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    proper, are you sarcastic or expressing yourself in the literal meaning of the word?


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      What do YOU think, "What?"?


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        This is the most informative thread I've read so far on this forum.


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            Indeed...I read all the responses on this thread and was amazed by the depth of analysis...excellent! Keep up the good word, guys!


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                Hey "Asylum" -- does your link work or not?


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                  It does work for me..


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                    During Hillary's Senate campaign, the tabloid Globe found a 1987 unauthenticated "kinky 3-way sex video" showing Hillary, Vince Foster and another woman. I hear that Hillary has a longstanding lover who is a dean at an eastern university according to a lesbian network who speak from gay pride. Like Eleanor Roosevelt, the persistence and multiple sources of the lesbian issue makes it a part of the psychohistorical equation.

                    Hillary watchers at the millennium continue the public speculation about her sexuality. Tom Junod says in Esquire that she has a "lewd laugh...a **** mouth" and he asks if the men on the Senate campaign trail want to "do her." He answers "yes" for himself, the mayor of Albany and the retiring New York Senator Daniel Moynihan. Then Hollywood's superstar Julia Roberts was asked by Us Weekly, "If you had to had to have sex with one girl, who would it be with? The reply was, "Hillary Clinton "cause I don't think she's getting her fair share."

                    What can the known science about bisexuality tell us about a sexually ambiguous Hillary? Bisexuality as a potential in normal development was an early Freudian dictum that has been widely accepted. Like a number of Freud's discoveries, it was foreshadowed by other students of human sexuality including Krafft-Ebing and Haverlock Ellis but it remained a static idea until Freud explained the plasticity of infantile psychosexual development. It was Freud's discovery of infantile sexuality during the study of the unconscious which explained how the different sexual identities came about.

                    Gender bending images appear in the Hillary jokes. Why won't Hillary wear miniskirts? She doesn't want us to see her balls.

                    What does Hillary do after she shaves her *****? Sends him to work in the Oval Office to work.

                    Gender words about Hillary call her " ...impersonal..." Her hair is "...helmet-like... clothes define her boundaries..." This stands in contrast to Bill who is described as "...soft....intuitive...warm...caring...worries about his weight...he has fuzzy outlines...frizzy hair..." according to the linguistic analysis of Lakoff. The gender identity words used about Hillary are sterotypically masculine while the language about Bill uses female images.

                    There are few tools to measure gender identity, a perception of feminity or masculinity so a linguistic commentary is helpful. Note the lack of a correlation between biological sexuality and gender identity: there are femme lesbians and femme straights and butch lesbians and butch straights and their combinations and permutations are endless.

                    There are many unanswered questions in the study of sexual behavior, sexual preference and sexual identity so we all wait impatiently for answers. These sexual puzzles are also about nature-nurture and mind-body so we need research in genetics, biology, medicine, psychology and the social sciences.

                    Bisexual behavior is common with 28% of woman (50% for men) having homosexual responses while 13% of woman (37% for men) have homosexual ******s at some time during their life according to Kinsey's work which began in the Forties. These studies of bisexuality have not been repeated although it is likely that these numbers would be greater today. In the Nineties, an encyclopedia of sexuality summarized several studies to conclude that 9% of women (10% for men) are entirely or mainly homosexual although half of these women have some heterosexual activity.

                    The mainstream view is that a person's sexual orientation is predominately homosexual or heterosexual as the result of their genetic potential which is influenced by both the family environment and psychosexual development. This explanation is often correct but it may be incomplete. Dividing people into gay or straight is confusing because some people change their orientation short term or long term or they do not limit themselves to one sex. In fact a recent biography says that Kinsey himself had both heterosexual and homosexual experiences. Bisexuality is absent from the mainstream Western religions of the Jews, Christians and Muslims but it survives in their folk and esoteric roots. In the Pantheon, Zeus and Hera were sometimes bisexual, Dionysus celebrated androgyny and the divine-seer Tiresais lived as both a woman and a man.

                    The milestones of a women's sexuality are menarche, her erotic life, pregnancy, mothering and menopause although for some Jungians defloration is among the markers. Motherhood is a major marker of sexuality for the Freudians who see a baby as fulfilling the woman's Oedipal need for the *****. As noted earlier in Hillary's Oedipus Meets Feminist Theory, the Freudian analyst Shahala Chehrazi reports that the girl's wish for a baby represents her identification with her mother based on psychoanalytic observations of adults and children and recent studies of child development. Female identity is established in infants between two and three years and their occasional ***** envy is a secondary reaction.

                    Marriage, pregnancy and motherhood are the traditional Freudian norms but feminist Hillary speaks for the sisterhood when she elaborates the today's wider options,"...women...who choose not to marry, or who married and choose not to have children, or who married and then divorced, or who had children on their own." Thirty years after the graduation of Hillary's Wellesley class of '69, journalist Miriam Horn found that 5% were traditional homemakers, 88% had married, one in three who married had divorced, one in three of the married women had been unfaithful, 23% were childless and one out of three had inactive or disappointing sex lives.

                    ·Hillary as Mother and Chelsea as Orphan

                    Pregnancy had eluded Hillary until thirty two when Chelsea was born by Caesarean section five years after her marriage. She explained, "Bill and I had wanted to start a family immediately after we married in 1975, but we were not having much luck. In 1979, we scheduled an appointment at a fertility clinic right after a long-awaited vacation. Lo and behold, I got pregnant during that vacation...we might have had more children if we had taken more vacations..." Like Hillary, many of her Wellesley classmates had also deferred childbearing and a fifth of them had also struggled with infertility. According to biographer Sheehy, Hillary has endometriosis, a uterine disorder which predisposes to infertility.

                    Hillary describes ordinary difficulties in nursing Chelsea, "There I was, lying in my hospital bed, trying desperately to figure out how to breast-feed...It seemed to me I ought to be able to figure this out. As I looked on in horror, Chelsea started to foam at the nose...a nurse appeared...(and) said, 'It would help if you held her head this.' "

                    Sometimes advice comes more easily in the Village from a tribal sister then from Mother Dorothy or Mother Virginia. Let's be clear about the ratopma;e and scope of this look at Hillary through the psychoanalytic keyhole. This glimpse into the unconscious mind of Author Hillary is a link to the broader vista of Hillary's oral pessimism during her own infancy as well as its resurgence during Chelsea's infancy.

                    Even more problematic to Mother Hillary was Mother Virginia of Arkansas. This was the Virginia who had tried to run Hillary off years earlier but now she had given birth to Virginia's only grandchild. (See Bill's Good and Bad Women) After the delivery Bill and Hillary felt safer with Virginia at arms length waiting for admission to her room from 11:34 P.M. to 1:30 A.M. ostensively because Bill was bonding with Chelsea.

                    Another cloud over Hillary's Village was Virginia's experience a generation earlier when she left Baby Bill to go away to school for two years and then after she returned and married she faced an attempt by her own mother to take the custody of her baby. (See Bill as Oedipus) Hillary is not Molly Bloom from Joyce's Ulysses who speaks in the language of free association so we need an oblique view to limn Mother Hillary's unconscious mind.

