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Please help Umesh...Josephine and Sammy

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    i wouldn't accept anything less than $5000 to do one again!!

    i am on bcis web site right now trying to figure out where you should file.

    i did a search for mesquite, it referred me to Texas Service Center, which is not a district (local) office.


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      It just bothered me so much the way Sammy "spoke" to you. He seems to have an awful lot to say and I'm sure he does the best he can. But I didn't think it was necessary the way he "pounced" on you (or me) so aggressively. Obviously if we were as smart as he is, we wouldn't be on this board in the first place.
      If I foolishly listened to BCIS personnel (what was I thinking) and was given incorrect information regarding my medical, it's too late now - **** happens. But I don't think that the wise Sammy was here in May to give me the correct info.

      Josephine - Why not give it a go, $5000 per AOS. You did get your husband's AOS done in the end didn't you? they can only get easier. You really are an expert now, I mean that most sincerely.


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        as i said, we were under the gun for Spec Reg.

        1. started doing on a typewriter, who can type a form perfect? can't have white out or strike overs. wnet out and bought a printer

        2. adobe reader wouldn't work, hubby's name too long, had to download acrobat 5.0 from kazaa (three days lost by now)

        3. had to do last three years of taxes, which i never filed

        4. local office procedures differ from service center, confusion there

        5. pictures! each form has specific instructions for how to cut

        6. INS web site instructions are instructions for Lawyers, so I cross referenced each and every document, then, didn't have to do that

        7. 8 pages of G-325's fills rest of pages in for you, I was so happy!

        8. putting it together their way. acco fasteners etc. i even had to buy a two hole punch that i have no use for now! anyone want a two hole punch?

        9. got four different answers for I-130 as to hubbys children. are they listed as children (to him) or step-children (to me)? STILL DON"T KNOW!

        10. we are both widows, had to document same

        11. never got to proof read when complete. i made a big boo boo that i will not say because i don't want to know if i screwed up his case or not. but the ins officer caught it. don't ask me what it was, i will not tell. BE CAREFUL WHEN FILLING IN CHECK BOXES!!


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          It's sooooo funny to know that some aliens, who have pending cases with INS, have done some home work thru reading some basic [kindergarten] instructions from different sources, but they mistakenly believe that they knew everything about immigration laws and procedures. These "ROOKIES", who have just landed here, have no any legal status even, seeking immigration help on this board desparately by calling for help by people' names, calling the INS for help, BUT they still keep the nerve to contadict me, who has license to practice laws, and who has spent years in studying immigration laws, and has handled numerous cases with INS, Immigration courts, BIA, and Federal Courts. I also get infomation experiences knowledges from my brother, who is a Visa Consulor officer at U.S.embassy at London[U.K.], and from my cousin-sister, who is adjudication immigration officer at Los Angles BCIS office [CA].

          Readers on this board can judge wrong and right by reviewing these points-

          [1] If they think that they knew and have right information, then why did they even come on this board for help at first place, because I'm not the one who is seeking those information since I knew it already.

          [2] If they think that they knew and have right information, then why did they even call Immigration for information, since I am not the one who has called immigration for help because I knew it already.

          [3] If they think that they knew and have right information, then why did they call my name [and others] for help, since I am not the who called their name for help.

          [4] If they think that they have done their home work correctly and throughly, then how come they did not able to see/read the instructions on form I-485 in respect to submitting medical exams report? I am not the one, who printed or made it those instructions. They can read by themselve, if they have abilitity to read. I don't make my own laws and procedures, instead I follow the laws/procedures, and also make sure that INS also follows those laws, that's what attorney's job is. But, it seems obvious that these rookies can not even read by themselves, and do need somebody to read for them. If they would have read and comprehended those instructions, then they will understand that I am just informing them about the rules and procedures to them based on those written instructions, because INS did state there in its relavant part that " If you are filing your AOS application with the local INS office, DO NOT submit a medical report with your AOS application. Wait for further instructions from INS about how and where to take the medical exam and submit the medical exam reports" [Form I-485 (Rev.02/07/00)N- page 2]. But, it does state that you need to include the medical report with yr application if you are filing it with Service Center. So, if any INS office is asking it now, then it is totally within the given instructions because they did state there that "wait for further instruction from INS".

