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    Who is swissnut?

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      To dignify JohnDoe's recommendation that I leave this board is utterly absurd. I have read scathing posts on this board from oher members, which have been nothing short of insulting to aliens and USC's take issue with my opinions, which have been factual and stimulating discussions about the pros and cons of various attempts to secure permanent residency, and to draw from it that I do not belong on this board is in my opinion discriminatory.

      Do what you will, Aguila. You just show me how unilateral and inflexible and discompassionate you are as to others' plights. To me it seems that all you wish on this board is others who share your own very focused opinions. Perhaps we should rename the board "Pro-Aguila immigration messgae board".


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        So far 100% think you must go! is not my opinion is the rest of the board!


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          4 votes constitues the opinion of the rest of the board?


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            You don't need to worry what other people say about you. This is an open forum and nobody can stop you for your opinions, unless there is prohibited stuff you would say here.

            Earlier 4 votes that aguila18 mentioned are in fact his own votes in all kind of different IDs. I've been keeping eyes on his posts for a very long times, and came to conclusion that JohnDoe, aguila18, Michael are same only one person. And, the fourth vote he must has voted under creating another ID.

            As you and I know very well that now he will come here to defend himself with as usual lame excuses. So, don't even pay attention what he would say. If you read his all previous posts, you will find that he is fabricating the situation of battered spouse. How can he be battered if his wife did not want his parents to come their house? There is not doubt in my mind that he is fabricating all these stuffs just to get GC, and if you notice his posts then you will find that he is advising to everyone to do the same.

            People have spoken their wishes through their votes for you to stay here. You brings very interesting issues that have direct impact on each person's life.


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              Don't forget my vote.

              I know we don't have the authority to say who could visit this board or not , but if I did I would ban Swissnut and Michael for life without parole from this immigration site. (Just my honest opion)


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                BROKEN HEART:

                You are the one who has creates other ID's to post in this board... I have only used AGUILA before and the reason I stop using it is because I lost my password.

                I don't come here to defend myself, I just come here to hear other experiences and help the ones I can with mine experiences. I am not fabricating any situation and there a lot of more things involving my situation that my spouse opposition to my parents travelling to the US and threatening me to have my "paperwork screwed if her rules were not respected"

                YES I am advising everyone WHO HAS BEEN SUBJECT TO EXTREME CRUELTY to get it documented! Pasha, JohnDoe, for what they have stated either to me or in this board I know they have. I have not advise for example WISH to create a case because base on her facts, her marriage did not work for other reasons but there was not cruelty involved.

                Instead of using another ID to attack me why don't you show who you really are?


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                  I think that to sum up our personal differences of opinion in a "nutshell" I think I can clearly state that we differ because you tend to make "sweeping statements, which are good for one side only". All that I try to show you is that you need to apply your principles to the other side too, if you wish to see if they are accurate.

                  Now you wrote..."YES I am advising everyone WHO HAS BEEN SUBJECT TO EXTREME CRUELTY to get it documented" what you really mean in this post is that you advise ANY ALIEN who has been subject to extreme mental cruelty to get it documented so that they can utilize it in their immigration quest. In fact, you don;t advise "everyone" who has been subject to "extreme mental cruelty" at all. You advise aliens who have to document it. I have been subject to the most heinous "extreme mental cruelty" but you dismissed that, and considered me obsessive because I am neither the petitioning alien nor one who has an immigration quest. Actually, you are quite wrong. Even though I am a USC, I have had, (although now rectified) an immigration quest, which was to extricate myself from a contract I had made with BCIS on behalf of my husband.

                  What I think would be best for you, would be to look at "both sides of a discussion" before you leap.


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                    Putting this kind of Poll, or making all the various comments to swissnut and to me, maybe still seem sharing information to you, but it is cleared what is your motivation behind those. I'm not in the mood to argue with you. I've only addressed my post to Swissnut and not to you. You may fool to other people about your abuses, but not to me. Sell you lies somewhere else.


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                      I and many others including SAMMY, 4now, Pasha, etc have explained to you in details about your contract with BCIS [Affidavit of Support FORM: I-864]. I have mentioned to you that it only involves public benefits and that you should not worry about that. Sammy took it even further and suggested you to write a letter to withdraw support for the I-751 and he also told you that now you will no longer be in the hook for that affidavit.

                      I think you have been subjected to extreme mental cruelty but I don't know if that will help you in your divorce case or not. I am referring to this in this board because this is a board for immigration related things and many aliens are subject to cruelty by their USC who abuses the power of filing paperwork for them and this aliens do not know thaf if they don't document this things they will not be able to prevail for waivers that have been enacted by the Congress.

                      Sincerely, I still don't know what are you doing around this board if you already have sent a letter to withdraw your husband's I-751. There is nothing else you could you, instead you should get information that will help you win your divorce case.

                      BROKEN HEART:

                      You are not in the mood to argue with me because you do not have solid arguments PERIOD. So instead of posting things without any base and creating other ID's you should think twice. You addressed the post to swissnut but attacking me and therefore I have all the rights to defend myself from your baseless comments. I don't need to fool nobody, I don't have to fool USCIS much less will I be caring to fool people like you. I am not asking for your approval nor swissnut I just share some information to help others with their cases.


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                        Yes, yes I know what I wrote..."Actually, you are quite wrong. Even though I am a USC, I have had, (although now rectified) an immigration quest, which was to extricate myself from a contract I had made with BCIS on behalf of my husband."...which means that I have already done what could be done...see the words "although now rectified"? That's what I was referring to. You do not need to remind me of the advise I received. I already acted on it. Thanks for telling me now some months later, THAT I SHOULD!!!!!
                        You don't seem to recall my posts of the past 4 weeks where I make reference to the fact that I ahve already done it.

                        Now, you wrote "Sincerely, I still don't know what are you doing around this board if you already have sent a letter to withdraw your husband's I-751. There is nothing else you could you, instead you should get information that will help you win your divorce case."

                        FYI, Aguila...first I did not think that if everyone achieves their objectives that they should leave this board. If so why are so many updating their experiences for tohers to see? Just because you see no benefit from what I may or may not post to this site, doesn't mena that others may not find it of benefot. Like I said before this is an immigration board, that means that both USCs and aliens have the right to visit it and learn from it. Sorry you cannot see the flip side of the coin, AGAIN!

                        And secondly, if you think that proving fraud for immigration benefit is not helpful to my divorce case, teh once again I feel the need to reiterate that you may wish to give your law profession a second thought. Marriage under false pretenses; inducement into marriage (for immigration benefit or economic benefit) IS GERMAINE to my divorce case.

                        And before ou rant and rave about whether or not my divorce case is relative on this board, if I can help one USC, unsuspecting or othwerwise, to see "red flags" before they are victimized by an alien with the wrong intent, then I shall have achieved my objectives.

                        Far be it for you to decide who should or should not be on this site. Once again, my opinions of you are confirmed. Perhaps, whilst I was posting another message, you DID decide that this is AGUILA's IMMIGRATION BOARD.

                        Hey Aguila...I am on my knees and genuflecting to you, can you picture it? Do I need to seek your approval or permisson to post again, Oh master?


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                          Aguila wants swissnut to leave because she makes him look stupid.
                          Have a nice day


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                            Yes, I tnnd to think so, too. By the way, I was wondering when Aguila's Gluehbirne will go on?


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                              Perhaps that was a little unfair...let me rephrase. I am still looking for his "switch"!


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