                    We hear from a 49 year-old Hillary about her frustration at not becoming pregnant again as she talks about adopting a child in 1996. We know Hillary was pregnant once but maybe there were the frustrations of an unrecorded miscarriage or two. Her reported endometriosis may have had an effect on her fertility and there is also a possible influence from stress. Stories and legends give emotion a role in fertility but there are no psychobiological studies of its place in fertility.

                    Both parents were involved in Chelsea's life. At times it was more one then the other, so when Bill said he might be unable to go to Disney World if he ran for president, seven year old Chelsea said, "Well, then Mom and I will go without you." Nine year old Chelsea who witnessed some of the noisy arguments between her parents asked, "Mommy, why doesn't Daddy love you anymore?" When the school nurse asked Chelsea who to call for permission to give her an aspirin, she replied, "Call my dad - my mom's too busy."

                    Bill is credited for carrying photos of Chelsea in his wallet and for being tearful at her high school graduation. But Hillary who cried on Chelsea's first day of school in each grade was told by nine year old Chelsea not to take her to school on the first day.

                    When Chelsea was seven, Mother Dorothy moved to a condo in Little Rock with Hillary's younger brothers and Daddy Hugh who was now post-stroke and retired. Dorothy would take care of Chelsea while Bill and Hillary traveled as they planned the run for president in 1988. Then a tearful Bill withdrew as a presidential candidate saying he wanted to spend more time with Chelsea and Hillary cried too. They both responded to political godmother Betsey Wright whose investigation produced a list of women including Gennifer Flowers who could talk about an affair with Bill if he ran for president. This was also the time of another crisis, Bill's "serious" love affair with Marilyn Jenkins according to both biographers Milton and Sheehy. The Clintons were close to divorce but they stayed together and had marital counseling in 1989.

                    A mommy grade for Hillary is problematic but it is implicit in her many biographies. Nearly all of the biographers see Hillary as a concerned mother so they give her an A - to a B + including the Clinton-averse Brock. But Chris Andersen gives her only a C+ to B - calling her overprotective while she receives a C- from Joyce Milton and a D from Barbara Olson both of whom say that she didn't spend enough time with Chelsea.

                    The most striking attitude of Mother Hillary was her secrecy about Chelsea which she believed to be necessary for a normal childhood in the White House. It was the subject of well publicized meetings between Hillary and Jackie Kennedy about raising children in the White House. Bill agreed and no reports, interviews or gossip about Chelsea were allowed, just photos holding hands with her parents. The pictures of Chelsea as a physical link between an impeached Bill and an aggrieved Hillary were particularly noteworthy.

                    Sometimes it seems as though Hillary's role with Chelsea is a clichŽd script without depth or variability; there are few surprises and even they are shallow and lack resonance. Like age thirteen when Hillary didn't allow Chelsea to have her ears pierced. Chelsea's personality is largely unknown and America didn't hear her voice until she spoke on television in Tanzania. A student journalist was dismissed for writing a story about her at Stanford soon after she entered at seventeen.

                    I have no quarrel with privacy for a presidential child but this is a parenting style that invites psychological study. The focus of this decision is Hillary's paranoid defense that projects her anger and fears onto others who are then seen as being dangerous. Secrecy is the observable face of Hillary's paranoid defenses. Paranoids sometimes have real enemies and Chelsea has received death threats. (See Hillary' Ego Defenses)

                    Three psychoanalytic terms need to be explained here as we try to clarify the Chelsea-Hillary relationship.

                    Displacement is when an emotion is severed from its original connection with a person or event and is attached to a substitute person or object. It is an ego mechanism of defense which isn't frequent enough to make Hillary's main list of defenses.

                    Screen memories are the conscious manifestations of infantile amnesia which reemerge as adult fantasies in place of the original repressed memories or events of childhood.

                    Scoptophilia named by Freud is the sexualization of looking and being looked at, which are the usual courtship preliminaries to love and sexuality. It may become an end in itself and so interfere with a fulfillment of love as in pathological shyness, an example of a reaction to scoptophilia that is sometimes seen in women . Men's scoptophilia is exemplified by a voyeur peeking at women undressing or an exhibitionist who shows his ***** to women in public . Exhibitionism in women involves the display of the whole body for erotic and narcissistic satisfaction.

                    Hillary's need to keep Chelsea's life private is a displacement from Hillary's own secrecy about herself. But that's not the whole story about the blackout of news and photos of Chelsea. Let's look beneath the surface.

                    Hillary's secrecy is a kind of screen memory for her own childhood amnesia about looking at forbidden sexual desiderata and seeing or imagining the primal scene, that is parental sex. This is no longer conscious in the adult Hillary who like other adults has amnesia for her childhood sexuality. Some of her emotions about this unconscious imagery are displaced to Chelsea who like all of Freud's children is charged with forbidden sexual energy.

                    Let's look at a Chelsea with her own Oedipus complex which is hidden from both her and from Mother Hillary by the forces of repression. "She's a Daddy's girl," it was said about little Chelsea. Meanwhile, Chelsea's own conscious sexual flirtations, secrets and her real and imaginary boyfriends express her scoptophilia as she is watching and being watched.

                    A graphic description of a young woman's scoptophilia appears in James Joyce's scene in a Dublin park in Ulysses, "Gerty smiled assent and bit her lip. A delicate pink into her pretty cheek but she was determined to let them see so she just lifted her skirt a little but just enough and took good aim and gave the ball a jolly good kick and it went ever so was nothing else to draw attention on of account of the gentlemen opposite looking. She felt the warm flush, a danger signal always with Gerty MacDowell, surging and flaming into her cheeks. Till then they had only exchanged glances of the most casual but now under the brim of her new hat she ventured a look at him and the face that met her gaze there in the twilight, wan and strangely drawn, seemed to be the saddest she had ever seen."

                    Hillary's scoptophilic tendencies are provoked by her screen memories of a forbidden sexual father or his surrogates, a teacher like Elisabeth or a Don Jones, her youth minister. Hillary's desire to both revive and overcome this attraction is accompanied by the even more powerful need to avoid it by not looking at it. Hillary's conflict about looking and not looking at secrets is the expression of an emotional conflict in her unconscious in which denial is a prominent defense.

                    There are more floats in this parade. To look at = to devour according to a psychoanalytic equation. We often hear, "He devoured her with his eyes." This is derived from the symbolic connections between the eye and the oral aggressive stage. The eye according to Freud is also a phallic symbol because of its identification with the ***** in the primal scene. The eye has a bisexual character too as it is also identified with the vagina.

                    Pagan and biblical folklore speak of a powerful Evil Eye which can cause infertility or maim while many wear charms which may protect against this. The eye's oral aggressiveness is expressed by The Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood who says he has such big eyes, the better to see her and then he says that his mouth is so big, the better to eat her. The dangers of scoptophilia and the Evil Eye are elaborated in the hate-Clinton mythology of former FBI agent Gary Aldrich who says in Unlimited Access, "When 'Queen Hillary' walks down the hall you're not supposed to look at her...She doesn't want the staff 'seeing' her." A legendary response to the scoptophilic experience is being turned to stone like Lot's wife who violated God's injunction not to look back as she fled Sodom with her husband.

