

                    mainly because I am working ...and need my last name....and married name...I like both hyphenated......


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                      No name change is really necessary. Most women keep it for working purposes. I have seen many instances of women having their maiden name. It's joint documents that are important and little events like vacation, toothbrush color, favorite food etc. There is not really a list of these question but they are pretty simple.

                      IT's all about a personal judgement that the DA will use whether they will interview seperate or joint. Most times when the marriage is greater than 2 years, they just want to finish it as quickly as possible and then give you an unconditional stamp; most of the times stamped the same day.

                      Another thing to all of you recent LPR. Make sure you notify BCIS about any future address change and if you're thinking about naturalization, please do your taxes joint and don't be delinquent, keep your credit well, be a good resident.

                      But first of all to all the recent LPR, take a vacation to get all this stress out. And on my behalf, a warm Welcome to the USA.


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                        Waoo nireehamdi they sure did ask you a lot of questions. But anyway, Congratulations.!!!!
                        I'm happy for you


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                          Congratulations!!!! Yay! Woo hooo


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                            congrats !! wow.. you really got the hardcore interview. and you passed with flying colors cuz u love each other!!! Many years of happiness. ok we want to know since u were concerned. did they ask you about having children?????????


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                              The question was " Any children?"......
                              my husband said, we really haven't talked about it, which is true...what little we did....we
                              talked about adoption or invetro-fertilization...
                              I do have a son from a prior marriage.(He is
                              lebanese)...we have just been too busy with jobs
                              and taking care of our business....
                              kids don't seem to be "his thing" right now...
                              Oh well, we're okey.... if we got the 3rd degree..
                              it was sure okey....we knew we were together regardless of the age we were


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                                u r so right.. confidence was the key

                                again Mabrouk!


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