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    Still Learning:

    I forget to address an issue earlier. You said that your woman-friend became USC in 2000 and then she filed I-130 under sec. 245(i) for her husband, who is now in Canada, so I would just like you to know that Sec. 245(i) doesn't apply if an alien is requesting the status on the basis of marrying with USC, unless alien entered without inspection or illegally, or with phony documents.

    As far as Moondin's statements are concerned, s/he is right on most of his/her insights about Canada, but I believe s/he did not comprehend my opinion correctly. When I said that the refusal rates are very high in Canada now on Asylum/refugee claims, then I was referring the finalization of those claims, and not the initiating claims. We all know that if anyone shows up on Canadian Shores, with or without papers, then Canadian govt always let them in under asylum/refugee claim. As well, just claiming for asylum/refugee, applicants are allowed to have all those benefits they Moondin mentioned unlike US. That's why Canada is widely been cricized because of this "open boarder" policy. Even US govt is now changing its policy in respect to Canadian's such modus operandi in this regard. It is widely speculated that Canada is a safe heaven gateway to America for terrorists. US govt is in the middle of implenting a plan to seal its whole border with Canada. If you remember, many Canadian citizens, who were Muslims, US had deported to them to where they were originally from. That's why Canada has issued advisory warning to all Canadians if any Canadian will travel to US. There is kind of 'hate and love' relationship going on these days between Canada and US, because of Canadian's this "open border" policy.

    However, Moondin is wrong when s/he said that anyone can enter Canada based upon fake birth certficate, unless s/he knows more than I do. Because, based upon only birth certificate, airlines won't let you board, instead people need to have passport. I do know that people travel on fake passports in order to reach US/Canada shores so that they can ask for asylum.


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      thing is. The US Immigration is REAL strict with airlines. If someone shows up inadmissable. They're sent packing and the airlines have ot fly them back. Even if they try to claim bogus refugee claims.

      Canada it's different. Airlines don't have to worry about fines or flying people back. If they claim asylum or refugee status, or even show up with nothing at all -- Canada lets them in. Therefore airlines are pretty lax at checking canadian docs, but stringent as **** with us flights. No airline would dare want to lose their privilege of flying into the US. And Canadian landing papers are so **** easy to counterfeit and print out it's not even funny. Just recently the canadian government got tired of people using fake papers and finally came out with a counterfeit-proof permanent resident card.

      -= nav =-


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        Thanks for second post and finalization of Refugee claims is what I'm talking about too.

        The reality is that so many came over in a short amount of time, and there are probably other reasons too, that each applicant is NOT getting all the benefits as stated under their law.

        They had to file I-130 again and you have to have proof of receipt from that to send with the I-129f to chicago.

        [This message was edited by Still Learning on November 18, 2003 at 05:58 PM.]


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          Still Learning: When they refiled for the I-130, did they put all the same info? what did they put as the address of her husband? DId she put the address of where he's at? IN Canada or his country? like my husband, first we put the address of our home here in the US, but now we sold it and I live with my parents and he's at our country. What address do I put for him now? My address or his address of where he's at?


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            Your question is out of my league I'll ask them what they did but hopefully Sammy or Mohan or one of the other people with great knowledge will answer this.


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