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Please help me. I have Important question about I-129F

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    Hi Vpatel,

    Ok, there are a lot of questions here, and I have only limited time to respond, so forgive me if I pick and choose a little.

    On the note on the Ukrainian embassy website, I think what they are referring to is the fact that the system is supposed to get to the point soon where notification of all approvals will be sent directly to the consulates by "electronic" means. If/when this actually happens, it would obviate the need for both provisional files and, quite possibly, formal requests for a "cable" to be sent to the consulate. However, at the moment, the best info I have is that the only service center you can count on to actually do this is Vermont. So I think at this point, the note on the Ukrainian website may have more to do with them not wanting to be bothered with opening provisional files than anything else.

    I am also going to take the opportunity to reinforce a point I made in an earlier post today: it is all fine and good to be researching how things are done at other embassies, but what actually counts is how they are done at the embassy you will be dealing with. As far as I know, there has been no blanket, across the board decision to never open a provisional file again at any embassy (I could be wrong about that, and anyone who knows better, please do let me know). So, just because Ukraine won't do it does not mean it is not worth looking into at another embassy (although it is possible that they also have a policy against opening provisional files).

    On your other questions, I did take a brief look at the Mumbai website, and it does look like they do handle fiancee visas, among other things. It looks like the only limitation for Mumbai is that it will not handle DCF cases, which have to be filed in New Delhi. So my guess is your fiancee's case really will end up there, if she lives in an area that they serve. That is probably where you would want to try to open up a provisional file, although you may just be best off waiting to receive notification that the approval notice has actually been sent there. As far as your document questions, I would research what is in the Packet III on the Mumbai website (I addressed the whole Packet III/Packet IV issue in a separate post earlier today).

    Despite this, as a note to the users of the board generally, you need to be careful about assuming that the application will always go to the consulate nearest you. Yes, this is USUALLY the case; however, again, things vary from country to country. In some countries, only one out of the several consulates there may be set up to process immigrant visas (which for their purposes also includes fiancee visas). That means that your fiancee will have to go there, whether or not it is the closest embassy to her (kind of like a couple in India wanting to use DCF has to go through New Delhi, even if they don't live anywhere near it).

    Remember generally that when it comes to consular processing, any time you are comparing notes with someone else, the basics of the process are probably going to be the same, but the specifics are going to vary depending on what country your fiancee is living in. When in doubt, try to get information directly from the relevant consulate (in person, by phone, or on-line) as opposed to relying on advice from people who have done the process in other countries. It will save you a lot of needless stress and worry in the long run. (It's still useful to compare notes, but don't necessarily assume that everything that was true for them will be exactly the same for you).

    OK, sorry to get preachy. I'm pretty much done for this week. I have had to go to only looking at the discussion board once a week, on Friday, so I will check back in next week.


    Alex Halow


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