                    The secrecy about Chelsea hides her real behavior and her character while a curious public sees only the photos of a homely, awkward and dowdy teen in the White House. Hillary's preoccupation with her own privacy is a partial explanation for the secrecy about Chelsea while Hillary's and later Chelsea's scoptophilia also play a role.

                    A reality check sometimes helps so I went to Stanford where the undergraduate women appeared sleek, chic and groomed. The ugly duckling image from Chelsea's photos was largely absent among the students I saw on my walkabout.

                    Camille Paglia tells us that Chelsea looks like " orphan...abandoned...a castaway on a desert island...a hostage..." She compares Chelsea to Hillary at the 1996 convention who was "...all turned out and stylish (while) Chelsea seemed to be deliberately trying to upstage her mother by looking like a spinster in mourning."

                    This is not to suggest that Chelsea isn't intelligent, friendly, an outstanding student with an interest in science and math, cheerful, mature, a dutiful daughter and a good girlfriend for college swimmer Matt Pierce whom she dated. She is better groomed by her junior year at Stanford, almost a makeover.

                    Chelsea did enter the news during the impeachment after Bill's apology when she broke up with her boyfriend and went to the emergency room with "stomach pain" caused by stress. This was in the tabloid press and eventually it was carried by the mainstream media, perhaps because Chelsea was now nineteen. Soon Chelsea was off on world visits with Hillary and then she went with Bill to the Balkans. These were better gigs then trying to bridge the Clinton family gap on Martha's Vineyard but one wondered what was really on Chelsea's mind.

                    In the summer of 2000, Chelsea campaigned with Hillary and went to Japan with Bill who was attending the Group of Eight meeting. She announced that she would take the fall semester off so she could campaign in New York with Mother Hillary and be at the White House with Daddy Bill during his last months. She has enough credits so she can graduate with her class in 2001. but the Globe, a tabloid says that Chelsea misses her life in California and Jake Gyllenhaal, a new love interest. Meanwhile, the Star says she is in the East because she's uncomfortable on campus where she is called a lesbian like her mother since she spends her time with girlfriends. The Star says she believes her mother would be better off divorced and she "went ballistic" at her Dad about a woman who flashed her breasts when Bill signed her T shirt on a Lake Placid street after his 54th birthday celebration.

                    Like Princess Di and Jackie O, Chelsea's privacy is violated. The media messages about her are demeaning and contradictory but there is a personal psychological meaning about Chelsea here too.

                    The conflicting words of the tabloids hint at Only Child Chelsea's attempt to manipulate her parents. Chelsea is saying, "Dad, be good and don't hit on bimbos or even think about them if you want me to be your geisha on the presidential legacy trail and in the White House." Chelsea who's been to Japan knows a geisha is a costumed entertainer/conversationalist/wife- substitute for the CEO who needs a night away from the cares of home. The message to Hillary is, "Mom, Dad isn't worth the pain. I'll campaign with you in New York and protect you from the lesbians. Get a divorce after the Senate race and we'll be together or else I just could go back to Dad." Then a younger Chelsea's speaks in a teen age voice to both parents, "It's your fault I don't have a boyfriend, you're both too gross. Maybe I'll just be a lesbian." The brass ring for Chelsea is control, an intergenerational family value for Parents Hillary and Bill and the Grandparents, Dorothy and Hugh Rodham and Virginia Kelly and Bill Blythe as well as Virginia's other spouses including Roger Clinton.

                    Chelsea is an adult and an informed judgment cannot be made until she talks to the interviewers or appears in her own book and then she will be ready for her own psychohistory.

                    ·Hillary and Money

                    Hillary's Adult Oedipal theater in Little Rock was 14 years of the new Queen, the law partner and First Lady of Arkansas, earning the family income while King Bill governed and philandered. Bill was able to run for Attorney General in 1976 because they had Hillary's $18,000 law school salary to support them. They moved to Little Rock in 1977 from Fayetteville where they were law professors after Bill was elected Attorney General, a post that only paid $6000 a year. Later the state salaries were raised and the Attorney General's salary was $22,500. In Little Rock Hillary chose the Rose Law Firm, a conservative partnership primarily serving corporate clients. The less lucrative options of family law, consumer representation and criminal practice were rejected.

                    Governor Bill's salary remained $35,000 while Hillary's income from law rose from $46,000 to $98,000 during the 1980's while their additional income was over $100,000 a year according to Roger Morris. This was primarily from Hillary's investments like commodity trading and her annual compensation for serving on corporate boards from $15,000 for Walmart to the Lafarge Corporation at $31,000.

                    Hillary's investment profits began in 1978 with $98,540 from trading cattle futures, a 10,000 per cent profit in nine months on her original thousand dollars. It's startling to learn that such a profit from this complicated series of trades without insider assistance was a one in two hundred and fifty million probability according to the economists who analyzed her account. She closed this account when she was pregnant with Chelsea but a year later in a new commodity account Hillary almost doubled a $5,000 investment. A $2014 investment in a cell-phone franchise in 1983 paid Hillary $45,998 when it was sold in 1988 according to Roger Morris. By 1992 the Clinton's net worth was $931,000 in cash and bonds according to Chris Andersen.

                    She was motivated for investment as a child by Daddy Hugh with whom she played investment games after he taught her to read the stock market tables in the newspaper. Hillary's investments and her commodity trades were her own initiative although her contacts with brokers and land developers were through Governor Bill. The broker who handled Hillary's commodity account was a former Tyson executive whom she met through a Tyson attorney. Tyson, an Arkansas institution and major polluter has been described as the largest family owned chicken farm in the world. Meanwhile Hillary railed against "the unacceptable acquiescence in greed that occurred during the 1980's," according to Bob Woodward in The Agenda. To dismiss this as insincere or contradictory is to ignore the anal compulsive Hillary who uses the defenses of isolation and intellectualization.

                    Bill showed less interest in investing leaving this to Hillary. He accepted her decisions about real estate developments like Whitewater which lost money and by 1994 was the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Special Counsel. The contrast was between an organized Hillary and Bill who "...couldn't keep a checkbook...never paid his ...electric bill or his phone bill," according to Mary Fray , a manager in his 1974 congressional race. Day to day, Bill was generally indifferent to money so that sometimes he didn't carry any and an aide or a state trooper paid for soft drinks and incidentals as he traveled about the state. His friends say that Bill's style rarely included picking up a check in a restaurant or bar. An exception to Bill's disinterest in money was a profitable investment Bill made in 1977 when he was Attorney General with real estate developer Jim McDougal according to Brock who calls it a preview to Whitewater.

                    Bill and Hillary were both power and policy people but Bill wanted to be liked so he charmed and governed while Hillary practiced law and served on nonprofit and corporate committees and boards. Hillary was like Daddy Hugh who managed the family's financial affairs while Bill looked to Hillary to arrange money matters as his mother Virginia had done. Virginia had taken this over as soon as she discovered that husband Roger was unreliable as a drinker and gambler. Virginia, the nurse-anesthetist and Hillary, the attorney and were the strong earners and money managers while stepfather Roger who worked at his brother's Buick dealership and Bill, the governor were weaker.

