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    There is no specific timeframe since it all depends in which office you filed your AOS.

    I assume your husband has gotten Employment Authorization right?

    Fingerprints usually are between 3 to 6 months before the interview, however there are no standards when it comes to timeframes at USCIS.

    You could go to and check under 'Processing Dates' and select the office you filed to check what AOS are they processing as of today.


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      Atlanta is right now working in June 2001, so you still have some more time to wait, just be patient :-)


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        THANK YOU!!!!! I was starting to worry, I have heard others that filed at the same office had theirs within 6 months of filing. Our office is filing June 26, 2001, so we have a ways to go. We filed at the Atlanta office, Again THANK YOU!!!


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          Since I gave you a bad new (that you have to keep waiting for a while) I know I can give you good new too.

          When you go for your AOS interview probably somewhere around this time next year, your husband will receive full permanent resident status and not a conditional one. This is GREAT because the process to REMOVE CONDITIONS on a conditional green card takes FOREVER!!! + the aggravation of maybe having another interview plust getting documents together etc etc.


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            Aguila is right in the last post.

            Good luck Reina!!!


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              You are really unbelieveble in your one-sidedness. If Joe and I couldn't find a man in the USA (not true, but go ahead and presume) I take it you couldn't find a woman, *******, straight or something-in-between in Uruguay!


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                And by the is not that I am right and the world is is that in your arguments you ARE WRONG...and perhaps I am MORE RIGHT!


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                  I didn't say "you asked your wife"...I said you filed jointly. I really don't need the blow by blow details of why it was you convinced her that it was the right thing to do...after all, you are the one who claims she is the MANIAC - so she most likely would not have the comprehension to come up with such a plan, right?

                  Why did you wait 5 months to file for divorce, when that was your plan anyway?
                  What she had to beat you to it? You Said "I TRUST her" that was your first mistake to trust a Maniac.

                  And as far as education is concerned, why not go back get your degree in Uruguay and WORK towards building a life for yourself there, if all does not go well with your waiver?


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                    You are trying to figure out my life back again.

                    I did not file for divorce because when she signed that I-751 I knew that had to wait until it was approved and then file for divorce, otherwise it did not make sense to file jointly.

                    TRUST her was my biggest mistake specially when she had shown me so many times that I could not trust her but I can go back and change things, now I will ammend them.

                    I would prefer living somewhere else to be honest, I am never said I would stay in the US if I were order to leave.. I would go to Brazil probably :--)


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                      I'm not trying to figure your life at all...I am simply asking good questions.

                      You did not file for divorce because when she signed that I-751 you knew that you were taking advantage of your soon-to-be-ex-wife, for whom you had contempt (and fully intended to divorce, by your own statement and by the way also not a very sincere move on your part) and so you chose to see if you could wait it out...but she shocked you and now your plan failed.


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                        I was all done with this thread but I missed the part about me not being able to get an American man. I noticed it in Swiss's post. This is not directed at anyone, that's over and done with. I gotta defend myself here.

                        First of all, when I walk down the street, I have to beat the American men back with a stick.

                        Secondly, I wouldn't date an American man if he were the last person on Earth.

                        Finally, I don't particularly like men anyway, and I
                        d a m n e d sure don't trust them.

                        I think the the last defense explains why I was so hard on Aguila. Sorry, Dude, my humblest apologies.
                        Sweet Madame Belu


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                          Your first sentence and the following paragraph is a contradiction in itself.

                          I will spend more energy and time to answer you anyways...

                          I did not file for divorce because SHE said that we would get a divorce after my paperwork would be done. I knew that filing for divorce in the middle of the case would be really complicate things but she file, so now I will go for what my original intent was file the waiver application, instead of actually hurting my case she helped me because at that time I could not have filed now that I learn the grounds for divorce and the timing required to file.

                          I did not have any plan or 'm.o.' I was going to go with the truth that I married in good faith... and that is what I am going to in the near future when I have all the documents needed to file...


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                            Ok, ok... i've got a couple of comments to make.

                            For a woman who placed you in "Extreme mental cruelty" to turn around and offer to help you seems a little hard to believe. She has some redeeming qualities after she's really not a maniac after all, corect?

                            It all seems so convenient for you that " you did not file for divorce because SHE said that we would get a divorce after my paperwork would be done". But oif life togehter were so "unbearable" and "extremely cruel" who would go along with that anyway, papers or otherwise?

                            Why did you say "I knew that filing for divorce in the middle of the case would be really complicate things" iof you were under the impression given what your wife had suggested that she was going to file for divorce afterwards?

                            What are her grounds for divorce? Let me guess, "extreme mental cruelty"?


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                              As I said on another thread that I'm keeping eye of aguila18's each post for a very long time, and let me tell you all> The truth is-he just wants GC easily, and GC was his only intention in his marriage, otherwise he would have spent time in repairing his marriage as much he spending in all this reasearch for 751. That's why he did not care for divorce before despite of his claims that his wife is maniac or that she abused him mentally or whatever. When he let her signed joint I-751 and when he mailed joint petition, he knew very well that he was decepting the govt. thru filing joint petition and his wife, because he knew that she would be his ex very soon. But he filed joint petition anyhow to avoid deportation. He knew that if he would not have filed joint petition then he would be placed on deportation proceedings because he was not not entitled to remove condition on his conditional status under waiver because he was not divorce then and could not get divorce for another year or more because it requires a 18 months separation to get a No-fault divorce in NJ because he said about NJ divorce in his one of previous post on another thread. If someone notices his marital history, then you will find that he was not that long into his marriage because he married in 2000, but got separated already long before filing joint petition. And if he is getting No fault divorce soon in NJ as he said, then obviously he had separated to her almost 18 months ago already. His marriage is a sham marriage for green card purpose.

                              Why doesn't he NOW withdraw his joint petition with BCIS when he is already separated from his wife and calling her maniac or that she abused him mentally? What he is waiting for if she was so maniac? I tell you- why? Because, he knows that he can not file waiver until he gets divorce. And I tell you why he doesn't want to withdraw joint petition, because he doesn't want INS to deport him. But on the other side, he is so good in claiming that he can go other country or about all his wife. If he thought that his wife abused him, then why he did not file waiver before on abused waiver, because abused-waiver doesn't require him to take divorce? Because, he knew that his wife never abused him. Now, he is only coming all this stuff just to get waiver approved. He is the perfect example of how a person can go down in order to get GC. What a shame!


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                                I rest my case!
                                Sweet Madame Belu


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