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    Same story on every thread. Why don't you just start your own, where you can criticize all you want and only those interested can read your thread.
    These people are looking for advice.


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      You might not believe this, but I do understand the laws. What I don't understand is why you have to say exactly the same every time a person is asking for advice. Asking for advice is different than asking for criticism. Do you understand that?


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        someone12-- Geez, your b!tching and moaning spans many a thread these days...........

        Keep at it though, the millions here will one day vanish. By the way, are you still interested in some magic beans?


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          I just joined this discussion board today and have to make a comment directed to Someone12. This is a quote from President Bush and even though I don't agree with alot that he says I do agree that everyone deserves respect. I am supposing that you are a USC and maybe this makes it awfully easy for you to see things from a different persective. Please concider taking the Presidents advice.

          President Bush in commenting on his immigration reform initiative said, "[The undocumented are] working just as hard as any other mom or dad do for the same reason -- they have an obligation and a responsibility. Those people need to be treated with respect. They need to be honored for their commitment to their families."


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            I definitely plan to take your advice. Hopefully you will take mine. Thanks, I hope I make more of a difference in this world than you.


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              "and what kind of "respect" should we be giving to the 9M Americans out of work????"

              Come on, we've been over this before.....there are many opportunities out there for those out of work.

              Moreover, for any supposed "job displacement", the businesses have much more culpability. Can immigrants hire themselves??

              "Maybe we should "respect" the illegals, but give the jobs to Americans...."

              Tell that to your fellow American businesses that do the hiring...........they are NOT forced to hire anybody, remember?

              "If so, explain that to one of your friends or relatives who has lost a job recently, maybe even to an illegal."

              Explain what??


              • #22
                As said before. Most aliens (Legal / Illegal) fill the jobs that USC doesn't want. It is either "beneath" them to do such a degrading job or the pay is too low... What kind of respect does someone give to a person whose decision it is to rather stay home, than to do something that requires hard work and may be "beneath" them?


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                  >It is either "beneath" them to do such a >degrading job or the pay is too low...

                  Yep. That's why from 1920 to 1970, American's toilets were always dirty, our streets were full of garbage, and our lawns were never mowed. Oh and our dishes were never washed. What a HORRIBLE time in America that time!

                  And don't even venture to Canada. There's no one there to serve you fast food. Apparently you have to go to Canadian farm and pick the food yourself. It's horrible I tell you. It's even worse in Europe where there are no Mexicans to do the jobs Europeans do not want to do.

                  -= nav =-


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                    EVERY fast food restaurant in and around where I live, and where my extended family lives, is hiring. Turnover rate is high. So, for the many out of work, is there something wrong with working there?


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                      I'll pick cans for the deposit before I work fryers in 120 degree heat again!
                      Sweet Madame Belu


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                        Illegals have driven wages in certain occupations down so much -- that it becomes economically non-feasible to work there.

                        Let me give you an example kids:

                        Take Tweedlenose, Ohio. A small quiet town. Wages at ff. rest's are say $8/hr. Everyone is happy. 10,000 illegals arrive in town. They all apply at FF rest's and willing to work for $6/hr.

                        You're the manager. What are you going to do?

                        Of ocurse, hire the illegals and save $2/hr. It's a non-issue.

                        So now what do the USC's have to do? Of course -- try to find another job for $8/hr.

                        Easy logic if you follow it.

                        -= nav =-


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                          I read your post and arguments in another threads.
                          read TOPIC of this thread, its for the people who have Knowledge, Not for you....LOL
                          You either can argue on senseless way or change the entire conversation. it seems you are either GUEST in time of no registration Or a small kid who have nothing to do with immigration. just wasting your time and others
                          keyword for this thread = knowledge = refrain yourself + leave board.


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                            "Illegals have driven wages in certain occupations down so much -- that it becomes economically non-feasible to work there."

                            Can immigrants hire themselves??

                            "Let me give you an example kids:"

                            Ok, as it only proves my point..

                            "Take Tweedlenose, Ohio. A small quiet town. Wages at ff. rest's are say $8/hr. Everyone is happy. 10,000 illegals arrive in town."

                            Which means nothing if nobody hires them!!

                            "You're the manager. What are you going to do?"

                            Maintain my integrity, honesty, and do the right thing.

                            "Of ocurse, hire the illegals and save $2/hr. It's a non-issue."

                            How is it a non-issue??

                            So, once the immigrants are here, businesses have no choice but to hire them?? This manager violated federal laws, which makes him/her NO BETTER than the immigrants.

                            Can immigrants hire themselves??

                            "So now what do the USC's have to do?"

                            Boycott the businesses and blame THEM, THEY CHOSE the immigrants over the Citizens, not the other way around. Can immigrants hire themselves??

                            "Easy logic if you follow it."

                            Yes, no businesses hiring, no "job displacement." Simple to me too.


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                              It should be "Advice" from people....

                              Get it right or you will be deported. There is a grammar test when you apply for a visa.


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                                4 sure it has to be irri. advice except that part about being deported. ???


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