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my wife left to MX

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    oh my!


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      This is a good question and I thank you for asking.

      When I first came across this board, I had questions myself I was seeking answers for. When I started reading all of the hate, racists, and negative posts to certain people, I was very hurt. I have many good friends of different nationalities and cultures. This is when I started posting and when I wanted to stress to others that I am white, a born and raised United States Citizen, just to get my point across. I posted under this ID to let others understand that I am not racist, I do not judge others, and to also let them know that at least one true American stands behind them in all that they do.

      It takes a very strong and courageous person to be able to do what a lot of these people do just to make themselves a better life here in America. I want them all to know that I am so very proud of them and I honor and respect each and every one of them.

      Again, thank you for asking and I do hope that this will give you a better understanding of me and of my character.

      God Bless To Each and Every One of You Out There! My heart and prayers are always with you.


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        actually the message "white female" gives is the opposite.
        Remove the "white", and it won't sound racist anymore.
        I wonder how can people be so slow, or, let's say, get upside down ideas?""Am I right, BLACK men" ?????? See, whitre female, what I mean, that's how it sounds. Racist!


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          You are right, I can see your point even though this was not my intention or my meaning behind the ID. I truly apologize to any of you I may have offended and I will take your thoughts into consideration.

          Thank you so much for your views and your opinions.

          God Bless You!


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            To White Female:

            You truely represent majority of Americans, who have respect for humanity and feel pain of others. We are honored to have you with us on this Board, you are always here for us with your kind words and prayers for all.

            In all the things you say and do
            I see the very heart of you
            Your joy, your caring
            Your love of sharing

            Reaching out.....touching a life
            Bringing freedom from one's strife
            Showing someone that you care
            When the burden seems
            too hard to bear

            In ways so gentle.....ways so kind
            To others you bring peace of mind
            Your prayers and thoughts
            mean so much
            Do you realize the lives you touch?

            God Bless you and your family always.


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