                    Hillary's creation of most of the family's income and savings is an aspect of the anal compulsive Hillary which results in her obsessive compulsive personality. She doesn't have an obsessive hand washing compulsion but she pursues her goals in a repetitive and tenacious way. But isn't this true of all parents about their children, attorneys about their cases and candidates about elections? Of course it is but compare Hillary's style to Bill's more relaxed way about Chelsea, his legal cases as Attorney General and even his elections. Hillary is a bulldog while Bill is an actor. Diversity encourages both life styles but these are observations not a beauty contest. We'll return to Freud for an explanation.

                    Freud's 1908 essay, "Character and Anal Eroticism" talks about orderly, obstinate and parsimonious traits which define the anal or compulsive character. We are told that obstinacy and parsimony are the most important in this definition but Hillary shares all three.

                    Orderliness and its cognates, cleanliness, reliability, conscientiousness and perfectionism develop in the child as a response to the soiling experience during toilet training. Cleanliness can be understood as a sublimation, an acceptable expression of "forgotten" or repressed infantile behavior.

                    Hillary's orderliness, reliability, perfectionism and conscientiousness are over determined. Her cleanliness expresses itself as the makeovers, makeup and hair styling as First lady in Arkansas after Bill's first term then in Washington. This was a reaction formation to the many years that her hair was greasy, stringy and lacked any style according to observers like Bill's mother Virginia, Bill's lover Dolly Browning and Arkansas political campaigner Mary Fray.

                    Hillary's aversion to makeup during her teens, twenties and thirties also was a reaction formation noticed by both Hillary's mother and later by Bill's mother. At the Rose Law Firm, Hillary's reaction formation was observed by the secretaries who noticed that she didn't pluck her eyebrows and sometimes she wore jeans or orange slacks in the office.

                    Hillary as Furry Freak vanished with the Makeover after Bill's loss of the governorship in 1980 so with the next gubernatorial campaign which began almost immediately, Hillary became a butterfly instead of caterpillar. The Makeover included becoming Mrs. Clinton instead of Hillary Rodham and the '82 election campaign included baby Chelsea who was born February 27, 1980. Hillary used makeup and lost weight "... wore her hair straight, lightened it, held it in place with a headband and began wearing contact lenses and knit power-suits...(and) adopted a phony southern accent..." according to Brock. After Bill was reelected Governor in 1982, it wasn't long before she began campaigning in her new persona for Arkansas education reform by conducting hearings in every county.

                    While Bill was out of office he was depressed; they lived in a modest house; Bill had a law office sinecure and Maraniss says he talked of divorce. Hillary was able to organize his return to the governorship and so save the family. She was at the crossroads and had returned to active church going. Betsey Wright and Dick Morris were brought to Little Rock by Hillary to prepare for the next election. And she consulted a private detective about Bill's extramarital affairs that included a Rose Law Firm secretary, the firm where she had just made partner in 1979.

                    These are the conscious events and the motives for the Makeover. What were the unconscious consequences of the Makeover? Chelsea came to embody Hillary as the slob who affronted both Daddy Hugh's establishment and Mother Dorothy's passive resistance. It's a frequent psychological observation that behavior from a parent's childhood like bedwetting reemerges in a child. To Freudians this is the return of the repressed because behavior committed to the adult's unconscious reemerges in the child while Nonfreudian psychologists see this as a kind of social heredity. Chelsea as the ugly duckling was Hillary redux.

                    Does anyone doubt that anyone's choices and reactions about style, hair, persona and makeovers are both communal and personal as well as conscious and unconscious?

                    Reaction formation is one of Hillary's defense mechanisms mentioned earlier which involves the turning of an unacceptable infantile impulse into an acceptable substitute . This reduces anxiety and keeps ego, id, superego and reality in balance. The infantile anal erotic wish, "I want to be dirty" becomes , "I want to be super clean. " But Hillary's orderliness is balanced by a breakthrough of the opposite impulses so we have the counterculture with its utopian political goals and its unkempt hair and torn jeans. The cultural and the individual are woof and warp.

                    Obstinacy and parsimony like cleanliness are also linked with the sublimation of the infant's interest in her feces. Obstinacy is often visible as irascibility, rigidity, vindictiveness or even defiance. Parsimony covers behavior which ranges from avarice and acquisitiveness to frugality and stinginess. Daddy Hugh was described as irascible and stingy. The connection between parsimony and excrement led Freud to the link in the popular culture between money and feces. The folkloric example offered by Freud was a Viennese Christmas tree ornament of a man excreting a gold coin from his anus, the Dukatenschiesser. In America, payday in the Army is "the day the eagle shits."

                    Hillary's obstinacy showed in her management of Bill's campaign for Congress. Maraniss mentions a worker who says Hillary's influence on the campaign staff was negative, "Our organization went to shit. We lost the spirit over her." Paul Fray was a campaign manager who had $15,000 in cash to give to poll workers at the last minute in the marginal districts was forbidden to do so by Hillary. This was "dirty money " from the dairy industry to buy absentee ballots and Hillary was speaking from the moral high ground. (Italics are mine.) Bill's loss in this normally Republican district was by a narrow margin.

                    The obstinate Hillary in 1993 is described by Bruck who quotes a health industry executive saying , "She was so thin-skinned...that if you criticize one page of a thirteen-hundred-and sixty-four page bill (her health plan) you're the enemy." A Hillary booster, Montana Senator Max Baucus said that Hillary's speeches in his state were unusually "...partisan...negative and...quick to judge." It was the obstinate Hillary who denounced Democratic Senator Cooper's health plan rather then seek an alliance with a proposal that Cooper himself called Clinton Lite. Bruck says that it's hard for Bill to live with Hillary's "absolutism," a word from Connie Bruck's interview with Bill that could be either Bill's or the interviewer's language. An earlier judgment that Hillary should "just chill out" by a high school classmate was noted by Milton.

                    The third trait of her anal eroticism is Hillary's parsimony which appears as acquisitiveness. The Starr inquiry which spent over fifty million dollars from 1994 to 2000 was focused on Hillary and money until Monica appeared in 1998. This investigation of the Clinton's real estate investment was named Whitewater after a land development on Arkansas' White River but also included Hillary's billing records at the Rose Firm and her roles in the Castle Grande real estate development and the failed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. Travelgate which was also investigated by the Independent Counsel was mainly about Hillary's role in the firing of the White House travel office because of accusations of financial irregularities after which a new travel agency from Arkansas was installed.

                    The Whitewater books by James Stewart, Blood Sport and David Brock, The Seduction of Hillary Rodham accuse Hillary of wrongdoing although Brock offers the excuse that she married into the "Ozark mob." Gene Lyons who exonerates her in Fools for Scandal How the Media Invented Whitewater was joined by journalist Lars-Erik Nelson in "Whatever Happened to Whitewater?" The Starr investigation convicted a former Arkansas Governor, Jim Guy Tucker, real estate developers Jim and Susan McDougal, Rose Law partner and Deputy Attorney General Webster Hubbell and others before diverging into Bill's Monica Lewinsky affair. A Starr prosecutor said in court testimony that an indictment of Hillary had been prepared but was shelved.

