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    I came to the US five years ago. I came here illegally by paying a family to bring me here as one of theirs. Could I possibly be deported for this?

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    I came to the US five years ago. I came here illegally by paying a family to bring me here as one of theirs. Could I possibly be deported for this?


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      I'm sure you know what you have done was wrong.
      Yes, there's a possibility that you can get deported and I think you are in the category of
      misrepresentation/fraud, since I believe you have used a fake documents or use someone else name.

      Please contact your lawyer, there may be some form of waiver, but remember there are some cases that
      waivers are not available.

      Just a thought. Many has good intentions why they want to commit fraud to come here, but please discourage others who are planning not to do so.
      Look for some other legal ways to immigrate.
      Waivers are hard to obtained and get approval and thus affect many others too.


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        Definitely check with a lawyer, especially if you are in a specific circumstance right now. However, if you are here legally now, you may not have a problem (since adoptions, etc., are allowed)


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          Thank you for responding. I'm due to become Citizen, but I don't want to without clearing things out. I feel terrible about all this. One thing that makes it a little better is that I would have been killed had I stayed, as my people were going through a terrible civil war at the time.


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            Section 212(a)(6)(C) states:

            "Any alien who, by fraud or willfully misrepresenting a material fact, seeks to procure (or has sought to procure or has procured) a visa, other documentation, or admission into the United States or other benefit provided under this Act is inadmissible."



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              Hi. A lot of people on this board are going to get mad at me for this, but it is pretty true. The INS does not go lightly on people who try to correct things they have done in the past!

              If you think you might be caught get a lawyer, otherwise (you might still want to consult a lawyer)....

              The best thing you can do is get your citizenship and be the best darned citizen that you can be!!!!
              Once you have citizenship you are protected in ways that a resident is not...

              Good Luck and be glad your alive!


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                Spouse, if I become citizen, won't I be more in trouble? Right now, I'm as clean as can be :-) I hope that helps. I'm educated and leading a good and honorable life.


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                  Someone once said "If it aint broken, don't fix it." Is this the case?


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                    Listen this is a terrible thing to say... but like Guest says, if it ain't broken don't fix it.

                    Unfortunately, you can get yourself in major trouble for admitting the truth. The INS is not designed to cope with people that tell the truth or nice people... they are only designed to follow the laws, and there is a known penalty for fraud... which they would most likely consider what you did.

                    Therefore, why bother???? If you are clean... keep it that way... once you are a citizen it is harder to punish you (especially with something like deportation) and even to catch you... Let's face reality... I don't think it is considered a felony... maybe a misdemeanor... and as a USC, even if you get caught (which is unlikely) you can get a good lawyer and get slapped on the wrist... I don't know community service or something, maybe not even that.

                    If you turn yourself in right now, you will probably end up with a 10 year bar from the USA (but of course this is somewhat arbitrary depending on the whims of the INS official you talk to.)

                    As far as I know it is only worse if you have been IMPERSONATING a USC, not becoming one.

                    I am not a lawyer... so you might want to run it by one. But why on earth should you impose a ridiculous hardship upon yourself? If you really feel bad... impose something like community service upon yourself and volunteer somewhere, contribute your time to the good of the country... or see if the family you claimed as yours would really adopt you... or something....

                    but heck the INS punishments that are currently out there are ridiculous... if you don't have to deal with them... don't!!!!!


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                      Thank you, Spouse )


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                        Spouse is right. It's hard to fix and clean up the mistakes you have done in the past. But it's kinda hard to keep something inside of us that stay with us for the rest of our lives too. That comes the question of "justice for all". If someone caught by telling the truth I believe it should be lesser punishment rather than the ones who are caught lying. That is just a personal view.


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                          From a distance, actually for me, I didn't even lie. Back in my country, many people were doing this(though mostly to Europe.) I didn't know it was "illegal" until I was here for almost two years. I knew it was a lie but not illegal, if that makes any sense. So, it is not like I didn't know what I was doing, I was just desperate.


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                            Don't feel bad about it. What I was saying is, asking forgiveness is a right thing to do but expose us to more complications. Like what the most lawyers say, "don't volunteer your answers". Also, the fact that you were not aware that time of that is illegal is actually not acceptable to be innocent, but rather uneducated about the process, and believe me I completely understand you. Like what spouse is saying, you can be more productive person by doing community service or helping others with their immigration problems, or even discouraging others to come here illegally, or educating them for something that they are not aware of. That would may lessen the guilt inside of you (if you feel that way). Just a warning, you can be forever afraid if you are hiding something. USC have protections but it can be revoked too. Again, this is a personal choice. Feel better, anyway law changes all the time, what is illegal today may be legal tomorrow.


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