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Overstayed and going to Canada

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  • Overstayed and going to Canada

    I overstayed my visitor visa and I'm going to Canada with canadian pernament residency card ,will I have problems with leaving US? thanks all who response!

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    I overstayed my visitor visa and I'm going to Canada with canadian pernament residency card ,will I have problems with leaving US? thanks all who response!


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      In my personal experience, just be aware of the the INS on the border or the Air port. Not trying to scare of you, but the INS is not generous to people who they called Aliens especially when you are out of status, anything can happen with the INS nowaday. Do check out more inf on that.
      I am also curious to know that Canadian imm officers don't care even if you are out of status while you were applying for imm to Canada? I will be appreciated if you give me the answer.
      good luck and see you in Canada


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        today immigrants have problems when they leave,enter,stay...
        oh my god
        if INS detain him on airport what will happen?
        send him to his home country instead to canada?


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          Think twice before leaving to Canada. Canadian immigrations has lots of cases to handle and they are refusing ppl on the border.

          If you can apply for immigration by living in States and have your paper work complete before you go there then its a good deal! otherwise stay here and dont be in any criminal trouble and pray for 245i to come back or wait until 2004 elections.


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            245i will never come back. Too many Americans now know what it is and 80+ percent are against it. You do have another option. You can leave and not stay here illegally. That would be the honorable thing to do.


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              To CURIOUS:

              Canada Immigration does NOT care if you are out of status here in the U.S., but they DO care if you have been deported. I specifically asked the Canadian consul this question during my interview, since my daughter was out of status when we applied.


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                Are you going there for the first time w/candian landed img. or you already a canadian landed img and going there because of your are out of status here. Just for curicity


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                  don't worry, you won't have any problems. they'd be happy to see you go, seeing that you overstayed your visa. as to those who said otherwise, they should realize that all the ins can and will do is deport you. but since you are already leaving, that'll save them time also and manpower in having to prepare you're deportation papers.


                  no, canada don't care wether you are living on an expired visa. if you are qualified to migrate to canada, you will get there.

                  good luck!


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