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  • 245i

    will 245i be signed b4 election this year??
    will they keep the aug 15 deadline for family relationship???

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    will 245i be signed b4 election this year??
    will they keep the aug 15 deadline for family relationship???


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      I found this on the web at this site

      For Immediate Release
      March 14, 2002


      Read the text of the legislation.

      Read a background summary of 245i.

      On 12 March, the House of Representatives voted by more than two-thirds to extend the "Section 245(i)" program. We passed this extension because a small pool of people got caught in the bureaucratic failings of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The snafu is certainly understandable in an agency that just issued visas to two of the terrorists killed in the World Trade Center attacks!

      Those affected by 245(i) are persons currently in the U.S. with lapsed immigration status who the INS has already deemed immediately eligible to apply for permanent legal residency. There are fewer than 200,000 of such people, either gainfully employed here by a sponsor business or dependants of U.S. citizens. Without the extension, these individuals would have to return to their country of origin, and spend two to ten years getting their paperwork through the State Department and INS. In those countries, overworked diplomatic staff would not be able to do the kind of security checks on them that will now be done under the 245(i) program.

      Some have argued irresponsibly that the 245(i) program is a boon to terrorists. Nonsense. Not a single one of the September 11th attackers was eligible for 245(i). The 9/11 terrorists, got their entry visas from overworked US consulates and embassy personnel abroad, the exact people who will have to screen these resident aliens if the 245(i) extension doesn't pass.

      Just so you will know, here is what the 245(i) program is:

      To benefit from Section 245(i), a person must be otherwise eligible for an immigrant visa and have a visa immediately available to him or her. He or she must overcome all grounds of inadmissibility. This includes being screened for criminal offenses, health problems, fraud, misrepresentation, and the potential for becoming a public charge.

      Section 245(i) applicants are fingerprinted and the fingerprints are then checked against databases maintained by the FBI. Also, certain identifying biographic data about each applicant are transmitted to the CIA. In return the CIA advises the INS when information in their files appears to relate to an applicant. The basis for eligibility (such as a marriage or an offer of employment) is closely examined, and any suspicion of fraud or misrepresentation investigated.

      Obviously, this is in no way an "amnesty" program. I oppose amnesty for illegal aliens, and would not have voted for this bill if that's what it was.

      Also, suggestions by outside groups that temporarily extending 245(i) endangers our national security should be seen only as an attempt to exploit the 9/11 attacks to further an anti-immigration agenda. The Bush Administration, with our national security foremost in mind, supports the extension of 245(i), and so do I.


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