          [5] I am a natural born USC, and not the rookies who just landed here and still struggling to be legal in my country one way or another. America welcomes everyone, but "those attitudes" need to go, because with those attitude they may get in trouble in the future, which may cause them deportation also, since there is a zero tolerance policy for any kind of crime as far as immigration is concerned and then their USC spouse/child/parents won't be able to help them. I know that they haven't done any crime yet, especially when they have said that I was trying to become smart, or something about backfire, or that I won't come on this board or etc, but I am very sure that with that kind of mentality and attitude, they will be end up in deportation. If any kind of threat, name calling, or bad language is used against me, then I will be forced to report it to the authorities, and then this ILW site will also be forced to track the IP for such person under the New York State Regulation and Compliance Law. I won't take take those behaviour for granted. I'm not threatening while I'm informing ahead of time.

          [6] As far relying on the information of immigration officer on their toll free phone # or at their customer service in person in local office, then I would say that you will never find the consistency in their answers. They always has different opinions. And, mostly officers are only high school graduate, then how can they define the laws.

          [7] As far as working for INS is concerned since GuestW stated here, then let me tell you, if I needed to work for them or even for any law firm, or my own law firm, then I would have done already, instead I chose to do a business, wherein annual income is $300,00 and 25 people are working in my company.

          [8] I don't have problems in my life as these "rookies", like immigration, job, financial, or may be family problem. I'm very well settled and have couples of houses across the U.S.

          [9] I don't come here to make friend or enemy, or time passing or anything like this, while it is my nature to help people as much I can. And, not only I help here, but also I am very much engage in volunteer service with local social services and churches. I've been raised that way, means be a helping hands because money and other things are materialistic to me compared to the satisfaction I receive in helping people.

          [10] If I was so wrong in my information to you or others, then why so many people on this board call my names for their immigration help, INCLUDING YOU? Why they have trusted me if I was so wrong? You can find so many threads on this board wherein people did call my name for help, and it is not that I told them to call me.

          [11] If you "rookies" believe that you know about immigration laws and procedure, then why there is no one has called your name for help as they did in my case? And, why did you ask me to help you if you believed that I will give you wrong answer? Isn't it you thought that I will help you to the best when you called my name also for help?

          [12] I did not ask you to get agree on my advise, nor I asked you to follow what I said, instead, I have given the information what I have known, and if you think I'm wrong, then do what you think right to do.

          [13] As far as "deserving apology" is concerned, then I could not stop my laugh and I felt that my walls will break down thru my laugh. I remember, on January of this yr, I was invited with Social Service agencies, where I do volunteer service, to White House to meet Presiden Bush, and while having chat and snacks, I mistakenly pushed the President, and I still did not say "apology" [which I knew that it was not good], then you think I will "apologize" to this rokiee. And, for what? For being correct as per the instruction. Are you kidding me or are you illusionating here?

          Don't mess with me, when I can be a good person with good people, then I can also be a BAD person with bad peole. I have been so far so respectful to you, but it doesn't mean that I can not do anything to you. I'm not that kind of person who just let it go the things so easily. I match my words with my actions. I was just trying to help you as much I could and never had the attitude has you guys has.


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            I did not say I knew the law better than you, did I? Again I ask what is the point of this board, isn't it's purpose to help. "The Rookies" helping each other out, so some people give bad advice, nobody is forcing them to take it. Did I say you were wrong ? Did I say I knew the law? I'm just a "rookie" after all. I made the foolish mistake standing in line for five hours to see a BCIS employee face to face and I mistakenly believed that SHE knew what she was talking about about. I know people lots of people ask you for advice and appreciate it, But what I objected to was the way you worded your answers to PersianKitten & myself e.g."You SHOULD not have done your medical-exam yet, if you are filing your application package with local BCIS office" and "Why you are talking about $477 for medical exam?" to me. I certainly hope that you have better manners when it comes to dealing with your clients in person. Unfortunately I am unable to afford such a "whiz" of a lawyer as yourself, so I will have to learn by trial and error. That's life, we learn from our mistakes.
            By the way, my grammar and punctuation may not be up to scratch as I was educated in lowly England, but I really think that you, as a natural born USC should be able to do better.


