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    Thanks Lurker
    We are planning to get married either with him being in his current status(Green Card), or after his naturalization. I have to find out which is the best (if I can adjust status after he becomes a citizen and if that's too complicated).
    As of the pharmacist shortage, I know that, I guess everybody knows that, except the Department of Labor and the INS, so they have extra quick procedures only for nurses & physical therapists at this point.
    However from what I have found out:
    I still have to take the TOEFL exam, the Pharmacy Equivalency exam, do a 1500 hours internship and take the state board exam, in order to find an employer and apply for H1-B or I-140.
    So the skill that I need to develop first of all is to learn how to wait without getting dissapointed or anxius.


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      We must all have incarnated into our current life needing to work on patience to have ended up in this situation!


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        That's my way of thinking too. I believe our dear Lord works on us in every possible way in order to bring us closer to him. This life is a big school and if we pass the class, who knows what great & beautiful we will see...
        However, every day life doesn't let us think so clear about things. So we complain all the time! Like I'm doing: "I can't get a drivers license, can't work, can't go anywhere, can't be free...." Finally, what is freedom??
        It's inside of each one of us, we just don't know it.


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          Well said! I want nothing more than to give my boyfriend the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. I believe this is one of the greatest gifts beside the love that we have. I look at it as a test and hopefully i will pass with flying colors. It is worth the wait. We have to believe that God is looking down at us and giving us these tests for a reason.


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            It is so nice to see two or more positive posts in a row on this board! Let's all continue to support each other as we work through the details, and be sure to share tho joy when we finally succeed in removing the burden of worry and fear from the shoulders of our loved ones.


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              Your boyfriend [but not you] can get record of his I-94 thru BCIS by filing a prescribed form, and there is a fee also for that. It will take 4-10 weeks to get it in the mail from them.

              As you should know that tax number can not be used for work purpose, while it is used only for tax purpose. He can apply for tax number, and he doesn't need to be married or need to sumbit his marriage ceriticate with that application. Instead, all he needs is a copy of his passport wherein US visa is stamped [regardless of whether it's valid or not]. But, if I were him, I will NEVER give my address to IRS, by keeping in mind the climate of uncertainity/surprises what is occuring these days. Instead, I will use a P.O. Box address which is seemed similiar to actual address, or I will use my close [confidente] friend's address for such govt. stuff, just for precaution, because the truth is- if nothing has ever happened to anyone yet, it doesn't mean that it won't happen to your boyfriend, especifically when all these govt agencies are linking altogether [under Dept. of Homeland Security] to apprehend illegals. As far as confidentiality issue with attorneys is concerned, it's true that they will lose their license to practive if they break confidentiality-agreement with their clients, but no attorney will do that "over the desk", instead they do this kind of stuff "under the table". They are not that stupid that they won't keep their defenses. Bottomline is- you should not dissucss your personal life with anyone or someone, unless you know them very well and believe in them for not messing you up even though your relationship with them won't be that great in the future.

              At last, it's not a matter of freedom or gift as you have said in your post in respect to yr boyfriend issue, while it's a matter of law, and law will provide him a privilege to live with you for your sake [a USC]if you marry him in the future, and not for a matter of freedom or gift as what you said. As you know that America can not provide freedom or gift to everyone who like to live here. More than 65% of the world population like to come and live here, if they can. There won't be anymore America if its govt will accomodate everyone based upon "freedom" or "gift". I hope you will agree with me on that, isn't it?


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                Yes i agree, not sure though if you know of the fear that my bf lives in. The fear instilled in him is a horrible thing to see and feel for that matter. Because I love him it would make me happy to take that all away. Your right about discussing my personal life with anyone its a shame we can't be more trusting but I know what you mean. At this point he will just remain a low profile and when the time is right we will act accordingly, its just given me such hope to hear from everyone here its really what i need to help me continue this struggle. It will all be worth it in the end. We must have confidence in our government.


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                  I hear yea. Of course, I would be truamatized also if I were in his shoe. Hell yeah, the fear of deportation would scare me especially if I were be deported to a country wherein no opportunity for me to do anything. All my dreams and expectation would die. And, it would scare me also when I made lots of scarifices hare ways just to get here, specifically its not that easy [in mostly cases, its impossible to get visa from embassy] to get visa to come here. I will do anything to the best of my interest, like if I have hide, then I will hide until I become legal. Why should I put my life in danger, right?


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                    DePoRt IlLeGaL AlIeNs


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                      Satan is just everywhere, in every corner waiting to challenge your faith, even here a post before mine...isn't he???
                      Just don't hear to what he says and don't talk to him and God will save you!
                      As of the rest of the conversation I agree, even if I don't come from a country with no opportunities. I would like to go back to Greece tomorrow, because I know I could find a well- paid job there again (like the one I left when I decided to follow my heart and come here with my boyfriend).
                      The reason I'm not doing it, is that my bf has a business here, which he can't live just like that and search from the scratch again there for something else.
                      So,Sammy, I don't believe that everybody who is coming to this country doesn't have any other choice, it's just the circumstances...
                      As of the country of the Freedom I haven't seen any freedom yet... Only racism, discrimination, war based on financial reasons, etc... Except all the nice people & american citizens that I have met till know and except some beautiful landscapes to be discovered yet, the rest is just a vitrine to the world: "We are going to save the world" they say. And I'm saying: "Sorry, but can you please save first all the homeless people and the people who live in the shelters and in the getos and then if you archieve that goal, go and save the world, but not with wars and battles, with your love, with food, with education etc." Then I would surelly agree that this is the country of the free and the home of freedom and democracy.
                      OK, enough of the speech now (this was the subject of a discussion I had with an american friend, who finally asked me why I don't get involved in politics??? Why ??? To become one of them ??? Or become like them????)
                      Anyway thank you for your patience with my temperamental explosion(if you had any)- and sorry, its not that I dont like it here or the people here, but its not a paradise either...


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