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    If somebody knows whether the DREAM ACT has been passed by the Congress and signed by the President or it is still a Dream.

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    If somebody knows whether the DREAM ACT has been passed by the Congress and signed by the President or it is still a Dream.


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      hey whats this act gonna do.


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        DREAM ACT is "Development,
        Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act".


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          The "Dream Act is yet another attempt by some illegal immigrant group to try and rip off the US taxpayer by giving In-State tuition rates to the children of illegals. As If!! This group has not yet understood the facts of life as they are today. This is not the vote buying Democrats in office now. Americans want every last one of these criminals OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!! GOT IT???We DO NOT want to give them anything except a ride to the border. We are sick of them . We don't want to speak spanish in our schools anymore. We don't want another 65,000of their babies born at the expense of the US taxpayer. They have bled us dry. The dream act will remain just that. A dream. We will give them nothing,but a jail cell if they don't leave the country.Having them all gone is the "DREAM" of the American people.I hope it comes true.


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            Mr fed up! why you are getting so tougher on illegals. Their crime is same what millions of us have done in past decades and centuries.

            Now when we have availed "DREAM LAND" oppurtunity, is it fair for us to stop others.


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              Hey Looser, You mom/dad or grand ma/pa or one of them were illegal once upon a time.

              America is not your father property. Illegal also contributing their sweat to build america.Criminal no matter legal or illegal should be punished.

              Suggestion: Illeagal who commit crimes should sent back to his country, AND all criminals who are US citizen ( including Fed Up) should be sent to have a swim with SHARK!


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                Hey guys, Which part of the word "I_L_L_E_G_E_L" don't you understand?? Illegals ARE criminals. And my grandparents came here legally.Not everyone is stupid enough to "forget" to take care of their paperwork, or whatever other lame excuse you have.And the American people are finally fed up with a bunch of losers who are costing us a fortune because they can't support themselves. And on top of that they all want to have 100 kids and have us take care of them too. Well THATS why we are coming down so hard on illegalsnow. And I love the way you act as though there were something wrong with US ,because we want our laws obeyed. Well get used to it .


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                  Fed UP

                  "And my grandparents came here legally."

                  I hope you know who were your grandparents .
                  And i hope you know who your parents are!


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                    Yes illi, I know who my Grandparents "were",Not who "were"my Grandparents. Another well educated one from across the border?


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                      And to "user", Befor you start worring about the "dream act" for higher education,you better get yourself back to second or third grade and work on that grammer!!And admiting to commiting crimes isn't too smart either.


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                        Hey, Highly educated(!) looser Fed Up, you are very educated and still loosing jobs to illegals?

                        Think again who should serve this country.


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                          To Guest- I have a good job. I am tired of my taxes being used to support all these uneducated immigrants who come here and think they can have a 100 children on a low paying job. We are sick of these baby machines coming over the border 9 months pregnant and wanting the US taxpayer to support them for the rest of their lives. And the ones here are awful. Look at them. All the girls look like hookers and all the men have shaved heads and 100 tatoos.And the only writing they do is with spray cans of paint all over our walls. Why would we want any more people like this?? They are worthless. They are worse than worthless, because they are costing Americans a ton of money for their baby machines,hookers and ********ers. We can get our lawns mowed and our grapes picked some other way.


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                            The United States of America has RULES and LAWS; those who break them are CRIMINALS. ALIENS who do not have a visa or a green card do NOT have the RIGHT to be in the US of A - the same if they have overstayed (read: violated our laws) their visa.
                            Grandparents of anyone do not, repeat, do not have anything to do with our current laws and regulations.
                            Reread the Constituition of the where does it state that a citizen from another country has the RIGHT to violate the laws of this soveriegn where. Get a clue. People (citizens and those LPRs who came here LEGALLY) are FED UP with paying for illegals, paying for their children, education and listening to their constant whining about how everyone should bend over backwards to help them because "it wasn't my fault." Bull$hit.


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                              You sound so angry! Please don't let illegals make you so angry. For you know what will happen next - you will do the same thing that Timothy McVeigh did.

                              Just live and be happen. What are you going to tell God? Think about it - 'oh, I didn't like the idea of paying taxes for these illegals to live on'. You think he is going to give you the high five - not!

                              Smile awhile and give your face a rest, illegal immigration will NEVER stop. So why bother thinking about it and getting so angry.


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