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              Sammy - my husband would like to know your GPA when you attended law school.


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                  i stand uncorrected!


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                    After reading this thread I think Sammy may be a lawyer for real.


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                      myself, i'd trust sammy over phone calls

                      sammy, i gotta know, how many words do you type per minute, oh Great Swami? ::hails to sammy::


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                        I never doubted Sammy was a lawyer. This is not an anti-Sammy campaign, I actually defended Sammy when that idiot "guest" was on the rampage.


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                          I only know that I type very fast, but-most of time [almost always], I never look at the monitor while I'm typing, instead my eyes are always on either T.V., or talking to someone in the home, or doing something else. May be, that's why-there are some mistakes in typing, but-yes, I do type very fast.


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                            First of all, don't worry about my manner with my future clients, because if I really wanted to have clients, then I would have them already, and won't be doing the business that I have. As well, for your kind information, I do have clients for years with Social Services Agencies, wherein I do volunteer work. I never heard any complaint from any of them though. Don't worry about me, I'm a big boy and can take care myself in all walks of life without anybody's help over here.

                            Second, don't worry about my english grammer, spelling mistakes or other things just because I am a USC. Mind your own. Good to know that you can write English without any mistake especially when you are not even USC. This is a forum of immigration matter, instead of checking comprehension of languages. Not every USC can understand english if they have been raised in another country [I'm not saying that I was raised in another country, but trying to clear your misunderstanding that you have about USC or about an educated person], nor it is necessary that each and every natural born USC are smart, intelligent, well comprehension of english as you are, even if they are highly educated and are natural born USC. But, on the otherhand, you did not ask me how can I able to speak 15 other languages being a natural born USC, which include fluently French. As long as I provide information on immigration matter, that's all it counts.

                            Thirdly, could you specifically point it out and tell us [me and other readers on this board] about how and what wrong did I say, which made you believe that I was not mannered toward you, and that I have offended you?

                            Fourth, is it considered offending and unmannered, if I've given my OWN opinion by saying that "You should not have done your medical exam, if you are filing your application package with local BCIS office"? Since, you have mentioned particularly about my this remark, but I did not find anything wrong/offending/unmannered on it, because I was just telling you my opinion, and it doesn't contain any offensive remarks. You have a right to disagree with my opinion, but you can not say that by making this remark, I have offended you, or that I was unmannered. I can not and will not mislead you deliberately on immigration matters contary to its facts, especially what you wanna hear from me, so that you can judge my manners with your agreement and disagreement. I just can not do that. I would love to hear your HONEST answer on yr medical report, if you will be called-in for interview after a yr later of submitting yr medical report. Just because, Immigration employees are telling you to submit medical report now, it doesn't mean that I was wrong in my opinion, because-[1] immigration is the one who gives that instructions in respect to medical report, and not me who made those instructions. I am just following what they have instructed. Those instructions are not a question of law, wherein I need to elabroate what is right and what is wrong, while it is a question of interim rule of INS, which is subject to be flexible without prior notice, [2] I never said that you don't need to submit medical exam report if you are filing yr application with Service Center. AOS must be filed with local BCIS office, especially family based (marriage)immigration [except for certain applicants], and if you file it with Service Center, then Service Center will definately transfer your file to local office, which would just delay the processing, that is.

                            Fifth, you have similarily pointed out another statement also, when I said "Why are you talking about $477 for medical exam". Is this statement unmannered or offensive? Actually, when you said that you went to NYC office, I thought that you live in NY, so $477 seems too much to me for a medical exam. That's why I was very surprised because I never heard before about that much fees for a medical exam, not only in NY, but also anywhere in the United States. But, I never said that I don't believe you if you have paid that much fees, because some doctors do take the advantage of immigrants likewise some attorneys. And, then I was even came forward immediately to help you by providing a name and telphone # for a doctor who charges very little money for this exam. Is it unmannered if I've got surprised by yr given price for a medical fees, and specifically when I helped you?

