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    yes i have the i-94 and yes i was asked those questions when i does this measn when i fill out the 1-485 i say yes to being inspected by an immigration officer? the person who asked me was the one who checked my passport?? thankyou for answering my posts this is so stressfull and greatly appreciated. thanx again.


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      Yes, the answer of that question is yes. Keep your original I-94. I know its stressful, but you will get through it Good luck.


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        Me2 ur a god more question, i did ask somewhere else but cant remember where..have i hampered my applications by waiting so long? i came here nov 2001 married 2002 and have not done a thing till now?? when i say not done a thing i mean not applied any paperwork or forms? can i be sent home? and what are the chances (silly) shouldnt have waited so long i know :-(.


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          hi i need some help pls, i am on part 2 of the i-485 and it askes to check one, im not sure what one i am suppose to check?? is it the first one husband has applied? thankyou


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            About the delay in adjusting your status, there is nothing more you can do except to file it and just wait for your interview. I know until you get your passport stamp, you will have worries about what if, and if and if...but life has to go on. So, try to be organized as possible on your interview, bring all documents and evidence related regarding your marriage. The key things here...if you organize, you will make yourself professional and less work for the interviewer and the interview will go short and smoothly. Plus you must have all the documents they need.

            About your question of I-485 part 2, tick (h) and the reason is "I am married to US citizen".

            Good luck.


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              I'm a Canadian that came over to visit my friend & was told being a Canadian I didn't need a visitors visa. We were together for a month & found it too heart breaking to be apart & got married. Found out that was not the right thing to do & scared to death to be torn apart. We are trying to file the AOS package but there are 4 sheets of the G-325A exactly the same!!! Why is that? Do I fill out all 4 of them? I don't even understand all the things in the package & scared to death. Someone please help. We are in NC, USA & no idea where to get help.


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                Yes, fill all the 4 PAGES for each person (its consider a SET). So one set for you and one set for your spouse. Look carefully at the bottom of the forms, its written different stuff for each pages. Good luck.


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