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    I am a born USC. I tried to respond to what little knowledge I have about imigration by giving you the website, but I was sure it would not be as good as Umesh's response").

    I really am glad Umesh is here to respond to your thread. He is so very helpful and has so much knowledge to help so many people, and one of his best qualities, he never judges others.

    I knew he would pull through for you. I admire and have great confidence in Umesh Passi and I can tell you did too.

    Good Luck Frustrated and Thanks so much Umesh for helping those in need.


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      I forgot to give my answer to your Poetry (Shars), please accept my answer.

      'Main so raha tha chain se, Ode Kafan Mazar mein
      Yahan bhi sataney a gaye, kis ne pata bata dia."

      Good luck.


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        Could you please translate these other posts for those who do not understand the language? I am very interested in hearing what others have to say. It almost looks as though it may be poetry and I really think others would enjoy this just as much as I if it is.

        Thank you so much and God Bless you and your loved ones! You truly are a good man!


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          To White Female:
          I am not a good translator, but still I will try my best to translate those poetry verses. Those two posted by Shahid and Galib are from a great poet, who wrote love poetry, his name was Mirza Galib who wrote them one and half century ago.

          Shahid' verse was as follows;
          "It has been a long time since Galib (the poet) died, but he is still remembered because he was always saying, 'if it would have been like this then what would have happened."

          Galib's verse was as follows;
          "After death, I was disgraced. It was better if I had drowned in a river so that there have been no procession of my deadbody and there would have been no Tomb.

          My reply is very simple:

          "I was laying peacefull in the Tomb covered with a clothe, they came here to bother me, don't know who gave them my address."

          God bless everybody.


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            I appreciate you sharing such magnificent words from such creative and intelligent minds, especially yours. Your spontaneous and creative reply put a smile on my face")

            keep up the wonderful work and God Bless You Always!


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              WhiteFemale, do you know what else can put smile on your face ? ...


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                Do I appear to you someone that does not know what I want in life that you would have to ask such a question?


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