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    I read all this interesting info posted on this thread, and I was trying to figure out whether a "straight" guy could be turned to a "gay" one?


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      I guess so, "is it possible": I have heard that many straight guys have gone gay after being raped by another man. The rape of males was more widely recognized in ancient times. Raping defeated males was considered the special right of the victorious soldier in some societies, and was a signal of the totality of the defeat. There was a widespread belief that a male who was sexually penetrated, even if it was by forced sexual assault, thus "lost his manhood," and could no longer be a warrior or ruler. In the twentieth century, the best-known instance of this kind of humiliation occurred when the Englishman T.E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") was captured by the Turks, who were well known for this custom, during World War I. The subsequent disruption of Lawrence's life, while a surprise to his contemporaries, can now be recognized as a typical consequence of Male Rape Trauma Syndrome. Gang rape of a male was considered an ultimate form of punishment, and as such was known to the Romans, as punishment for adultery, and to the Persians and Iranians, as punishment for violation of the sanctity of the harem.

      In modern times, until recently, rape of one male by another was considered rare outside of the special context of incarceration. Virtually all of the literature on rape outside of this setting assumes that the victim is female, and police did not (and usually still do not) collect statistics on "male rape."

      Fear of being perceived as homosexual. However, male sexual assault has nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the attacker or the victim, just as a sexual assault does not always make the victim survivor gay or bisexual. Knowing how victims will suppress reporting being raped, criminals will sometimes rape their male victims as a sideline solely to prevent them from going to the police. They may face unsympathetic attitudes if they choose to press charges. Male victims often hear unsupportive statements from friends, family, and acquaintances. People tend to blame the victim instead of the rapist.

      It is not uncommon for a male rape victim to blame himself for the rape, believing that he in some way gave permission to the rapist. Male rape victims suffer a similar fear that female rape victim's face - that people will believe the myth that they may have enjoyed being raped. Becoming sexually aroused, having an erection, or ejaculating are almost normal, involuntary physiological reactions during a sexual assault. Also, males do not have to be sexually aroused to have an erection. Some men may believe they were not raped or that they gave consent because of this. Sexual arousal does not necessarily mean there was consent. It does not mean that the victim wanted to be raped or sexually assaulted, or that the survivor enjoyed the traumatic experience.

      Some assailants may try to get their victim to ejaculate because for the rapist, it symbolizes their complete sexual control over their victim's body. Since ejaculation is not always within conscious control but rather an involuntary physiological reaction, rapists frequently succeed at getting their male victims to ejaculate. This aspect of the attack is extremely stressful and confusing to the victim. In misidentifying ejaculation with ******, the victim may be bewildered by his physiological response during the sexual assault and, therefore, may be discouraged from reporting the assault for fear his sexuality may become suspect.

      Another major concern facing male rape victims is society's belief that men should be able to protect themselves and, therefore, it is somehow their fault that they were raped. The experience of a rape may affect gay and heterosexual men differently. Most rape counselors point out that gay men have difficulties in their sexual and emotional relationships with other men, and think that the assault occurred because they are gay, whereas straight men often begin to question their sexual identity and are more disturbed by the sexual aspect of the assault than the violence involved.

      Research indicates that the most common sites for male rape involving post-puberty victims are outdoors in remote areas and in automobiles (the latter usually involving hitchhikers). Male-on-male sexual assault usually involves penetration of the victim anally and/or orally, but may involve only genital contact, or a generally sexualized, physical attack. Gang rape is more common in cases involving male victims than those involving female victims. Also, multiple sexual acts are more likely to be demanded, weapons are more likely to be displayed and used, and physical injury is more likely to occur, with the injuries that do occur being more serious than with injured female rape victims.


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        Not that I like to drive poster "whatever" nuts, but could you please provide other ways via which "straight" guys find justifications to make their rears avialable?


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          I don't think gays are unavoidingly 'minority' as someone says on this thread: take me, for instance, I am straight, married with a child, but I do like guys...lately I have been bottoming regularly for a guy, but I've still kept cruising as before. I date on average 5 guys every week, at times 2 - 3 the same day. I do not say openly that I am gay, hence I am considered 'straight', and of course many (married) guys act the same way. Not too much of a problem here...


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            I can agree with what "another one" says,I mean,if I'd be married to a man who brings home a lot of money after engaging in gay sex, well, I'd have no real problem...he just does not have to tell me how he got that money...and even if I'd be able to figure out how, I guess I could justify his actions by reasoning that he went gay for money, not that he REALLY is gay. After all, we all know that it's pretty much the same thing making love to a man as it is having sex with a woman. Have A Good One Everyone!


