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    ok my understanding: Fiance visa only takes about 3-4 months (generally for processing) there is a similar wait for marriage, based on a non-immigrant visa, which is relatively new. Either way you have to adjust status at a later time. Coming in with an immigrant visa will take longer (and I believe it will require marriage.) However, under the fiance visa or non-immigrant visa, she will have the same rights as a resident (such as being able to work, etc.)

    From my understanding there is also a certain possibility of receiving a temporary tourist visa under extreme circumstances, but it is probably too much trouble to be worth your time.

    Canada could be a lovely place to visit, and propose (and even the snow can be romantic depending on how the proposal is done) however, if your heart is set on another method, you don't have to limit yourself to Canada. She can't enter the States right now, or during the fiance visa application process, however, that doesn't mean she can't enter other countries. Therefore countries in the Carribean that don't belong to the USA (is Jamaica one of these?) and places like the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Mexico would also be available to you.

    If you have enough money you could even look at places in Europe, like Malta, which is pretty warm all year round and speaks English.

    Don't let stupid laws decide where you are going to propose!!!! It's your life and the INS shouldn't be able to decide how you live it


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      I don't even have a lover! I'm alone...out in the big world! No one loves me... But I'm sure one day I'll find my lover too! Good luck whatever you decide to do R!!


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        hI EVERYBODY,
        I visited this site in december,because i have the same problem like many other's trying to find some answers.Iam a permanent green card holder I have my green card since 1985.I have been divorced now for at least 4 years.I met someone from my home country(germany) same town and small this world is!!! We fell in Love and he has been seeing me every other month,he will be back Feb. I came upon this Site because i wanted to find out what I can do,or what chance we could have to be together,the legal way! I found out that since iam not a U.S Citizen I could not file a fiancee petition there is not such a thing .....I would have to become citizen first to get him over here the quickest!
        Well,I filed a N400 and I sent it off about a week ago,now how long would i have to wait( Nebraska) since I live in Michigan,now with reading all this could i have gone a different route,and go overseas myself to marry him over there and then file from here or did i do the right thing and filed for my N400 first? Once I have this can i just go ahead and file for a fiancee visa,or did i screw it up completely!
        We just want to be together that's all nothing elegal just be together,what else can i do in the meanwhile what could he do overseas,he lives in Switzerland right now,please couls anybody reply,I would surely appriciate this...


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          my question is this: Do you have to have the affid. of support to marry an AC? The reason i ask is because he owes child support from a long time ago. Trust me, we want to take care of this, but cant till i can get working there? Any kind suggestions?


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