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    cation. Then the demographics changed,and we are now 49th. I don't mind immigrants. I REALLY mind stupid illegal immigrants. Which CA. has more than it's share of.


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      From what you've said, it seems to me that you don't hate stupid illegal immigrants. You hate latinos......sounds like you hate Mexicans in particular. My mother is Mexican (spanish), not mexican indian but and I can identify what you hate. You don't hate are disgusted with the class of people who leave Mexico to come here. Please don't all coutries, not everyone is the same nor are our families in Mexico. Unfortunately, most of the ones who leave do so because they HAVE to. They would rather be in Mexico but cannot survive on what they make there. This is unfortunate but you would also go where you can make enough to feed your children. Why so many children? Ignorance does not know birth realistic. Illegals will continue to be a part of American life unless we could set up some kind of program that would allow them to work and PAY TAXES just like everyone else. And you are way WRONG about spanish in the schools. I make more money than my counterparts because I have a skill that they do not. It's in demand, believe me. And most educated people speak more than 1 language... it's unfortunate that you focus so much on foreigners......or illegals as you specified, are you target. Criminals? because they want to feed their sad. Timothy McVeigh was one of your "good guys". He wanted to kill them. I am an american citizen and I don't understand the generalization. Only here in the states do we have the disgusting crimes such as incest, child molesters, rapists and they are usually, middle class, Not latinos or those you describe that are too busy cutting your grass or picking your grapes to hurt people. Hope you think about your feelings.....really.


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        We have to bring up Timothy McVeigh - yes, this "one" guy. That is how you justify it? He killed a lot of people. And what made him do it, because he is angry, just like you.

        No we don't defend Timothy, but oneone wants to talk about it. Why not? I'm sure if it was a black or latino person, it would be on everyones lips for day, months, years. Look at the central park jogger, and how they locked up those boys for years, for something they did not do. Eventually they had to be let go - my guess is that one of her "many white boyfriends" did it to her, but I guess we'll never know - right?

        And no, we don't punish "all" our criminals. Shame on you to even think that - how shallow. Enron, Michael Milken, to name a few. Yes, we expose them, lock them up for a few months/years, then they are let go to live rich beautiful lives with everything behind them.

        I agree with the post before you concerning rape child molestation and killing people and storing their bodies in barrels and cellars. Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam, the one who killed and raped little Megan, and the list goes on and on. All these men are "white".

        You also mentioned percentage, why it looks so bad for the Mexicans and other minority race is because they are fewer of them here than whites. Yes, don't it seem that blacks get stricken with AIDS, diabetes, cancer, etc, more than whites? Why? Do the math: population - blacks - 12%. How many of that 12% have AIDS? 8%. Latino - population - 25%. How many have AIDS? 15%. Whites - population - 60%. How many have AIDS? 30%. Do you get what I'm trying to say here? I explain it better verbally, Ha. (This is just an exaggerated example - don't take it to heart).

        Gang members: I was watching a movie the other day, it was about gangs. Wars between members of "Hells Kitchen", "Little Italy", and "Chinatown". Didn't see one latino or black person in the movie - as a matter of fact it was based on a true story. Go figure.

        Kids: The Jews have a lot a children and get food stamp and welfare. Oh, you didn't know that? You see, they are still on this warpath to make back the 6 million that was lost - by any means necessary. Children are a gift from God.

        Country: Yes, we once had nothing, and we built it up by robbing and killing people, and then when we think we had enough, we built a "border" to keep the ones that had to run for their lives out.

        You understand why we have to support Israel against the Palestinians? Because our so-called forefathers did the same to the Indians. Want to take over their land. But the Palestinians won't take the unfairness like the Indians, they are fighting with all their might. They'd rather kill themselves knowing they will bring down a few Isralis. One might ask, why do "they" have to come here to try and harm us? Because they see us (America) as the root of all injurious things. Our anger should be towards the government using our tax dollars to support Israel to fight, not against the Mexicans, who just want to survive.


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          You make some good points, especially when you say that our anger should be directed toward the government, not the Mexicans trying to survive(sorry, not an exact quote). I agree that our government is continuing to mishandle things, but does it not anger you that taxes go unpaid, hospitals are not paid, but these same undocumented folks enjoy the privileges of our roads, highways, emergency services, and social services, to name a few? I watch coworkers walk away paying about $4-$5 a week in federal taxes, and they are single and childless, but claiming the max amount of dependents without being reported, 9. I kid you not! I help them read and understand their paychecks and pay stubs when they are confused or think there's an error, and I am appalled at the paltry amounts of taxes paid, if any. I can't be the only one bothered by this!
          USC makes an equally good point. Our grandparents' behavior has nothing to do with the US's current immigrant situation. My ancestors came through Ellis Island, were registered and accounted for and allowed in. America has been built. We don't need twelve million undocumented people to continue building it. We need skilled labor to maintain and improve it, and we need to tax our residents to support it.
          Thanks for letting me get this off my chest!


