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    Hi I have a question, I`m married to a US citizen for 4 years now and I have a permanent resident card do I have to Remove the Conditions on Permanent Residence Based on Marriage?I have my Green card since 09/28/01 I was reading the topics and got worried that I might have forgot this

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    You should apply to remove conditions my 6/28/03. You still have a few days to get your papers in there. Use money order to send the $145 not check.


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      Wait just a sec . . . the timing of your marriage here is important. If you were married for more than two years BEFORE you received LPR status, you would NOT have a condition on your permanent residence at all. There would therefore be no need to apply for removal of the condition. One key way to tell is whether or not your green card is set to expire on 9/28/03; if it is, your residence is conditional, and you should do as hello suggests. On the other hand, if your card is good for ten years, you probably do not have to worry about this.


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        Also, my understanding is that, if you do need to remove the conditions, you want to do it WITHIN 90 days before 9/28/03, so you don't have to get it there by 6/28/03 (and in fact should not send it in before that date). On the whole, though, do it sooner rather than later after that date. The form you would need is the I-751, available on the BCIS website. Form instructions tell you all the types of documentation you want to include (basically, anything that verifies the legitimacy of you marriage). This is not complicated, but its not a bad idea to have an immigration lawyer look at it (should not be overly expensive, assuming no complications such as trouble marriage, etc.).


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          Whodat.... looked again on card it expires 11/19/11


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            Agapi, that sounds to me like you are in the clear. Again, key is whether you were married for at least two years before you became an LPR (do not have to have been married for more than two years before filing the original paperwork; its the date you actually become an LPR that counts). What date were you married?


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              Whodat.. thanks already for your help
              my hubby and me where married almost 2 years
              before we did the papers, still happly married
              today just got worried we might have forgoten


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                Whodat ... June26-1999


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                  men you are very lucky. So you got the 10 year green card right? So no removal of conditions, which means your g'card is permanent. Can I swap my 2 year card with your 10 year one? Please say yes.


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                    No prob, Agapi. Just remember that you had to be married a FULL two years before you got your LPR to not be subject to the condition (just double-checking . . . .


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                      Hello...If it was up to me I would grand everybody
                      his /her papers , we had a very hard time to get them with laywers who messed it up... till we found the best firm in PA and got us out a big mess ( deporatation)


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                        And, oh yeah, since you are married to a USC, you should be eligible to start applying for naturalization around this time next year (you should only have to wait three years, not five, and can start the application up to 90 days before your third anniversary, i.e., after 6/28/04). Good luck!


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                          thanks Whodat....


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                            ooops -- one last clarification; by "third anniversary", I mean the third anniversary of your becoming and LPR, NOT your marriage (and, by the way, happy upcoming WEDDING anniversary . . . )


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