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212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) Please Help

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    To Mr XXX

    As you said before that"And also informed that I would not be allowed to reenter USA without a visa". means that you have lost your VWP previlege.

    Now you need visa to visit USA.

    Your marriage is not a problem for future visit to US but you have to show divorce papers at POE or at the time of any question about your x-wife.

    You have job, why not you go to US consulate in your country for a visitor visa? bring your job letter, bank statement, divorce papers and explain the visa officer if he asked what happened last time at POE.

    He is the only person to tell, do you need Visa or still you are eligible for VWP as because he has access of your record in INS computer.

    And you are safe even he does not give visa, but without visa if you show up in US POE, this time you will be expedited removed and barred for 5 years.

    So try to get visa in your country first.

    Good Luck!!


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      guesti is completely right on this matter, and Mohan is completely wrong because he is trying to prove that he is right and expert while did not even analyze the situation of original poster and trying to stretch the leg in laws for no reason whatsoever.


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        I am not an expert but...

        without looking at those 212 CODE...

        since he was married to USC and is now divorced, he never adjusted his status, INS thinks that he abandoned his AOS.... and whatever time he spent in the USA after his first Visa expired is "overstay"...
        he might have a 5 year bar or even a 10 year bar now.

        MR XXX, can you tell us when you entered?
        Did you get married while here on VWP?


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          No matter what you guys say here .I know I'm not wrong, I didnot made these laws. I double checked it and i was right.


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            After five years the guy who was deported won't have any problems. It's that simple.


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              More information on this subject..
              Please read expidite removal part.



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