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Naturalization Certificates for Children

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  • Naturalization Certificates for Children

    I came to the United States 6 years back on Immigrant Visa along with my four daughters.

    I have now become U.S. Citizen. How do I apply Naturalization Certificates for my daughters who are still under 18 years of age.

    Will I have to file N-600, if yes, where, Federal Plaza or Vermont.

    Umesh or Mohan please give me your valuable advise. Thank you.

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    You don't really need the certificates, your minor children became citizens automatically and you can apply for a US passport. The passport is proof of citizenship. I did this for my son and I don't see any reason to apply for a certificate.



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      You have to apply for certificate. Your childern under 18 already become citizen and can apply for PP but in the long run you need citizenship certificate for many reason , sometimes it required by the department along with passport.
      For instant birth name change of her childern etc.
      Down load form from Site and file it.


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        Mohan: Thank you for your detailed answer. I now understand that my dauhters would need Naturalization Certificates when they apply for thier spouses after marriage if one is coming from aborad. Please let me know if I have to file N600 and where do I send my application. I am New York resident. Thank you.


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          You must apply for their Certificate of Citizenship by filing N-600 for each of them. Before filing N-600, you should check INS website for the fee. INS has recently stopped charging Surcharge thus reducing the fee. You should file N-600 at Federal Plaza. Certificate of Citizen will have their permanent record in INS file. PP is just for travelling. Now you can get their PP but in future, if for any reason they want a new PP, it will create a big problem for them. In case they want to sponsor somebody, still they will need Certificate of Citizenship.
          God bless you and your family.


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            Umesh Passi:

            Thank you. You are great person. I will file N600 to avoid any future complications.


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              Hi Umesh:

              Do I have to get an appointment first before going to Federal Plaza or I can just walk in or I will have to send my application in mail. Please give me details. Thank you.


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                You should mail N-600 for each child in separate envelope by Certified mail Return Receipt Requested. On RRR must right down the names of each child at some place, so you will know which one belongs to whom. Before, filing N-600, you must check INS website for current fee as the surcharges have been waived, thus the filing fee is less now.
                Good luck.


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