                    The later sections on Bill's Ego Defenses and Bill's Oral and Anal Development will explain how Bill's anal phase led to his ambivalence while Hillary's anal stage led to orderliness, compulsivity and parsimony. How is this possible? The difference isn't absolute because Hillary is also ambivalent and Bill is compulsive and orderly. President Bill sometimes wears three freshly pressed suits a day and he had a newsworthy $200 haircut on the tarmac at LAX. In any case, these wildly speculative comparisons of Hillary's and Bill's anal stages lack data about the differences in their toilet training and their underlying constitutions.

                    The qualities of Hillary's anal stage which are discussed in Hillary's Oral and Anal Development are based on her more-or-less free associations in the Village book. This analysis by proxy determines that she has an anal character while her observable behavior which is orderly, conscientious, obstinate, acquisitive and controlling confirms this conclusion.

                    The anal stage of psychosexual development with its anal sadistic personality derivatives was the unconscious crucible of Hillary's sadomasochism. This sadomasochism is a prominent feature of Hillary's life today. Sadomasochistic behavior characterizes Bill too and also their marriage.( See Bill's Oral and Anal Development and Hillary and Bill in Marriage)

                    We can't leave the subject of Hillary and money without concluding that just as sex is Bill's Achilles' heel so money is Hillary's. The legend is that Achilles' nurse dipped him in the water of the river Styx making him invulnerable everywhere except in the part of the heel by which she held him.

                    ·Jewish Hillary

                    A Jewish issue for Hillary arose during her Senate race when she was under political attack because of a kiss and hug she had given Suhu, Yasir Arafat's wife during a visit to the West Bank. Then there was the allegation of an anti-Semitic slur by Hillary twenty six years before the Senate campaign. Hillary biographer Oppenheimer said Hillary called Paul Fray "a ****ing Jew *******" during Bill's unsuccessful campaign for Congress in 1974. Paul who was the campaign's manager was described as a "a foul-mouthed... Southern Baptist" by Mary, his wife. He is said to have either a Jewish father, a Jewish grandparent or a Jewish great grandparent. As the votes were being tallied on election day evening, Bill was behind and there was a private meeting that erupted into a violent argument between Paul and Mary Fray on one side and Bill and Hillary on the other. Bill said little as they argued about Hillary's unwillingness to let Paul spend $15,000, dirty money from the dairy industry to buy absentee ballots as the votes were being counted in Fort Smith, a crucial city in a very close race. Hillary opposed this on moral grounds although the Republicans were said to be stealing votes this way, an Arkansas electoral tradition.

                    It was a meeting charged with recriminations, the Frays saying that Mary would have had more time for the campaign if she wasn't obliged to be the nanny for Bill's girlfriends. Hillary attacked Paul and Mary for setting Bill up with women and the quarrel resulted in objects being thrown and a broken window according to the account by Sheehy.

                    During the fracas Paul Fray "accused" Hillary of being Jewish saying that, "...when Jewish people get together and things don't go right, they get hot and go at each other's throats." So Hillary, the newby, a Northerner and an assertive woman from a big city was attacked by Paul , the Arkansas good ol' boy as "Jewish" which she's not. This was when Paul heard Hillary call him "a ****ing Jew *******."

                    Hillary was Daddy Hugh's Fifties American Princess in her suburban Chicagoland home but during the New York Senate campaign, she gets a casting call as a Jewish American Princess with a story in the Forward. a national Jewish newspaper. It discovered that Hillary's maternal grandmother, Della Howell married Max Rosenberg, a Russian Jewish immigrant in Chicago in 1936 after Della's eight year marriage to Hillary's maternal grandfather, Edwin Howell had ended in divorce. Court records show that Della bit and scratched Edwin when he wouldn't take her out because he was too tired and anyway he couldn't afford it. This story of domestic violence was confirmed by Della's sister. After the divorce, Edwin was given custody of eight year old Dorothy, Hillary's mother who was sent with her three year old sister, Isabelle to live in Southern California with their paternal grandparents.

                    Della attempted unsuccessfully to regain custody later when she was married to Max who was a successful business man. Biographer Oppenheimer learned that Dorothy was told by her mother that Max would send her to college when she returned at eighteen from California to Chicago but he wouldn't and it was then that Dorothy developed a life-long dislike for Max so she would say things like, "Oh, all those Jews are so cheap...that Jew has to watch every dime..." in family conversations. She echoed her mother Della's language who was heard to say to Max, "you cheap Jew *******" during their marital battles. Despite Dorothy's anti-Semitic sentiments, Max and Della spent time with Hillary in her home. They took her and her brothers on excursions in Chicago and Hillary had a warm relationship with both Della and Max. It seems probable to Hillary's first cousin, Oscar Dowdy Jr. that Hillary's alleged anti-Semitic slur stemmed from her mother Dorothy's views. However, Hillary's Daddy Hugh liked Max who gave Hugh and Dorothy their first apartment in the midst of the post-war housing shortage in a building owned by Max, rent-free. Later Max helped Hugh start his drapery business. (See Hillary's Burden for more about Hillary's mother.)

                    Hillary's frequent use of profanity, that is dirty language as a medium of expression is consistent with the counterculture and feminism. Her proximity to dirty Arkansas politics is her choice of a environment that led to the Clintons' political power. Although her rejection of vote buying is clean and not dirty, it's in the same sandbox. Clean and dirty words about politics, money for campaigns or descriptions of Jews are all energized from the psychology of anal development. Freud explains, "... exactly the impression of a reaction-formation against an interest in things which are unclean...and ought not be on the body."

                    Racial slurs as dirty or foul language point to anal psychological developmental issues for the listeners as well as the speakers including Hillary. "Don't shit where you eat" is a folk aphorism which expresses the irony of biographer's Sheehy's observation that if Hillary and Bill and the Frays had eaten a meal together after the confrontation about the lost congressional election, they would have parted as friends and forgotten the slurs they exchanged. Hillary's Oral and Anal Development and Hillary and Money deal with some of these issues.

                    · Hillary's Superego

                    Hillary's conscience or superego has already been discussed in several sections of this essay. Its manifestations are never far from visibility as we look at Hillary's role as a mother, a feminist, the First Lady in Arkansas and Washington and as a political leader. Her superego developed in her unconscious while she was a toddler from her Oedipus complex and castration fears in the Freudian model. According to the newer feminist psychology, it follows her identification with Mother Dorothy and a balance with Daddy Hugh. Along either route there are questions about the course of her superego development and its content.

