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Expiring Student Visa,V2 Visa,CSPA etc.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Expiring Student Visa,V2 Visa,CSPA etc.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I came here in US as a V2 visa holder,but i turned 21 last year so i enrolled at a review ctr. and i got my approval from INS as a F1 student,and my Student Visa is expiring this coming august 2003.I asked the International Student Consultant in my school to extend my enrollment,but she doesnt like to.But i have a family based immigrant petition from my mom (F2A},And the priority date is Dec.1998,and im wondering that i just want to wait my petition here in US to be current.Because as i counting the months,my Priority date is gonna be current on February 2004 maybe.So what im gonna do from august 2002 untill February 2004 (6 mos.) for me not to be out of status,and what shall i do to adjust here in US as a Legal Permanent Resident.

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        You should try to get admission in some other school/college to extend your student visa status.
        Since your Mother had sponsored you in 1998, then she must be eligible for Naturalization by now.
        On the other hand, in a couple of months your mother will receive other papers regarding Choice of Agent etc. and a Bill for Fee of Affidavit of Support. At that time, your Mother and you can inform Immigration that you came here on V visa and would adjust your status in the United States.
        Good luck.


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          Since my F1 visa is expiring this august 2003....and i have 2mos. grace period ( Oct.) to leave the United States right?I was thinking that since i have a pending F2A petition which is the priority date will gonna be available by February 2004 (Supposedly),Can i just be out of status from October 2003 till February 2004?(4mos.)And,if im gonna be out of status for 4 months,and by February 2004 my Priority Date is already that time i can do the AOS immediately right?Assuming that i am already out of status for 4 months,is this will affect or jeopardize my F2A Petition?Or is this will affect my Application for Adjustment of Status?Because im afraid that if im gonna be out of status it will lead to a 3 to 10 year bar that i cant adjust my status here in America.And since i am already 21 years old how much is the possibility that i can still receive my petition and receive the benefit of Child Status Protection Act?(CSPA).Do you suggest for me to consult another Lawyer?Please answer my questions...Thanks!


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            do something to extend your stay, otherwise, go home and wait there to avoid 3 0r 10 years ban. CSPA can shorten your waiting time for the F2A petition and you can do the paper work in your home country.


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              Further Help please!


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                Can anyone help me?


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                    Can anyone help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeez!


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                      whatever you do but dont overstay here,
                      try to find a way to change your status to another non immigrant status including H1B ,if it can't workout go back but don't overtay even single day otherwise it will ruin your petition and will be very hard to approve.


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                        Really!? I thought you can stay here in US untill 180 days?but if you exceed for more than 180 days....its hard for you to change/adjust to any immigrant status.In my case is,im just expecting to overstay up to 120 days!So is that ok for me to overstay?And can i still adjust to my pending F2A petition this coming Feb.2004?Please Help!


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                          Answer my question please....thanks.


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                            sori pogi, wala akong alam dyan eh.


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                              Can anyone help me?Sige na po,kung sino ang may alam dito!Salamat....


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