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Question about request for fingerprints.

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  • Question about request for fingerprints.

    Somebody knows why some people are asked for fingerprints at their interviews? What do they base the request on?

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    Somebody knows why some people are asked for fingerprints at their interviews? What do they base the request on?


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      There are three common reasons for BCIS to request new fingerprints.

      1 The last finger prints were unclassifiable. That means for some reason the FBI could not accurately read the prints and match them with the database. Older people with thinner skin and professions that are rough on the hands (e.g. brick layers) often have this problem. If the second finger prints are unclassifiable, the applicant has to obtain police clearances.

      2 The last set of prints expired. Finger prints are valid for 15 months. After that, they need to be retaken.

      3 BCIS has reason to believe that the FBI record may have changed since the last printing. (You are a shady character.)

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        Thanks for your reply. I am confused. I have never been fingerprinted, and I am currently waiting for an approval of a K-3. My question is, why would some people get a request for fingerprints at their interviews and some others don't. Or do all K-3 applicants get a request for fingerprints at their interviews?
        Thanks again.


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          Lost! Aren´t you also filing for an I-601? If they have any reason to suspect anything they will ask for your fingerprints, and they will probably do it randomly even if they don't have any reason to suspect things. Therefore, if you have ever been stopped or detained or left late from a port of entry or anything ¨strange¨ like that then you should count on being fingerprinted.

          However, it is really nothing to be concerned about, just a delay. It will let you know if you need to file any other waivers such as the I-212, and other than that, to the best of my knowledge, they only check criminal records. So, if you have not committed a crime, no prob.


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            Hi, I see that you are back being spouse! No, I have never comited any kinds of crimes. I have only had 2 traffic vilations. I just did traffic school and that was it.
            And yes, I am getting and I601 ready in case they ask for it. My only crime is that I overstayed my visa, so do you think that that is reason enough to ask me for fingerprints? I tried volunteering for Big Brothers Big sisters and got fingerprinted by them. Iknow that they sent my prints somewere, but not sure where. Anyway, I just hope that, if they do request the I601 they take it form me at the interview, as my husband is coming for it.
            BTW, I just found out that it will be processes thru Mexico, not Peru. Somebody on another board told me that only Ciudad Juarez in Mexico proxesses them. Tha will be hugh as they seem to approve approx 90% of them. And also my attorney mentione that he knows somebody that can help expedite the process, which will be a tremendous help.
            Spouse, how are u doing, I have not heard from you in a while, hope everything is fine. Take care.


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              Hi. do you have web address of the other immigration boards


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