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              Just curious, can a gay man (not necessarily openly gay) become an USC?


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                Its amazing how people can stand in judgement and site the many facts and figures to justify thier own predjudices.

                I am in the same situation as you are, and deeply in love with my partner, but can not stay in the US based on this relationship. I am pleased to say the Australia my home country does not have these limiting ideals and concepts, and I can apply for my same sex spouse to live with me there.

                It is time to grow up and face reality, people are people who love and make love. And what 'straight' people see as disgusting and wrong and all the other abusive and destructive words they use about me and my partner, will never change the fact that Lesbian, Gay, relationships will continue. It is time to stop looking at the SEX issue and start looking at things like committment, and truth and honesty in relationships.

                I know the struggle, and wish you the best my friend. Stay strong and fight what you believe in.


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                  roshie, sorry about America's prejudices...I am aware that all the other English-speaking countries, i.e., Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, and Australia allow foreign same-sex partners of their nationals to immigrate to these countries. America is way behind -- and it's really sad, because we pretend to be the champion of democracy, when in fact are VERY VERY VERY prejudiced and tunnel-visioned people. It really breaks my heart when I see and hear many people in my country speaking with hate about gays/lesbians, and the really sad thing is that it's become worse during the last 10 years or so. Let's hope time will come when America will understand its mistakes without having to be slapped in the face, as it usually has been the case!


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                    SIF, it is

                    ....pretend to be champions of democracy....


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                      You speak of "The USA" as though it were a person'who was the only English speaking country6 not to allow same sex marriage. Well the US laws are made by representives of the "PEOPLE". It is the will of the American people that there be no same sex marriage.Have any of you given any thought to the fact that the unnaturalness of homosexuality is evident in the fact that homosexuals cannot reproduce with each other. Without the children of others you would die off in a few generations. If it is a genetic defect as some propose and not learned, then it makes perfect sense to not be able to reproduce with each other. That is natures way of correcting it's mistake. Surly you must understand that the fact you cannot reproduce means it is not supposed to be happening. It is unnatural.And while you cannot blame a sick person for their illness, you cannot let them spread it around.


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                        Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah


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                          "Let's hope time will come when America will understand its mistakes without having to be slapped in the face, as it usually has been the case!"



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                            I agree with what the last two posters: as Yaroslav Mogutin, the first Russian granted asylum in the U.S. due to anti-gay persecution in the U.S.S.R., the whole Western idea of a gay movement is totally bankrupt at this point. The idea of being queer is totally different from singing in the gay chorus or marching down Fifth Avenue in a crowd of 1000s of topless cartoon-like clones. If one grows up in today's Chelsea, one would probably have to end up being a hardcore gay-basher in order to protest and attack this scary world of unified look, unified morality, and lifestyle. Perhaps - he adds - gay community needs more queer terrorists, more 'faggot-individualists' like Ginsberg, queer literary outlaws like Burroughs, more bad-*** fags to prove that the pioneering gay spirit of rebellion isn't yet entirely smoothered by the Great American Consumerism.


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                              To be eligible for citizenship, the applicant must demonstrate "Good Moral Character":

                              An applicant is deemed NOT to have good moral character if he/she was at any time during the past 5 years has been:

                              (1) an habitual drunkard;

                              (2) a polygamist, person associated with prostitution, narcotics or illegal entry of aliens;

                              (3) convicted of an CMT (crime or moral turpitude) or of two or more non-political offenses for which the aggregate sentence imposed was 5 years or more;

                              (4) a gambler;

                              (5) committed immigration fraud; or

                              (6) who at any time was convicted of crime of murder/an aggravated felony.

                              Homosexuality is not a ground to deny naturalization. However, the INS' inquiry into an applicant's good moral character during the examination may also cover other topics, such as homosexuality, adultery and non-support of dependents and is likely to include inquiry into the applicant's past income tax payments.


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                                "-------------" says:

                                "Perhaps - he adds - gay community needs more queer terrorists, more 'faggot-individualists' like Ginsberg, queer literary outlaws like Burroughs, more bad-*** fags to prove that the pioneering gay spirit of rebellion isn't yet entirely smoothered by the Great American Consumerism."

                                You mean bad-*** fags, like this Cunanan thing?



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