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  • Nebraska approval

    Nebraska is up to mid September as of now. My receipt was dated Sept 16th and was approved on Feb. 18th. Just a bit worried though, since my fiance is flying here for a visit on Feb. 28th, I hope he is not turned away by US Customs.

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    congratualtion on your approval....mine dated sept. 22. hopefully they will aprove my too. good luck and keep us imform.


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      Congrats....I also have been waiting patiently (actually very IMPATIENTLY) since my receipt date of September 23rd......I called the INS yesterday and they told me that they were working on Sept 3rd so it surprises me that you have received your approval with a receipt date of Sept 16th but it offers re-newed hope for me!!!!!!!! Kenny


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        Kenny, why do you call yourself in diminutives, Why don't ya call yourself 'Ken'?


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          My family calls me Kenny....has stuck over the work and other places most people call me Ken....I am curious though what you really mean by your question....are you saying that in some way it is degrading to go by Kenny???


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            maybe they are moving a bit faster!! dawn congratulations on your approval. my receipt date is oct 8th. keep me informed kenny if you hear anymore. did you ever ask them how many visas on average they process in a month. and how many they have had come in per month. i wonder if they even know.


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              i just called the INS office, they also told me they are working on 9/3/02. i asked them how many cases they have received in that month, she didnt know.

              just as i thought. she told me it will be another month before it gets to an INS officer, then it depends how many cases he has on his desk as to how long it is.

              when i told her about your case being approved, dawn, she had no answer or idea why.

              does the left hand know what the right hand is doing.....hell no.

              i was more encouraged before i made the call. sigh.


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                Todd, I was told the same date (Sept 3rd) when I called there is surprising that Dawn got hers already....I wonder why - only God knows....anyways I will let you know about my situation........if i ever hear anything.


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                  I have read other discussion boards where people have recently been approved with dates past Sept 3rd. Some are in mid September, such as mine. Todd, stop calling NSC. They are too depressing. I'm somewhat surprised I received my approval already. I was estimating sometime in mid March. Maybe they are picking up a bit over there. Todd, I'm predicting you will get yours sooner than you think.


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                    Todd & Tan...
                    I just read a post at about someone contacting their state senator to complain about NSC processing times. They were told that NSC is processing all petitions dated previous to October 2002.


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                      i appreciate the encouragement. i certainly hope you are right in your prediction.

                      after the approval, i wonder what is the lag time to get the paperwork to the consulate office? i was told there was a faster way to do it, but that it had to go in with all the paperwork for the k1. any ideas on this anyone.

                      i was told i could expect it would take the consulate 2 months or so to process the paperwork. i realize that depends on the country. guess ill try to find a consulate page. best wishes to all that read my post.


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                        another week gone almost, any updates from anyone, regarding fiancee visas processed?

                        dawn where did you read that they are processing all of septembers cases now? which board

                        any update from anyone that has been approved lately would be helpful, thanks


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                          through the brit expat site i read the nsc is doing oct 9th now. and one person noa 10/30/02 has been approved. so where is mine 10/08/02, i dont know.

                          also someone in my reps office told me that if i can get a receipt number of a person that has been approved beyond my date, that is grounds for a congressional investigation.


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                            mine dated sept. 23 and not yet aprove. i'll update you as soon as it aprove. good luck


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                              My k-1 from Nebraska was approved on March 4th and I recieved it in the mail on March 8th....My receipt date was September 23rd....I hope you get yours soon.....I just mailed all of my info to my fiance in the Philippines....Ken


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