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            If you hate this country so much ,don't let the door hit you in your sorry terrorist loving *** on the way out. Isreal is the only patch of real estate in that whole sorry part of the world with anything going for them.The rest of those rag heads overthere are all 600 years behind the times, keep their women likew cattle and haven.t given the world anything of worth in hundreds of years. That little patch of land that Isreal has produces more in a month than the rest of the camel herders do in years. They actually EDUCATE their children,not teach them about some fairy tale allah smallah.And if you think ole Yas-Sir is going to come out on top of this one -think again. We're gonna kick their *** and take their gas. And there is narry a thing all those sand monkeys can do about it. And of course our friend Isreal will be well taken care of as they should be/we should just nuke the rest of those worthless muslems. I don't think that would hurt the oil .would it???


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              You must be a Jew. I just finished watching Shindler's List. I feel your pain.

              I mean, the Jews were so rich and prosperous in Germany, they contributed a lot to the society, yet Hitler hated their guts so, that he saw fit to kill and torture so many of them.

              I don't hate Jews, and certainly would never, never laud what Hitler did to them as being right, but come on, they did their share of torture and killing too. Didn't they kill Jesus Christ? Some would argue that the Romans did it, but they (the Jews) instigated it - don't you think. And to believe that they still think that they are the chosen ones. Crazy!


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                Actually my Grandparents came from Ireland. I am a Catholic. But I know the difference between people who add positive things to the world and a bunch of uneducated terrorists whose most creative thoughts are about how best to strap something to themselves and blow themselves up. Can you tell me of any inventions or medical breakthroughs or democratic forms of government that those people have come up with in oh ,say the last 1,000 years or so??Burkas you say?? Naw Sitting on the floor of some tent and rocking back and forth repeating ALLY BALLY ally bubba or whatever it is they chant. Naw. See I think a place that produces people whose life is so miserable, that killing themselves is a goal to strive for, hasn't got much going for it. It's a simple equasion really. We need the oil. They are worthless. Like I said, We kick their *** and take their gas. Problem solved. No biggie


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                  Oh, so you are Irish - now I see where you get that "kick their asses and take their oil".

                  I hope you are not wonder why they chose to blow us up?


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                    For Umesh Passi:

                    The Dream Act was voted out of the Judiciary Committee last summer, but it never got all the way through. (it would have, if it wasn't for 911)

                    But it has a really good chance of passing early next year, possibly before summer. Supporters have been increasing and Congressman Orin Hatch said he will push the bill again.

                    For those ignorant people, the Dream Act will benefit those kids who were brought here by their parents at a young age, and grew up here and pretty much consider themselves Americans. It will give them permanent residency to contribute to the society.

                    Requirements: You have to be under 21
                    Lived here for at least 5 years
                    NO criminal records

                    Hopely that helped


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                      It will NEVER pass. All the people who were not paying attention to all the illegals before, are REALLY paying attention now. Why should one dime of American taxpayer money go to educate the children of criminals when there are many American children who could use help. They bettet thank their lucky stars they got a highschool education paid for by us. In a recent report from the cato institute,90% of Americans want ALL ILLEGALS rounded up and thrown out of the country. Before 9/11 most Americans had no idea how we had been invaded by illegals and how much it is costing us. Now they know. The dream act is dead.


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                        To American(yeah right) guest, While I may not approve of my tax money going to fund certain things it does for Americans, at least my fellow Americans have voted in the people who are responsible for these things and can vote them in again or vote them out. Money spent on illegals is a different kettle of fish. And trust me , no matter WHAT you may think or hope?? it isn't going to pass. Check out ALL the latest polls. 90% and over of Americans want the army on the border shooting people trying to cross illegally. Most Americans in the interior of the country had NO IDEA until recently that we had been invaded by hordes of uneducated criminals from Mexico. But they are moving to States now that are mostly white. And they are being noticed!! And they are VERY UNWANTED. Remember those maps they showed during the elections,where the middle of the country was all colored the same?? Well the illegals made the BIG MISTAKE of going there. ALL THOSE PEOPLE VOTE. And they don't want these people in our country. The Vast Sleeping Giant in the middle of the US has awoken. The illegals days are numbered. It has already started in Arizona. FINALLY!!


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                          You are making me laugh - Ha Ha Ha.
                          "Remember those maps they showed during the elections,where the middle of the country was all colored the same?? Well the illegals made the BIG MISTAKE of going there. ALL THOSE PEOPLE VOTE. And they don't want these people in our country".

                          "These People". because they are not blond hair and blue eyed. And America say there is no predjurdise. Haven't you heard the saying, 'what goes around will comes around'. Trust me, these people will never stop coming. Look, the President's brother is married to one - Ha!

                          No wonder other people are trying at every chance they get to blow us up.


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