                    The superego as well as the ego and the id are metaphors so our psychological structure is like the shadows that dance on the wall of a Platonic cave where we are confined. Plato tells us in The Republic that the world is like

                    We know Hillary is conscientious and contentious as she sublimates her impulses of hate into works of social welfare that help woman, children and the poor. She likes to control and to make money for her family. She worries and is sensitive to criticism. She loves Bill and Chelsea and protects them. She is a forthright and brusque planner, a pragmatic strategist who doesn't waste her time or resources. Her love extends to her staff who receive her support and the celebration of their birthdays but who are afraid to criticize her. The confusion in this description between what is form and what is content in Hillary's superego is self-evident. Sorting the vignettes of her behavior into categories isn't really going to help us visualize her superego. After all we really don't have a map of the superegos of other well known personalities like Bill Gates, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Oprah and Newt Gingrich although we feel we more or less know them.

                    Let's turn to the Talk interview which encouraged Hillary to fantasize about her life and her marriage. Her freest associations are when she's asked whether her marriage is an arrangement and if she chose Bill for her own benefit. Let's look carefully at her answer which is said to be delivered as a "scoff." "Yeah, right! Like I picked him - this big gangly guy with goldish hair looking like he just came off the boat, like some Viking."

                    Vikings were pirates who invaded Europe from northern bases attacking cities as far inland as Paris before the first millennium. They didn't usually settle the territories they conquered although they stayed a couple of years in North America at Vineland and are said to have founded Russia and Normandy. Hillary tells us she studied the Icelandic Sagas where she found Gudridur, a heroine who sailed for Vineland about 1000 A. D. where she gave birth the North America's first European child.

                    It sounds as though the Viking is Hillary who explored the new world of being co-president, won political office while First Lady, attacked President Bill with flying missiles some of which hit the target, sacked the White House travel office, failed in her attempt to found a new national health care system but did pass a major education bill in Arkansas. A confirmation of the identity shift from Bill as Viking to Hillary as the Viking is her reference to Bill as having goldish hair. The biographers tell us that as children and for some years afterward, Bill was a brunette and Hillary was a blonde. Now Bill's hair is gray and Hillary remains a blonde. "Just came off the boat..." suggests Hillary whose grandparents were immigrants from the British Isles and Canada while Bill was from an family that had lived in Arkansas for four generations after moving west from Alabama.

                    It was Hillary as Viking who chose Bill according to the legend which begins with her opening line in the Yale law library, "Look, if you're going to keep staring at me and I'm going to keep staring back, we might as well introduce ourselves." Hillary's reference to Norse mythology introduces the Viking sagas as metaphors: Bill as Odin, the All-father, a powerful but flawed god of battle who broke his promises or as Thor, the thunder god with a prodigious appetite. And Hillary, as a Valkyrie maiden who decides which of the heros will enter Valhalla where the white armed Valkyries will serve them. Do the Valkyries, charming in Valhalla but sinister spirits of slaughter on the battlefield include Gennifer, Dolly, Monica and the others too?

                    Hillary's Talk interview becomes even more self-referential as she explains Bill by saying , "There was a terrible conflict between his mother and grandmother...for a boy being in the middle of a conflict between two women is the worst possible situation. There is always a desire to please each one." She says a psychologist told her this but isn't Hillary's inner psychologist also talking about a girl in the middle of a conflict between Sadistic Daddy Hugh and Masochistic Mother Dorothy? Hillary attempted to please both Powerful Hugh with his goal of perfection and Victim Dorothy who tidied up defensively for the family. There were other hard choices and terrible conflicts for Hillary: a post law school career in Washington versus love in Arkansas, maybe heterosexual love versus homosexual love and maybe even Bill versus Vince.

                    ·Hillary and Narcissism

                    Narcissism is Freud's allusion to Narcissus from classical mythology, a beautiful youth who fell in love with his reflection in a pool and drowned as he sought to embrace the beloved image. Narcissism was used by Freud to describe the infant's primary union with the mother that evolves during maturation and frustration. Freud's discovered narcissism after his earlier description of the epoch of the sexual and aggressive instincts during Oedipal development. Then narcissism became a second track for the growth of personality. This parallel channel of development led to contentious debates among the Freudians but after a while narcissism was recognized as an important ingredient in the formation of character. By the 1930's narcissism as a disorder of character seemed to be more frequent among patients in analysis, the neurotics, the phobics, the obsessives and the hysterics. These narcissistic patients were more difficult to treat were later called borderlines.

                    Narcissism is a disorder with strong feelings of grandiosity and entitlement, demands for constant attention, self-centeredness and a lack of empathy for others, difficulties in love relationships and a diffusion of identity. Anger, depression and suicidal impulses accompany the frustrated narcissist. A lack of a central identity damages the fulfillment of both love and work, the two major life tasks according to Freud.

                    A narcissistic character is the result of a narcissistic wound that is caused by the mother's or caretaker's inability to meet the infant's needs as well as other early traumatic events such as the loss of a parent or a catastrophic illness. Some of these wounds heal and some do not. Narcissism is not learned but it often develops in a family environment where there are other narcissists like Daddy Hugh. He is described by Donald Rodham, his first cousin in an interview for Oppenheimer's book, "Hugh was a blowhard...'the Big I Am-I Am Hugh Rodham. I Am Important. I have a company and I could care less about anybody else."

                    ·Hillary's Escape From Chicagoland

                    Hillary needed to escape from Chicagoland and so she went off to Wellesley at eighteen and never lived there again eventually moving her parents and brothers to Arkansas away from Chicagoland. Of course, Chicagoland is the mythical territory of Chicago Tribune publisher Colonel Robert McCormick. It comprised the states of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin but it was often extended to a Middlewest stretching from Ohio to the Rocky Mountains. The decadent Eastern seaboard was specifically excluded.

                    The center of this Middlewest Nation is Saul Bellows' "... showpiece... of the lakeside, the seething ...immigrant slums...square miles of ruin...wounds...corruption...violence...creative energy...a world city." Sherwood Anderson calls it, "Chicago triumphant; factories and marts and the roar of machines...horrible, terrible, ugly and brutal." This is Carl Sandberg's Hog Butcher for the World, Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads which attracted settlers from all over the world. Like the others, Dorothy and Hugh from the English immigration soon became aware of the industrial slag heap onto which the workers are periodically discarded by the chances of the economic cycle.

                    The greensward of Park Ridge could not tranquilize Hillary's restless mind. It was the smoke and odors of the dark factories and bloody stockyards, the dreaded Chicagoland from which teenage Hillary planned her escape. It was also the suburban prison of wide lawns and narrow minds in the words of Ernest Hemingway who fled from Oak Park, another Chicago suburb.

                    Hillary needed to elude her fate as " all-American, rugged midwesterner with childbearing hips, stocky legs...a strong back and a utilitarian body inherited from the Middle American gene pool that is designed to deliver a baby one day and carry sacks of corn and grain...the next," according to biographer Elizabeth Wurtzel. Dread of the Middlewest is a strange idea to me as a native of Chicago where I lived on the edge of Lincoln Park not far from where Hillary was born. Bellow affirms my olfactory memory when he says, "The stockyards are gone...but the old smells revive in the night heat...the old stink still haunts the place." I fled the Middlewest too, first to New York for a year, then to the South for two, summers on Cape Cod and finally to California in my fifties. Hillary's first escape was to New England, then Arkansas and the District of Columbia and to New York in 1999. Much of this aversion to Chicago is covert, partly unconscious although the emotions emerge. "Hillary hates cold weather" one columnist says.

