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What if I someone dont go for Special Registration?

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    I think INS wants some money!


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      It's not about getting bond money only, it also scares people like hell, it has an effect on the American public as well that we're doing something about this terrorism thing!


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          Perhaps they want it all day long, can't get fulfilled by getting done just once a day LOL


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            Law is law. You should go.


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              Oh yeah?!


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                Individuals who have been placed into Deportation, or Removal proceedings may be eligible to apply for Adjustment of Status pursuant to § 245 of the INA. In order to apply for Adjustment of Status while in Immigration proceedings, an applicant must file an Application for Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) in conjunction with the following forms before a United States Immigration Judge:

                - Form I-485A
                - I-797C (Approval Notice for I-130 Visa Petition or NVC letter)
                - G-325A
                - IRS 9003
                - ADIT sheet
                - I-864
                - 2 color immigration style photographs
                - along with all supporting documentation.

                An Immigration Judge does not have the authority or jurisdiction to adjudicate an I-130 Visa Petition, and therefore such petition must be filed with and in advance of the request for Adjustment of Status. Normally, Immigration Judges will not continue proceedings in order for the U.S. INS to adjudicate a pending I-130 visa petition. Hence, usually only aliens who are immediate relatives and are immediately eligible to Adjust Status (e.g., visa petition is immediately available) can file for Adjustment of Status before an Immigration Judge.

                In this regard, aliens who marry while in Immigration proceedings, may have to request a special Bona Fide Marriages Exemption Waiver in order to have a visa petition approved by the INS. Normally, an alien who marries after November 10, 1986 and while in proceedings, is deemed to have married for the sole purpose of obtaining an immigration visa. Hence, pursuant to 8 C.F.R. § 204.2(a)(1)(iii) (1998), an alien must demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that the marriage is a bona-fide marriage, made in accordance with the laws of the place where the marriage took place, and was not entered into for the purpose of evading the immigration laws pursuant to 8 C.F.R. § 245.1(c)(9)(iii). Generally, this requires that the alien demonstrate a valid relationship together and a intention to live as husband and wife (e.g., presence of children born to the martial union, long residency together, commingling of assets, etc.)

                Application Procedure

                The Adjustment of Status application is filed with the local Immigration Court having jurisdiction over the immigration proceedings to remove the alien from the United States on Form I-485 with the above-referenced supporting documentation. The alien must also file Form I-485A Supplement A regarding date and manner of entry and payment of the Section 245(i) penalty fee. This application must be accompanied by Biographic Information on Form G-325A, tax information on on IRS Form 9003, Affidavit of Support on Form I-864 for Approved Family Based Petitioners or Form I-134 for applicants with Aproved Employment Based Petitions, results of a medical examination on Form I-693 with Supplement, and various supporting documentation such as marriage and birth certificates, records of non-immigrant status and employment verification letters. The local Immigration Court notify the alien of his next court hearing, either a Master Calendar proceeding or Individual Hearing (for adjudication of the merits of the Application). In addition, the INS will notify the alien of a time and date to have his fingerprints taken by a U.S. INS official at an official Application Support Center.

                The Immigration Judge will then review the Application for Adjustment of Status at the time of the individual Adjustment hearing set by the Court. Generally, the alien must "qualify" himself and his relationship with the petitioner in order to have the application approved, as well as demonstrate that the alien is not inadmissible to the United States (e.g., no disqualifying factors exist, or that a waiver will cure the defect). If an Application for Adjustment of Status is granted by an Immigration Judge, an order will be issued to that effect. However, the alien must still present the order to the U.S. INS for final issuance of proof of lawful permanent residency on Form I-551 (Alien Registration Card). An Immigration Judge cannot order the U.S. INS to give an alien his alien registration card. Nevertheless, the U.S. INS is bound to issue proof of lawful permanent residency while an alien is in proceedings pursuant to 8 C.F.R. 264.5(g) (1999). Accordingly, the alien is, at that moment, a lawful permanent resident, but will not receive his actual alien registration card, also known as a "green card," until the U.S. INS completes "card processing." It is usually wise to also file applications for employment authorization along with an Application for Adjustment of Status. Please note, however, that aliens who are in immigration proceedings should not file for an Advance Parole document until their "card processing" is completed.


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                  Yeah, try once...


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                        If you don't go to Special Registration, you may not get your green card.


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                          hey there If they "catch" you...

                          thats a very good point and very helpful information that you stated before

                          i went for registration and was issued an NTA
                          my wife is currently LPR her citizenship papers were sent to Vermont last month got a NOA from them 2 weeks ago .. and we filed our i130 in april 2001 .. what do u think will happen to me when i go before the judge ? for my NTA removal procedings ?

                          if u can help / please reply back
                          If they "catch" you...


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                            SPECIAL REGISTRATION IS OVER!


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