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What is Private Bill. Am I eligible for Private Bill.

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  • What is Private Bill. Am I eligible for Private Bill.

    I have lived in this country for more than 20 years but still could not adjust my status in the United States. Firstly I married, then my wife took divorce becuase marriage was interfering her job as army personal in Germany. The INS law states that if a petitioner has a geniune excuse therefore the beneficiary should be granted the permanent residency without her presence for interview. But when I went for interview the examiner misuse her power and said that she cannot adjucate my case for permanent residency without having interview with my wife. I told her the law does not require her presence. Then she says it is our mistake. Therefore she took Bully action against my case to adjourne. When I send that letter to wife she took divorce stating that whatever they said we did it, if they are not issueing you greencard I cannot help you any further becuase it is hurting my job in Germany. Later after divorce she writes me that it was her mistake therefore we will remarry and go for interview. I should stay in States, before she went to Germany for one year but due to her good performance her duty was extended for ten more years. So she returned from Germany in 1996, rather marrying me she married another rich guy, saying that she lost contact with me. Then in 1996 I applied for political asylum, but that too was decided in favor of Immigration Judge, by Immigration Board of Appeals in Virginia last month. Now I simply want to know can I reopen both my marriage as well as political asylum case or just political asylum case, I have paid taxes for last twenty years, contributed towards our social security, plus have contributed towards my retirement plan. I need your help and advice what I can do next to win my case. I am totally tired of fighting with these guys without any issue. They are not ready to accept there guilty, but just ignoring the facts, the asylum case said that previously I was invovled in marriage fraud, but when I received my papers in my file through freedom of information department, there is nothing there regarding marriage fraud. They do whatever they want to do and no one check there work. Is there any department where we innocent public who are prey of the wrong doing of INS can plea to check both of my files where the immigration law was not satisfied. You can twist the word both in negative direction or positive and law does not based on oral testimony. I have nothing else to say, I am getting totally sick with this ailing INS and need your help in my case with courageous reply with real facts to face this department for real good. I highly thank the leaders and professional lawyers who went through my two different cases and have helped me with the lastest information and there knowledge to help me resolve my case with this INS. Is there any relief available at present in my case as I have lived too long in this country. If they accept me to reopen my case both for marriage and asylum then how long will it take to make decision by the court to adjust or deport. Please answer. God Bless all of you'll who devoted there precious time to help me with there enlighted mind and profession to resolve my problem with INS. This 20 years of issue with the INS, Immigration Judge, and IBA was represented without a lawyer. But now I am ready to have a lawyer to represent my case. Please reply as soon as possible so that I can have a little mental peace in my life. God Bless America and we all too. Amen

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    Wow you must be a real patient person...I really feel sorry for you
    The only best thing to do is check with a lawyer...there are some affordable already have been fighting your cause for 20 years and I am sure you don't feel like wasting another few years...just check with a lawyer for your peace of mind...
    What did the INS judge rule when he denied your asylum ? did they put you in deporting process ?
    If it is the case and it's been 10 years (you said you have been here for 20 years ) Then you can apply for cancellation of deportation since you have been here for more than 10 years...
    Good luck to you


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      You never mention your present status during these 2o years even if you are "fighting" the inadequacy of the Service.That part of you going for an interview without you spouse 20 years ago is for me highly suspicious then as it is now.
      I don't think private bill will apply to you as it is normally bestowed on individuals who have "contributed" to the American society in general.In other words, if you know more than half of the US senators maybe this private bill can take off.Wishing you all the best.


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        Presently I have no status in US, the lawyer told me that he can reopen my case with board of appeals to reconsider, if that does not work then he will go to US court of appeals. I was being told that you can work and stay in United States till your political asylum is not granted, then we can go to US court of appeals. One lawyer told me that you can also review your petition at the US court of appeals, the other avenue is to get a senator of congressional rep to sponsor you on private bill. Please reply


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          I am not sure but I think you are still grandfathered by the I-245. Did you check this
          option ???
          I really feel your pain and wish you the best luck..20 years is really a long time


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            I am sure you are grandfathered by 245(i). With regards to private bill, yes you can do that. Approach any congressman or senator in your state and tell them your case. My sister was just LPR at that time and she was very ill, she wanted her husband to come because life was just so hard without your spouse. To make long story short, her petition for her husband will go with the normal timeframe, meaning it might take 3 years for him to be able to migrate. Patsy Mink and Abercrombie (from HI) told her that the only way she can bring her husband expeditiously is for her to be an American citizen / or they can make a private bill for her.
            I think your situation is not the end of the world, let your lawyer work onthis.
            BTW, she just waited until she took her oath.Her husband's papers were so fast, thanks for Patsy Mink and Cong. Abercrombie of HAWAII.


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