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Hubby got SS# today!

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  • Hubby got SS# today!

    Hubby got his SS# today at the SS office. It got put in the system yesterday. SS said he should receive card in the mail within 10 days.

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    Hubby got his SS# today at the SS office. It got put in the system yesterday. SS said he should receive card in the mail within 10 days.


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        He also got the job!


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          U see... yeaaaaa....

          Good luck...



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            Josephine, CONGRATS! Arghhhhhhhhh...when is my time? You know the feeling, keep peek to your mailbox everyday for that magic letter of approval.


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              Check for your SS# at your local office weekly if you can, that's what we did!

              You'll get it, Me2, and you'll be so happy!

              The day he gets the actual card, we are gonna go apply for his learners permit so he can get his license.


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                Well, that is great news for you guys- finally he got his number and the job too! It's a start and I really do hope that everything improves for you both in the future.


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                  TY so much!!


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                    Congratulation and glad to know that your hubby got ss# and job. It's really a good news.

                    However, are you sure that he has received his ss#, because usually Social Security Administration [SSA] accepts only application for ss# at their offices instead of issuing the ss# on the spot, and then later on after verifying the immigration stutus of an individual, they mail the ss card with its # on it. Under the new law, SSA must need to verify the immigration status of a foreign born individual with BCIS before issuing any ss#, and they do their verification thru electronically link established recently between these two agencies. Sometimes, SSA sends an individual's data manually to BCIS if they are unable to verify it thru electronically being having experinced some kind of underlying difficulties, and then in this situation, it may take more longer to receive ss card than the projected time of 10 days as they usually give to everyone.

                    I'm personally happy to know this good news.


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                      To Sammy:

                      Hubby got EAD May 15th and we applied for SS# the same day. It's been 8-9 weeks already, and we have checked at the local office each week. It just got put in the system the day before yesterday, and we should have the card within two weeks. Let's hope he can start working with the verbal number SS gave him.

                      Sammy, do you know anything about defaulted student loans (me) and how this will negatively affect my poor husband?

                      We are filing our taxes married joint, but IRS sends any refunds I get to Student Loan. I have a form saying he can "offset" his part of the refund as the "injured spouse" (Section 6402(c) or (d) of the Internal Revenue Code) by filling out Form 8379.

                      Hubby wants to get a credit card so we can buy a small house after we save up for the down payment. Will my bad credit (red flag-student loan default) hurt his getting a credit card? We have a joint bank account which my SS disability gets directly deposited to. he plans to apply for credit through our bank. Can he apply for a card and buy a house under his own name and leave me out of it? As I am disabled, I can apply to have my student loan forgiven, but even getting SS Disability does not guarantee it will be forgiven. This $8,000 student loan has snowballed to $25,000 now with all the penalties and interest.


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                        As you knew by now that it usually takes almost 8-9 weeks to get SS# after applying for it, because SSA can not issue it right away on the spot without verifying individual's immigration status first with BCIS. SSA were able to provide yr husband his SS# verbally because they have just put his information in their system after getting cleareance from BCIS, and his SS card is in its way out in the mail. But, you should know that sometimes some employers want to see the actual SS card before hiring someone, and if this happens to yr hubby then he needs to wait few days more because he may receive it within a week in a mail.

                        As you know that I usually advise on immigration matters only even though I can advise on other issues also, and you have asked so many questions which has nothing to do with immigration, but let me answer you with best ability of mine even though I knew that it's a immigration board.

                        Your husband may apply for any credit card or any credit, but applying doesn't mean that he would be able to get approved because each and every creditor would make their decision on his credit applications based on his gross income, his obligations to pay bill and others relevant information, length of his employment, length of his residence where he is residing, how much he owes to other creditors, any negative information in the credit reports, what is the maximum line of credit was issued to him by any creditor and how long he is maintaining any credit with any creditors. The reason of such criteria is to make sure that creditor's money won't be loose. In view of the facts that your hubby just got his SS# and never has any kind of credit with anyone which is reported to credit reporting agencies [I assume] as well he will start his job only now on the book, then being honest his chances are very-very slim next to none. And, if someone somehow gives him any kind of credit then it would probably be $200-$1000 with high interest rate, and this credit line would not help him in any sense whatsoever instead it would affect his credit negatively in the future towards obtaining high credit line in the future. However, there are lots of ways to establish a good credit history in a very short time of periord in order to get very high line of credit[including car loan or home morgage] but I'm not going to discuss all those over here.

                        So, there is no problem for yr husband to apply for credit card but like I said he won't be able to get good credit. But, it is very-very important for you to know that he WILL NOT get any credit or home loan whatsoever if you apply jointly with him because your credit is messed up and if you apply together then creditors will deny his application for credit also. Everyone is allowed to apply for credit individually regardless of their marital status. So, the answer to your question is- yes, your hubby can buy house, car, or apply for any kind of loan under his own name and can leave you out of it.

                        As far as house loan [morgage] goes, then I personally don't think that any bank will approve his application for morgage because house loan is the biggest credit a person may ask for, therefore creditors do check lots of other information including what I have already said above, and a different criteria of processing credit application would apply on morgage application than credit card application unless you put huge down payment like 40%-50%, but still he will be paying high interest rate and lots of other hidden fees which are associated with closing fees. There are lots of banks out there which can approve house loan without any documents or information verification but their interest rates are very high and lots of undisclosed/hidden fees which you should discuss beforehand. However, there are lots of other ways to save big-big money when you purchase a house which I'm not going to disucuss right now, and when you will be able to purchase a house then you may post your question over here.

