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i601 approved thank you so much MOHAN!!!!!!!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! CAROAPT22...I have a family member going through the I601 process with a 10 year bar. Could you please send me a copy of the waiver to:
    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!


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      Once again congratulations Caroapt22 and thank u so much for being nice and helpful to people over this board ... if u don't mind I would like to read copy ... plz send me at

      Thank u... Pasha


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        That's a great new!
        could you send a copy to:

        Thanks a lot.


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          please send me one to


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            As others before me have stated, congratulations on your successful effort.

            Like many others my wife and I would appreciate any information you could share that might be helpful to us, such as a copy of your waiver. We are working on ours at present and any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

            Our email is

            Thank you kindly and God Bless,
            Mike and Elena


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              hi everyone, am so sorry guys the copy i have is the copy our lawyer orginal wrote which mohan told me if i took it to embassy they will not approve it. the one mohan wrote for us is with our lawyer and we were approve with the one mohan wrote as soon as i go back to USA i will sent it to you guys one more thing as mohan told me is supporting evidence is very important so get anything you can think of to suppot your case hang in there AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!


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                Congratulations! Please send me a copy too. Thank you!
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                  Congratulations Caroapt22 and thanks Mohan for helping people over this board.
                  We filed our I 601 three months ago in Islamabad but we didn't hear anything from them. I went to Cosulate & they told me that they forwarded to DHS.
                  At the time of filing I 601, immmigration officer didn't accept all supporting documents and I don't know whether I should refile or wait for their deceision first and if someone can tell me what's the timeline for I 601 (DHS Islamabad)?


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                    I have one more question my mother got immmigrant visa and she will be coming to Chicago but when I filled out form for her I wrote port of entry New York, should she come to New York or she can enter through any port of entry.


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