                    ·Hillary's Psychopolitical Choices

                    Are there public policy consequences for Hillary's unique mental life? How do Hillary's creative tensions mirror her politics in the culture of the nineties? This dialogue was opened by David Brock in The Seduction of Hillary Rodham where he says she was the naive victim of Bill's "Ozark mob" referring to her involvement in seamy Arkansas politics, Whitewater and commodities trading. Brock is not a neutral observer but a self-described "right-wing hit man" who authored The Real Anita Hill, an anti-feminist book about the woman who received an American Bar Association award from Hillary in 1992.

                    Hillary's governmental policy commitments follow her early social activism: children's needs, education, health and the social safety net for the poor. Her life long campaign is directed from the war room of her mind where the large banner reads, "It's children's rights, stupid" although education, health and the social safety net each have subsidiary logos. The choice of children as her fulcrum to move the world is a solution which springs from Hillary's own childhood of powerlessness. Children's rights are Child Hillary's reaction to Hugh's sadism and Dorothy's masochism. Daddy's girl felt abused by Hugh and couldn't depend on Mother Dorothy although her identity comes from both. The family Oedipal drama in Hillary's unconscious mind is a story which begins before the Oedipus phase and continues after it into what Freudians call latency, the years from six to eleven or twelve when puberty and adolescence begins.

                    Hillary, the child advocacy attorney says it all, "The first thing to be done is to reverse the presumption of incompetency and instead assume all individuals are competent until proven otherwise...I have seen a lot of situations in which families have abdicated their responsibilities to their children...some parents do not deserve continued authority over their children...anyone who has dealt with abuse've got to make a very tough decision...Decisions about motherhood and abortion, schooling, cosmetic surgery, treatment of venereal disease or employment...should not be made unilaterally by parents. Children should have a decide their own future if they are competent." As a sixth grader Hillary circulated a petition to allow a classmate to wear nylons to a dance.

                    Hugh's aggression and Dorothy's passivity were mirrored by Hugh's argumentative Republicanism and Dorothy's secret Democratic votes. Hillary was a Goldwater girl when she started at Wellesley but soon moved leftward and four years later when she spoke at graduation in 1969 she attacked both the established order and the other speaker, Republican Senator Brooke.

                    As Arkansas' First Lady, she spearheaded a major reform of the state's educational system which required an additional sales tax. She held hearings on school reform throughout the state and eventually it passed with the addition of a teacher competency test which was the price for voter approval. The teacher's union and the civil rights leadership unsuccessfully opposed the testing of teachers as demeaning and racially biased against black teachers. Teacher testing remains an issue for some educators like Bob Schaeffer who say that these tests do not measure competence, classroom educational quality and are responsible for a decrease in the number of minority teachers.

                    The educational reform in Arkansas led to advances for one of the poorest educational system in the nation with increased teacher salaries, kindergartens, smaller class size and new educational programs such as foreign language and advanced math in the high schools. Hillary's child welfare agenda was also expressed by a new nursery school program based on an Israeli model using parents as educators. Health was added to Hillary's agenda in the White House where she headed the task force that wrote the legislation for Bill's major campaign issue after the economy.

                    Not all the people want child welfare, education and health care legislation because their price tag means new taxes and also because they have come to represent Big Government. They are seen as the opposite of the traditional family role in the care of children, the local control of education and a personal fee-for-service medicine by the Republican Party and particularly the Radical Right. On the other hand, no one favors their opposites, ignorance and illiteracy, child neglect and death and disease. Or do they? Yes, they are there too in the sibling envy and murderous rage of the voter' unconscious. This sadism may be expressed in political behavior as voters receive pleasure from their aggression against children, the poor, education and health care. Of course, the voters also feel guilt but that's masochism, a kind of pleasure too.

                    Hillary's activism stirs psychological depths and political complexities which exceed Barbara Bush's campaign on literacy, Nancy Reagan's Just Say No to Drugs and Rosalynn Carter's mental health agenda. The similarity to Eleanor Roosevelt is compelling but FDR's policies were often different from Eleanor's and FDR had not campaigned saying, "Buy one, get one free."

                    Does Hillary as a victim affect Hillary as a policy leader? Was the 1993 attempt at a new national health policy affected by the balance between Hillary who was a cold sadomasochistic aggressor and the Hillary who was charismatic, compassionate and innovative? Was Hillary selected to lead the campaign for managed care because it was risky and might fail? If it succeeded, Bill would get the credit for helping people and fulfilling his major campaign promise on health care. If it failed in Congress which happened, the blame would be Hillary's and Bill would move on to meet his goal with lesser initiatives like the immunization of preschoolers, children's health insurance, making private health insurance portable between jobs, covering preexisting illnesses and making HMO's liable for consumer lawsuits.

                    Why didn't Hillary make the more radical single payer program her legislative goal? This is the Canadian health care plan which eliminates the insurance companies and is truly comprehensive in its coverage. The general understanding was that Hillary preferred this plan but she rejected it as politically unfeasible. So her perception of a congressional rejection of the simpler single payer solution obliged Hillary to masochistically give up her reasoned preference for an expediency that turned out to be illusory. Was this a repeat for Hillary who lead the successful struggle for education reform in Arkansas which required an increase in the state sales tax? The use of the teacher competency test to sell the package was also a sadomasochistic maneuver, politically clever in its covert racist appeal to white voters in a Southern state where blacks are only fifteen percent of the population. Hillary sacrificed some civil rights credentials to get the white votes for a higher tax and better schools while Bill retained his popularity with the black voters and became the education governor. The unconscious was operating in synch with the political world. A health crisis in Arkansas about Medicaid funding worsened while Bill was Governor but Hillary stayed out of the fight that time. Sometimes there is a choice.

                    ·Hillary as Cinderella

                    A portrait of Hillary emerges from the books by Monica Lewinsky, Dick Morris, Dolly Kyle Browning, Gennifer Flowers and Robert Reich.These books are discussed later in Bill and Hillary in Group Process With Dick , Dolly, Gennifer and Robert. Also in Monica Talks About Bill.

                    Hillary tells Robert Reich to communicate with Bill about his agenda on worker's rights via private memos to her on blank paper with only a date and his initials. This is Hillary, the secret manipulator who uses a back channel to control policy as she did in manipulating Daddy Hugh. I believe Mother Dorothy manipulated Hugh too and I'm sure Hillary will tell us about it in her autobiography. By the time Hillary was First Lady of Arkansas, she was really in control of the Rodhams so Daddy Hugh and Mother Dorothy and her brothers moved to Arkansas from Illinois.

                    Dick Morris also allies himself with Hillary's strength in the White House as he contends for Bill's ear and the control of policy decisions. He decides to meet with Hillary's staff, "the girls" in addition to his meetings with Bill's staff, "the boys." Another time when Hillary stops going to Bill's policy meetings, Morris briefs her in separate sessions.

