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Please help Umesh...Josephine and Sammy

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  • Please help Umesh...Josephine and Sammy

    Hi there..
    I need some help with my INS stuff.
    These are the forms that im working on right now..actually i have filled out all these forms..
    I-130, I-864, I-485, I-765, G-325A and got the medical done. All i need to do now is put it all together and im not sure what documents they need with each form, i have read the general instructions but i get so stressed out that i dont know what they actaully want??? Is there a website that explains what documents they need with each form?? in PLAIN ENGLISH??
    DO they want original documents or photocopies?? and what documents need to be notorised???

    Im pulling out my hair this is so freaking fustrating!!
    Any one help me please??

    God Bless you all.

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    Oh man, been there, done that, I know exactly how you feel.
    Here's what we submitted, sent AOS in May, haven't heard anything back from BCIS yet except for a receipt. Josephine (& others) will hopefully confirm I got this correct!

    .Notorised photocopy of Sponsors birth
    .Notorised photocopy of Marriage certificate
    .G-325A Bio info of Sponsor (4 copies)
    .G-325A Bio info of Benificiary (4 copies)
    .1 ADIT photo of sponsor
    .1 ADIT photo of Benificiary

    .Notorised photocopy of Applicants Birth certificate
    .Photocopy of Passport (page with your pic & info)
    .Photocopy of I-94 (Front & Back views)
    .4 ADIT photos of Applicant (they ask for 2, but send 4)

    I-693 Medical Exam

    I-864 notorised
    .Letter from sponsors employer
    .Sponsors tax returns for past three years
    .Letter from Bank, listing accounts and amounts in accounts
    .Bank statements for past twelve months.

    .Photocopy of I-94 (Front & Back)
    .2 ADIT photos of applicant.

    I didn't apply for advance parole I-131?
    The I-864 definitely has to be notorised, not sure if the other documents have to be. I got our certificates notorised just in case and because our bank did it free of charge.
    Send photocopies as they might lose original documents. I sent black & white copies, apparently it's illegal to make colour copies of documents, so I was told at Office Depot!


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      Hi Guest

      Thankyou for the information. Though i didnt realise that we need bank statements for the past 12 months???? Also i had been told that i needed 4 photo's 2 for me and 2 spouse..and now i need 8???? Jeez..i need to get them done ASAP.
      Thanx again Guest.


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        Persian, you don't have to send in the bank statements if you meet or are above the poverty guidelines. I just re-read the instructions for the I-864 and I didn't need to send the statements either! Oh well it's too late now, but it can't hurt. I was just such a "basket case" filling in the forms - you know how it is!
        What a waste of paper though - LOL


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          Also if you haven't done so, I suggest you make a duplicate of your complete AOS (without photo's). If any part is lost by BCIS you can send in the replacement ASAP. You may need it for reference later and it's good to have it with you when you eventually get your interview.


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            If mailing it, make sure you do it by certified mail. For $1.50 extra you can track it on the internet.

            Make copies of EVERYTHING for your records!


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              Hey guys, thankyou for your help, i really appreciate it, its so stressing trying to get everything sorted out and make sure its done Josephine says, i cannot remember how many times i have typed stuff and found out that i made a mistake on something and had to redo it. Its fustrating i know!!
              I have made copies of everything, i heard that the INS tend to lose stuff. So i have made back up copies.And yes i will send it by certified mail also.

              I have another the W2's and the tax returns need to be notorised also? im not sure on that one, if anyone could help i would appreciate it.

              Thankyou in advance!
              God bless you all!


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                Those I didn't get notorised and I'm pretty sure you don't have to. I just sent photocopies of W2's and the original printout of past tax returns that I got from IRS.


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                  Just an addition ...if any of you married before, submit the obsolute divorce paper (the copy not original).

                  Well, to do this, I almost finish one ream of paper ...specially when you cannot save the fillable form after you typed it! Anyway, had those 'fun' heheh.


                  • #10
                    No, can't find anything that says tax returns and W2's have to be notorised seperately. It would seem redundant considering that they have to be submitted with the I-864 which does have to be notorised. .
                    One day we'll all look back on this and laugh at how insane it made us, at least I sincerely hope so!


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                      Hi again and many thanx for the information...believe me you make this situation a whole lot better for me.
                      I have another question..hope you dont mind me hassling you, but i have all my copies notorised and then next thing is, how do i prepare everything to file it. I mean it says use acco fasteners..whatever that is?? and do i need to put the forms all seperate, in each individual envelope, such as I-30 in one and the documents, I-485 in seperate envelope and the supporting docs..etc etc.and then put them all together in one big envelope?? I mean i know how picky there are, i dont want to mess up lol.
                      Please help..

                      Thanx in advance
                      And may god bless you all.


                      • #12
                        This is how I did mine,
                        I fastened each form with it's acompanying docs seperately. e.g 1 bundle for I-130, 1 bundle for I-485, etc etc. Acco fasteners are two prong fasteners, you can get a box from an office supply store- cheap. Two hole punch top of each page and fasten together. I also put sticky tabs on bottom of each form and doc. showing what it was. Some people assemble whole AOS as one bundle with card stock dividers for each form. You can put photo's in envelopes/snack baggies and paper clip to front of each form as needed. I paper clipped all cheques to front of I-130.They don't like staples in anything, they're not crazy about paperclips either, but tough! then put all bundles in a big brown envelope and sent it certified mail.


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                          download adobe acrobat 5.0 from kazaa or morpheus, download forms from

                          you can save the forms with acrobat 5.0

                          ALL the forms are FILLABLE from visapro and the G-325A's fill in all info from page 1 to 2-4.


                          • #14
                            Hey thanx guys, you have been a great help!!
                            I will do that Guest, make sure everything is in order and add tabs. I dont wanna mess up anything lol

                            Good luck to you & god bless you all


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                              You should not have done your medical-exam yet, if you are filing your application package with local BCIS office. Instead, BCIS will require it at the time of your interview. The medical-exam, which you have already taken, would not be good by the time you will be called-in for your interview because it's good only for 1 yr or 1 1/2 yr from the time it was taken, and it takes more than 1 1/2 yr to have you interviewed, unless you get very lucky. Nevertheless, BCIS would still need it at the time of interview and they will mention about it on yr appointment letter for your interview. So, it was a complete waste of money, time and effort to have it done now. However, if you are filing your application to Service Center, then you are required to submit it alongwith your application at the time of filing. But, in yr case, your application needs to file with local office.

                              You don't need to submit original documents with any kind of application [and never do this even someone asks you to do], instead you need to submit only PHOTOCOPIES of those.

                              You don't need to notarized any application or document [not even W-2 or any tax returns] except form I-864.

                              You should read each application carefully [rather than asking other people to do the job for you] wherein you will find requirements or list of documents, which you need to submit with each respective application. Don't intermingle the document requirement of one application with another. Each application is processed in its prospective different section of BCIS office even though it is processed in the same office and you have mailed it altogether. You should fasten each application with it's accompanying docs separately, and fulfill the document requirements on each application separately, even though the same documents are required for another application, because each application is separate and has it's own document requirement for its own individual processing.

                              Also, make sure to make copies of everything you submit to BCIS for yr record, and always mail them by certified mail. Best of all.


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