                            Sixth, isn't it you are the one who came on this thread and addressed a post to ME by saying yr story? I am not the one who asked you to tell me anything about you at first place. I don't know you, and I'm not obligated to answer you either. But, when people call my name for help, I tried to help as much I can. And, always remember- no one is completely perfect whether they are natural born US citizen, or attorney or businessman. Being a human being, people do make mistakes. And, it seems that you haven't had that much experiences in dealing with attorneys yet, or may be- you haven't review thousands of courts' cases, or heard from other people, whose cases were messed up and they were ended up in deportation, just because of their attorneys' mistakes. Yes, you don't need an attorney like me who is naive, uneducated, has no comprehension on english like you do, but I just pray that you will have a attorney, the one you want who will not mess up yr case, if ever you decide to retain it.

                            Seventh, I would love to hear from you if your case is messed up [I wish not] based upon the information provided by immigration officers on their toll free number, or thru a customer service in person in local BCIS office. If, so far everything is seemed right to you, then it doesn't mean that it would be stayed that way until the end. Because, you can NEVER rely only on immigration officers's advise, while you need to get ALWAYS second opinion also and do more research until you get convinced for the right information. Just because those employees work for INS, it doesn't mean that they knew everything about immigration laws, since most of them are only do clerical work, instead of adjudicators who know the law because they are the one who make decision on an application. I only advocate on laws/procedures/rules/instructions, which are already inside books. And, I can bet you that if you will be called in for interview after a yr of submitting it, then you must need another medical exam, because it is the law which I knew very well, unlike INS instructions which change time to time without notice, and vary offices to offices.

                            Eight, Yes, it's true that the point and purpose of this board is to help, and I'm not denying it, but when I said to PersianKitten that s/he needs to check itself what are those documents which are required with each separate application, I was referring me to do some home work for his better understanding, because- in my view, it was better for him to check those applications first, since it will tell him clearly about those requirements, and it would be a complete waste of time and energy for someone to write all those again here, that is. It doesn't mean that I was offensive to him. And, think about it that if I needed or had intention to be offensive toward him or anyone, then why even I bothered myself to come on this thread to help him at first place, especially when I am very busy person and don't have that much time for other irrelavant topics.

                            Ninth, in the end, I would only say that people should not ask someone's advise, if they can not swallow it. Because, if they ask for advice, then they should know that they will get all kind of different opinions from everyone, whether they like it or not. They should, at least appreciate for someone's time and effort, especially when they are the one who have asked those persons advices [like you and original poster did] in a special request by addressing their name [like you guys called my name], regardless of whether you agree or not on their advises, otherwise don't even ask them to give their opinions to you if you can not take it whatever it is and the way it is. Not everyone's way ["mannered"] should be like yours. If I were in this situation, then I won't never ask someone's help if I'm not ready to accept it whatever it may, and I won't contradict to someone. or won't have attitude toward them by giving all sorts of lame excuses if meanwhile I get information from immigration officers or from other sources. But again, this is only my own opinion based upon the way I was raised. May be, you are raised in a different way or you have different definition on "manner" compared to mine. I won't be answering anymore on this thread, so don't even bother to answer it back.


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                              As well, I will just skip this thread without even opening/looking into it.


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                                Not much point in my replying then. But on the off chance you stop by, I will state that it was not me who started this thread and asked YOU for advice. Why have you said that you are leaving the board? I certainly hope that it has nothing to do with anything I have said. Just because you and I have had "words" doesn't mean you should leave - I should as I any help I give people is probably wrong. I don't believe that I argued with you, I only stated that BCIS told me to submit my medical with the AOS. The deed was already done by the time you told me I shouldn't have. I knew that the medical was only valid for a year and it was taking two years process the AOS in NYC, but the employee told me I had to submit it with the AOS anyway. But you are correct in that I should not have believed them. I know they can be incompetent, after all they let me leave the USA and return without question even after I had overstayed for many years.


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