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Filing of the I-485- Any help would be appreciated

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  • Filing of the I-485- Any help would be appreciated

    When i filed my I-140, I received the receipt within 2 weeks. Thereafter i filed I-485 & I-765, its been over two weeks, no news from vermont. They have not deposited the check yet. As anyone been thro a similar situation. Thanks all

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    did you filled up your I-140 based on labor certificate?


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      They will cash that check any day now. If they don't cash it in the next 2 weeks, then start to worry.


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        Yes, i filed I-140 based on labor certification.
        Marie, after they deposit the check is when they issue a receipt ? Do u know how long vermont takes for I-485 ? Thanks


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          I dont know how long it takes them to send the receipt but this whole process is going to be slow. Just be patient.

          Just watch to make sure they cash that check and if they do, don't worry about it. You'll get your receipt.


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            Thanks Marie.....Wish this could go faster but its something beyond control. thanks !, Have a pleasant day


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              according to processing time in Vermont Center
              currently has for 1-485 applications
              date 8/15/2001 and reciept notice-processing time
              in days: from 365 to 540.
              be patient and good luck.
              by the way-when did you send your I-140 application, i mean axectly time if you remember,
              i'll appreciate


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                Hi....I sent the application around the 2nd week in August (10th), and to be precise i rec the receipt more toward the end of august 28/29, so please excuse what i said earlier. It did take a while, over two weeks. Hope this helps


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                  hi, seashore
                  that me again bother you about some correction.
                  the friend of my has been send his I-140 (of course with lawer help inthe end of April or
                  beginning of the May this year).He did not have heard sinse than, so we're wondering haw it's
                  works, even he did not recieved any notice yet.
                  can you make some comments to this
                  thanx, lesia


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                    one more ?
                    what category of the profession are you,
                    i mean skilled or non-skilled, or high
                    thanx a lot, lesia


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                      My attorney represented me for the I-140, employment based. The receipt according to my research with other people in my company who also applied takes about 15 days to arrive from the date the ins receives the application. Only the employer and the attorney receive the receipt so it is up to the attorney to send a copy to your friend. I am not sure if your friend's application is employment based. My attorney sent me a copy of the I-140 receipt. Let me know if this helps. I think your friend should have had the receipt by NOW.


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                        Highly skilled MBA + 8 yrs experience


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                          hi, seashore
                          thanx for your promt respond
                          The friend of my has also employment based
                          filled up this form accompanied with the lawer.
                          everythink looks OK.but the point is his lawer has not recieved any notice my aknowledge
                          hi has filled as a skilled worker (such a mechanic
                          for european machines lines or some kind of equipment like that).
                          so we still do not now yet anythink haw far we are.
                          thanx, lesia


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                            You know.....I have heard similar siutations where some people they get results much quicker than others. Sometimes i think ins has all these officers handling different applications and sometimes the systems backs up, so the wait is a little longer. have faith (give me some too )
                            and know that everything will work. Good luck to your friend


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                              Thanx again, seashore
                              one more ?
                              as i know he is here now with expired visa, he
                              came with b2 visa which is now almost 5 and half years expired. he had never work legally,his
                              lawyer has been used 245 (life akt) for him
                              to help him be legally in the usa
                              and obtain a gree card.I really do not know
                              how that can work out for him.
                              I'm a usc and hi is my best friend, i try to help for him a lot, but hi is spending big money
                              amount for the lawyer help but it's very hard
                              to wait and wait...
                              thanx, lesia


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