                        Make sure never apply any credit with your husband otherwise his application for credit would deny based on yr negative information in the credit reporting agencies. And, he doesn't need to apply for a credit card where you guys has bank account because it won't increase his chance to get credit card because credit card is approved by different dept than local bank branch and they don't care how much money someone has in their bank account. He needs to shop around for a credit card which offers lowest interest rate and no annual fee or any other kind of fees rather than just stick to his bank.

                        Your 'default student loan' will not affect in any sense [negatively] to your husband even though you are married, because you were the one who were granted that loan being individual. Even in the future, nothing would affect him negatively or no one can sue him for a debt wherein he is not responsible unless debt was obtained jointly. Make sure never tell Credit Reporting Agencies that your are married [since they don't need to know, if you don't want to tell them], because sometime they joined the credit reports together and a creditor may be able to see both persons' credit reports at the time of making decision even if application is not a joint application.

                        As far as your default student loan goes, then there is no way to get away from this loan even if you file for a bankruptcy [except in certain exceptions]. I do know a person who took out $10,000 as a student loan almost 15 yrs ago and now that person owed $70,000 towards it which includes all kind of interests and penalities. As far as IRS matter goes, then my answer is- Yes, you are allowed to take deduction on the interest or payment made towards student loan, but since you are not making any payment so there is some discrepancy which you need to explore with an accountant, and I really did not understand when you said that your husband can "offset" his part of the refund as a 'injured spouse'. You need to make very clear to me what this injured spouse situation got to do with his refund or any other underlying IRS issue, but you may and should find out your options also thru an accountant since I'm here for immigration matters only. As far as student loan interest deduction is concerned, then generally, interest on student loans is treated as nondeductible personal interest. However, a limited amount of interest may be deductible as an adjustment to gross income [whether or not you itemize your other deduductions]. The dollar limit on deductible student laon interest for 2002 was $1,000[ if I'm not wrong].

                        I'm sorry to know that you are disabled. What's wrong. You should definately check with an accountant to get some more deductions on your joint taxes towards these disability benefits. Take care.


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                          Forgive me for sp***ing out on you with all the questions. I asked you these questions because you seem to be an all knowing "swami". Someone as smart as you must know everything! And by your post, YOU DO! As this is an immi board, I posted within the posting to you, rather than make a new topic. I do feel that being married to an immigrant, this site would have more knowledge about work related immigration issues. As a matter of fact, I posted to a tax site about claiming hubby's foreign children as dependents. No response.

                          I know it takes a long time to establish credit, Having no credit is just as bad as having bad credit.

                          Our five year goal is to save up the house downpayment while establishing a good credit record for him. He has no creditors and an excellent credit line in Paki. It upsets him that the house can't be in my name too. He wants me to have my own house so I will finally feel safe in my life.

                          I think we are nuts to pay $700 a month in rent when we can get a mortgage down South on a small house for around $250.00 a month.

                          The letter I received from IRS was informing both of us (as I filed 2002 joint even tho he had no income) that "our" refund would be sent to SL. However, when we do future filings, hubby as the "injured spouse" (injured by my debt) can use that form and get a refund based on his W-2's, or in a community property state, receive his share of the refund, though my share would go to SL. I think it's pretty cool!

                          My disabilty is complex post traumatic stress disorder.

                          Thanks Sammy, I visualize you levitating off the ground like a genie, with a big swami hat! And for some reason, you are blue! LOL!


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                            You are right that your husband can get a refund back based on his own income as "injured spouse" in a community property state, and your debt will not hurt him anymore. Which State do you live?

                            Once a house is purchased by yr husband, he may try to add yr name as a joint property holder if it is permitted in yr state and he will still be responsible for the morgage alone. He may make a 'Will' also to have the property in your name. I know your position that- why should you pay $750 in rent when you can $250 towards morgage [according to you]. It must also be borne in mind that the interest you will pay on morgage loan and the property tax you will pay would also be deducted in your tax returns once you own a house. In addition, you will be building a'equity' on yr house. So, it's always better to purchase a house than renting if you can.

                            Are you taking any medication for this stress disorder? You need to take things easy.

                            Thanks for your kind words, however I wish I could be like a "genie" because then I can find my true love whom I'm still searching for with very wide eye-opened. Who knows might you be that "genie" if you can hook me up with someone. lol. I'm just kidding.

                            You seem to be a very nice person. I hope you get recover soon, and wish for yr wonderful life ahead since life is already too short to be happy. By the way, how do you know about "swami"? Take care.


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                              Thanks Sammy, I do take meds for anxiety, but I just can't afford them right now. I take the cheapest med I can get, around $20 a month.

                              I was gonna ask my doc for a prescription for depression, but things are looking up. Hubby is supposed to start work Saturday, hope they will wait to see his SS card. I doubt it will be here by Saturday.

                              I remember swami from Bugs Bunny, and I think the genie on BB was blue! Bugs Bunny taught me everything I know!


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