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Seeking employment but illegal

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  • Seeking employment but illegal

    How can I work in the US? There is an employer who is willing to sponsor me but we don't know where we start.Please help!

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    How can I work in the US? There is an employer who is willing to sponsor me but we don't know where we start.Please help!


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      Iam not a lawyer, and i dont know much about immigration.. but i recall some information i saw in INS webpage....

      The form you need to check out is called H1B

      A specialty occupation requires theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge along with at least a bachelor's degree or its equivalent. For example, architecture, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, MEDICINE AND HEALTH, education, business specialties, accounting, law, theology, and the arts are specialty occupations.

      How does one apply?

      H-1B status requires a sponsoring U.S. employer. The employer must file a labor condition application (LCA) with the Department of Labor attesting to several items, including payment of prevailing wages for the position, and the working conditions offered. The employer must then file a Form I-129 petition plus accompanying fee of $130 with the INS and, unless specifically exempt under the law, an additional $1000 fee to sponsor the H-1B worker. Based on the INS petition approval, the alien may apply for the H-1B visa, admission, or a change of nonimmigrant status.

      Anyway.. this is the link

      Good Luck !


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        Thank you for responding to my query. Is it possible to file papers thru employment even when I came illegally. I read somewhere they need some waivers but it's only for USC spouse. I'm wondering if I can also avail a waiver?


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          Describe illegal... did you enter the US without inspection, if so no help is available to you, or did you overstay a visa, in that case there might be some possibilities.


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            I came with fraudulent docs.I was inspected but there was fraud involved.


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              Sorry but there's really nothing you can do with your situation since you came in the US fraudulently . The waiver is only available to the spouse of USC and I think this is your only option.


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