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    I'm Irish, you idiot! Pay attention!
    Sweet Madame Belu


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      Most of us here are here to TRY and learn some information. I don't understand why people have to be so hateful to everyone else! Are we children or are we adults? If you answered adults, start acting like it!


      • #63
        josephine schmo:

        My point is that you are an immigrant yourself and even if you were born here your parents did not!

        You have not authority to speak about others going home. I hate to insult other people but you leave me no choice. If you and swissnut could not get a man in the US, is not my fault, you thought because you sponsor someone for a GC that they had to be with you forever, you are sick and is totally undestandable why these men flew away. I don't even need to hear swissnut's husband side of the story because she is one of those person that thinks 'THE WORLD IS WRONG' I am right... there is no way someone could tolerate a woman like that...if it wasn't adultery it was going to be something else...


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          B u t t wipe, you don't pay attention. I'm a USC.

          I was born here, my parents were born here, my grandparents too.

          Now shut up and go eat grubs!
          Sweet Madame Belu


          • #65

            If you don't know all the facts about my case you SHOULD NOT make assumptions.

            I did not ask my wife to cooperate with my I-751, I was going to file for DIVORCE and go ahead with a waiver application, but she offered herself to collaborate in the process because she thought it was the right thing to do. She also took it even forward and stated she was going to help until the case was approved. However, I TRUST her, and went ahead and file jointly, BUT 5 months after, she filed for DIVORCE, she had research this issue already and probably knew she was going to put me in really difficult situation, AND THAT IS SO WRONG BECAUSE I DID NOT ASK HER TO HELP ME, I DID NOT ASK HER TO FILE AOS FOR ME, she always did because she wanted to!

            I am not staying with her on my I-751 process, even if she would offer herself to help on an interview I would not TRUST her again, because she has no word...

            That is why I am getting ready to go on a waiver appication, because I don't want to know anything with her!

            EDUCATION is free in Uruguay, and if you don't trust me do the research yourself, and I never said that I would not be able to study there, I said that I would not able to accomodate to living there anymore...


            • #66
              He can't accomodate to living there cause he came here and learned to eat with a fork instead of a stick.
              Sweet Madame Belu


              • #67
                Just a thought:

                Don't you guys think this is getting pretty ugly?
                I don't think that anyone in here should express about any other country in a bad way, because maybe you are 100% american but there has to be a reason why you are in this board.
                Maybe your loveone is not american? or a friend?
                We are in getting into the year 2004 for (Chess)'s Sake and is there still people thinking than in other countries they don't have universities, they don't eat anything different than grubs?? I mean come on...

                Please calm down and just realize that this post in particular was wrong to begin with, nobody has the right to determine when someone has to leave (forum, post, country, etc).

                Now can someone try to make sense out of this mess? please....
                Have a good day everyone!!!


                • #68
                  As I said before, petition is for the USC's benefit. HE MARRIED HER ONLY FOR THE GC!

                  He needs to stop attacking women, whining like a b i t c h, and go home!

                  Don't even reply to me Aquila, I've said all I'm gonna say, Snake.
                  Sweet Madame Belu


                  • #69

                    Please stop making assumptions I don't have to mention all the facts to you because I do not need any approval from you. I am not attacking any woman... what I do is suggest people that is moved by dark feelings to move on with their lives and transform those dark feelings in positive things.

                    I am going to tell you this. I have never and will never marry someone for a green card, I would even live in better conditions back home that what I am living here, if someone really marries with the wrong intent they would stick to their usc spouses until the end of the process don't you think?

                    You are too emotional and are constantly attacking me with no arguments but rude insults, but I am not going to down to your level anymore, think whatever you want, and please DROP IT!


                    • #70
                      Oh that was very good. I'm sure a lot of people is going to learn from that post.



                      • #71
                        Boy that really helped my situation, let me tell ya. Some of you know some information that we would like to know, but you can't share it because your too busy fussing with others. Use your energies to help others instead of directing it negatively!


                        • #72
                          Thank you Reina90:

                          Let's see if we get this people back into constructive discussions or informative immigration matters.


                          • #73
                            I'm trying!!! Really hard, I have a question that I can;t get answered because everyone is busy fussing like children!


                            • #74

                              What is your question?


                              • #75
                                I filed for AOS, for hubby, in Feb. 2002, is there a certain time frame for when they call you for fingerprints or do I need to rattle some cages? We haven't heard anything from them since we filed. Thank You for addressing me!! I REALLY appreciate it!!!!!!!


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