                    Reich's book helps us understand Hillary as the little girl who shows "hurt and anger...just beneath the surface... covered by an aloofness "that can't take sympathy well." Reich calls her a vulnerable "rabbit" after she "chaired the health plan... a mistake." Hillary's defenselessness is like Mother Dorothy's weakness in the face of Mr. Impossible, another name for Daddy Hugh. It is a paradox that Hillary the manipulator is also Hillary the fearful. But why was Hillary's vulnerability concealed, Reich asks when it could have served to humanize Hillary, the "strong woman" who needed friends in the press. Later, this did happen during the Lewinsky events when Hillary's favorable ratings rose from a low of 42% in 1996 to 65% in 1998 when the media portrayed her as sympathetic and brave. Hillary's little girl weakness is deeply repressed so it remained for George Stephanopoulos to tell us that Hillary cried at a strategy meeting because she felt "alone."

                    Here we leave a sympathetic understanding of Hillary for the cruel words of the Wicked Stepsisters, Dolly and Gennifer. Dolly Kyle Browning portrays Hillary whom she renames Mallory as a Cinderella, "...dowdy-looking... wearing a misshapen brown dress-like hide her lumpy body..fat ankles and thick calves covered with black hair...wide on her toes...a definite odor of perspiration...greasy hair...eyes bulged out of focus... dark thick eyebrow which crossed ...her forehead..." Gennifer describes Hillary as, "...a fat hanging down...big thick glasses...ugly dress...a big fat butt...behaving oddly...buzzing around." Bill's mother Virginia, another rivalrous Southern woman had a similar if more muted response to Hillary, "No makeup. Coke-bottle glasses. Brown hair with no apparent style."

                    This is Cinderella before the arrival of the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming when the dirty ragged char girl is transformed into a Princess: influential attorney, policy leader, cultural icon, intellectual, author, mother and a styled First Lady. By 2000, Sheehy says she is "...Cleopatra in full regalia, gowned to the floor in a pyramidal coatdress of black satin...golden hair, swept high shimmers." Bill is the Prince but the human persona of the Fairy Godmother is a mystery, maybe Eleanor although her icon is the Mother Goddess.

                    Then why dredge up the sludge? Because within the rivalrous, hurting and hurtful, frigid and over controlled Hillary is the needy little girl, beautiful and worthy who is searching for love. Of course, the two Hillarys are a paradox but both need to be acknowledged.

                    There is a national hate-Hillary faction which describes her as a cultural and political threat to both civility and the Republic. Bill called this a "right-wing venom machine." The anger and fear of this cabal is about Hillary as a person, a frenzy about her ambition, intrigues and manipulativeness. During the New York Senate race, she was said to be planning a run for President in 2004 or 2008, a dreaded scenario regardless of whether Bush or Gore prevails in 2000 or whoever wins in 2004. The attack is on her although it includes her agenda for children, education, health care, women's rights and her prochoice feminism.

                    Hate-Hillary is a mostly female crusade led by Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan whose polemic about Hillary calls her "...arrogant and opportunistic...(she) never graduated from the sixties." Congressional investigator Barbara Olson's Hillary biography says the danger is from her "...corporatist, managerialist, quasi-socialist view of the world" and her White House of "miniskirts, hairspikes and T-shirts." NBC talking head Laura Ingraham's book is titled "The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places;" biographer Joyce Milton says Hillary is "abrasive" and columnist Camille Paglia calls Hillary "*****" while men like Gary Aldrich accuse Hillary of calling the Secret Service and FBI "trained pigs." The Hate Hillarys are in tandem with the "Clinton Crazies" who attack Bill as a Satanic murderer and a cocaine cartel overlord. (See Bill as Oedipus)

                    It is the psychological Hillary that ignites her opponents. The jokes are frequent like, "What's the Hillary Clinton KFC Special? Two small breasts, two large thighs and two left wings." The ire aroused by Hillary is like the misogyny that also guided the private and public anger against Eleanor Roosevelt and sometimes flared up against other First Ladies as their popularity waxed and waned. It was easier for some enemies of the New Deal to attack Eleanor's social activism instead of the popular FDR. Some Reagan opponents preferred to attack Nancy 's use of astrology for White House scheduling. Jimmy Carter's detractors said that Rosalynn shouldn't attend Cabinet meetings.

                    In the millennium, Hillary is a new countercultural foe. As Bill fades from the screen, his image morphs into Hillary as the target. Twelve years of the conservative Reagan-Bush era and their military victories in Grenada, Panama and during Desert Storm didn't heal the wounds of the Sixties. Bill Clinton's adoption of Reagan-Bush policies such as welfare reform, the death penalty, the limitation of First Amendment rights and even the defeat of Serbia didn't make many veterans of the cultural wars feel any better. In fact they felt worse as the hard core Right (and Left) moved toward new conspiracy theories.

                    Columnist Marie Cocco points out how unlikely was the charge was that Hillary assaulted and "manhandled" members of the pre


                    • #55
                      So is Hillary lesbian or not?


                      • #56


                        • #57
                          What about Laura?


                          • #58
                            Laura who?!


                            • #59
                              Just to comment on the thread, nothing is wrong with being gay, anyone should be able to love whomever they want to love. What bothers me is when someone tries to politicize the situation. I disagree with the statement that one is prosecuted in Russia because of his/hers sexual orientation (Russia is in no way a USSR, and at this point in history, in some ways is more liberal (surprisingly!) than the US (the lack of commonplace laws and/or their reinforcement is the reason). In fact, it was shocking to me to find out how many people get "prosecuted" in Russia. It is well known that here, in the US, some people try to "cure the disease" too, and gays are prosecuted here too. In a nutshell, I think,when a gay couple can marry in the US, get a marriage license, etc, then foreigners in homosexual relationships can claim the same rights as heterosexual couples. There should be no difference, in my opinion, if a couple (PARTNERSHIP!!) is gay or straight. And it's fair to claim that homosexual love is in no way different from heterosexual love (this is THE POINT!). But to tell that you have been tortured in Russia because of your sexual orientation, I think, it's not being honest, and just using whatever means you can to stay in the US.
                              Let's all fight for the common goal! Why not tell the truth and say that you are
                              married to your loved one, and in no way it should be different from a heterosexual marriage, and therefore he/she can sposor you to stay in the US. That's just to be honest and help the cause for everyone's sake.
                              Don't be frustrated that you can not do it at this point. I think immigration laws are unfair too. It's not black and white, like it's made out to be, for whatever reason. How can anyone justify the fact that an LPR can sponsor an UNLIMITED number of unmarried children, when a USC has to wait 12 years to bring a 10-year old sister to the US, who is an orphant. I mean, it's all screwed up. But, at this point, let's be honest, and not try to mislead people. We all have a common goal and it's much bigger and is more important than
                              an immigration process, it is a lot bigger than that.


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                                Gays are encouraged to request political asylum in the U.S. for political reasons (so that the U.S. can brag about giving rights to gays as opposed to other countries where they were supposedly are persecuted unlike in the U.S.) If America would really want to give rights to gay/lesbian people it would make possible for foreign gay partners of USC/perm residents to be sponsored for permanent residency, just like all other industrialized countries allow for.


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