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Asylim after marriage with USC

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  • Asylim after marriage with USC

    Hi!My question is can I apply for asylim after marriage with USC which ended with divorce.
    Thank you

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    Hi!My question is can I apply for asylim after marriage with USC which ended with divorce.
    Thank you


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      U can file assylum within one year of ur arrival in USA. It is one of the longest & expensive way of getting permanent residency. Moreover, the biggest bar is that u can not visit ur home country for ever. That means u have to say good bye to ur loved one in ur home country for ever ever. Which, I believe no human being can think of, unless s/he is has lost his family attachments.


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        Thats the real question or are you looking for a greencard? Most asylum cases are not approved so unless you have a serious case I would advise not to seek such relief.


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          There may be other options. How long were you married and why did you get a divorce


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            You can file an asylum claim within one year of your LAST arrival to U.S. As has been said, most asylum cases are denied. One should carefully weigh filing asylum claim against any other aviable options because if the BCIS denies your claim, you will be put in removal proceedings.


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              I was born in lIberia ,west africa in 1990 my country experience one of the worst thrilling civil unrest on the coast. which the united states is fully awared of the political situation but that is not the case here, what I wanna point out is how and why I filled for asylum in 20001 with my sister who was filling with the time frame and I was filling out of the time frame.
              I arrived in the US on a F-1 visa all because I manuvers, with the threats and political unrest I in my country I came for school. By then, saw no needs for asylum.
              Here is the intresting featurs: My classmate dad become the president after subduing the rest of his political rivals, hijack the office of the president in a bogus election. I was political while in high school and out of high school. Fine, his son "Chuck" recuited freinds and classmates in one of the dealiest death squad in Morovia. jus six months of his presidency. He ask for me constantly, ask friends about my whereabout, amongst all he mastermined the rape of my sister who managed was in the Sates in 2000. I met her she was depressed, recieved medical and support from other international and national women groups in the US . NOw what do I do???? file along with her,yes I did, was interview but I have not heard from INS.. can they denial this case easily?... is my case tangible or not tangible? I means INS are crazy these days but I have a strong felling I get approved what do you think???


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