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Can GC (permanent residency) be revoked ?

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  • Can GC (permanent residency) be revoked ?

    It was my understanding that once you get permanent Residency, it cannot be revoked.

    Can it be ? for what reasons ?

    Can someone share their knowledge.

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    It was my understanding that once you get permanent Residency, it cannot be revoked.

    Can it be ? for what reasons ?

    Can someone share their knowledge.


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      Two possible ways to lose your green card:

      1) Get convicted of a felony;

      2) Leave the U.S. for periods of 6 months or more


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        The only safest way to be secured about US residency is Citizenship .... Otherwise Permanent GC can be revoked too...


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          Naturalized USC can be revoked too. The safest way is being born here in the US


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            Can you please give me info about naturalized USC getting revoked? How and in what circumstances? Thanks ... Pasha


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              >aturalized USC can be revoked too

              Within the first 2 years (or was it 3) of nat. Tht's cuz it can be done "administratively". AFter that -- it has to be done by a judge. Which involves a lengthy case and convincing arg. by the INS, and it rarely goes through all that trouble unless it's a nazi or japanese war criminal case.

              -= nav =-


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                Or act of treason. Although now they probably just designated the person as enemy combatant and treat them without USC rights.


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                  Thanks moondin and marmaduk for that info ...

                  But still I didn't get my answer ... under what circumstances it could be possible except those you guys mentioned here before....Pasha


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                    So its gonna be an exceptional case where naturalized USC could be revoked .... Right?


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                      It used to be a law where a naturalized USC who left the US and live overseas can have their naturalization revoked. It happens in the past, but I think in mid-90s, the Supreme Court issue a ruling against it (dunno whether its being ban alltogether or just being rewritten).

                      Other than that, like moodin said, there're few reasons USCIS can revoke naturalizations. One of them is falsely representing themselves during the immigration and/or naturalization process, joining a communist organization, etc.


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                        reason that 2 year "administrative revoke" clause was put in..

                        was cuz in the past, a few people used someone ELSE'S identity to get nat. And the INS didn't find out about the boo-boo until a year or so later when the person tried to cross the border. It gave them a way out "easily". AFter 3 years, it's like set in stone.

                        -= nav =-


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                          I answered these questions earlier but for some reason it did not get posted:

                          - any offense that makes a permanent resident terminally removable automatically revokes the status. Check the 8th code for what this extended list is (it includes the usual like murder, rape, armed robbery, but also more minor or non-violent things as two thefts, habitual drunkard, adultery, substance abuse violations etc.)

                          - A naturalized citizen can never be administratively stripped of their U.S. citizenship; a federal court is the only authority that can grant and revoke citizenship (Case law decision of 2000). BCIS can only recommend or petition the court.

                          - there are two ways of loosing U.S. citizenship; voluntary and involuntary. In the case of voluntary, the 18+ yr. old person must be outside of the U.S. or its terrorities and declare his intention to a U.S. ambassodor. Usually that will make this person inadmissiable.

                          The involuntary case involves naturalized citizens who have obtained their naturalization fraudelently if their basis of permanent residency for instance was fraudulent or they did not disclose a material fact that would have otherwise made them ineligable for naturalization in one way or the other. Other things are treason as was mentioned earlier; not showing up for a congressional hearing during the first 10 yrs. as a citizen; becoming a non commissioned or regular officer of a foreign army or an elected represantitive of a foreign government, there are a few more I can't recall them right now.


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                            Thanks a lot Pandora, moondin and marmaduk for taking time to answer to my question that came in my mind coz of curiosity ....

                            So if there is no fraud in obtaining citizenship or other reasons mentioned before ... a normal person cant just lose citizenship obtained by NATZ ... right?

                            Thanks again... Pasha


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                              adultery ? how come, isn't that a civil matter ?

                              Does it constitute criminal act ?


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