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    Now that the INS is under homeland security, they will concentrate more on deportation, instead of ignoring interior immigration problems. The most recent case of fraud within the airport workers working with false documents proves the databases are working. It will take some time but the INS is on a roll.


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      i am sorry to hear that its taking so long for you gordo, it can be tough i hear. i have a question or two for you if you dont mind. i am out of status, have been for over a year, early next year i am to marry the man of my dreams, we have been seeing each other for almost a year and plan to marry soon, we are a little nervous though about the interviews with the INS, could you shed some light as to what kind of questions they will ask us, we love each other, and plan on having children together some day and i would hate to be apart from him so we really dont want anything to go wrong, any help or advice you could give us would be appreciated. thanks in advance.


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        Gordo, I am wondering, are you going thru removal proceedings right now?

        That judge has to do something for you to get the I-130 approved...


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          You'd think that the judge can only "do" something about the approval of an 130 or chancelation of a removal proceeding, then there is a lawfull basis for it. I'd imagine (logical)
          that if there isn't a strong basis for such, that the judge can't legally order anything and that the INS naturally ignores such a proceeding...


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            That is why I asked him if he is going thru removal proceedings before the judge. If he is not, there are not much options, but maybe press on INS with the help of state congressman.

            Well, in my case, when I first appeared before the judge, she briefly looked at the case and saw that there is a marriage entered after the proceedings and a I-130 submitted 2 months after... INS counsel's simply showed effort to get me removed right there, but the IJ wanted to see the details, she reviewed the 6 exhibits about our bona fide marriage during the 2 month continuance, and then she told the INS to relocate the I-130. I think now she has the basis and reason to terminate proceedings and adjust status, so she is the only help to get I-130 expedited.


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              dear bushmaster.. Please check your email buddy


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                TheBeta, man I got em all, I don't have good news, I 'll email you tonite...

                Take care be strong



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                  I feel lucky in some respect and unlucky in others. I filed an I-130 petition for my husband and we had it approved in less than a year. We applied in September, 2001, and he received his EAC in about 3 months and our interview was in April, 2002. However, they will not adjust his status because he came to the US by ship. We filed all the papers after April 30, 2001 becuase we got the wrong information. WE were told that because we were already married he would be OK, so we didn't rush to file under 245(i). When we went to the interview for the I-130 it seemed like everything was going to be OK. The officer said everything looked good, except his pictures were wrong and he left the room to make some copies and get an address for us to go have more pictures made and when he came back he said he could not approve the I-485 petition and would not offer any reason why other then we would receive a letter stating his reason and we should wait to hear from him. We waited and the letter came about 5 days later. They said his application was denied because he was out of status, came to the US as a crewman, and we didn't file under 245(i). The letter also stated we had 15 days to respond to why his EAC should not be revolked. So we responded right away and we are still waiting. That was 7 months ago. In the meantime, his EAC has expired. We filed for renewal on September 21, 2002 (it was due to expire on December 2, 2002), they transfered the application to the office where the I-485 is still pending, but we still haven't heard anything about either. I was told that if we haven't heard anything on his EAC by December 21, 2002 we can go to the local office and get an interium EAC until the application process is completed. We are afraid that they are going to put him into removal proceedings because he has been in the US for almost 5 years now. Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can do? My husband is not a terroist, he has never been in any trouble since he has been here, we have been married now for almost two years and want to go on with our life. We would like to travel and right now he can't even work. He was advised that since his EAC has expired and we have to wait until 12/21 to go to INS we should quit working. Luck enough I am working and have my own business and can support both of us for now. Can anyone help? Thanks


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                    TheBeta, my man, I emailed you, check it out...

                    Rocky, why don't you ask your question to Mohan on a new thread ?

                    Good Luck...


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                      Hi there!
                      *Bushmaster*, I am currently in a situation that is between a rock && a hard place.
                      My reliefs have been denied by the IJ (* what a red-neck he was, I was presented before an IJ in the good 'oll boys country, in the deep south, with that looooong southern draw'. I ain't making fun of southerners. But that guy, he honestly had vinaigre running thru his vains, and venim dripping from his fangs). anyway, my case is currently pending before the BIA.
                      What I really want is to go before a fair and just IJ to let him/her decide on my case. And @ this point, I really don't care. I just want to be free again. Don't take me wrong, this is a beautiful country, and the biggest majority of its people are wonderfull, and well that is where I have spent more than half of my life.
                      Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an early answer while my I-601 is being filled and my motion to remand the case before an IJ will be heard from very soon.
                      I just keep on praying, and whatever the outcome be, so let it be. If it would be positive, my dream will come true. And if it would be negative, then I would have to make a lemonade out of that lemon.
                      God bless u all.


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                        What I dont understand is, why they are holding up the I-130 though? I mean does INS need the IJ scream and yell at them all the time?

                        Man, your case might look tough, but you know what lift it up to GOD man... That is all, stop worrying and focus on you relationship with HIM, then all your heart's desires will be yours... My case, too, got off to a bad start, I thought I was getting deported for sure, nope but it didn't happen, now our IJ is waiting for the I-130...

                        I just did that and I feel so confident that everything will be alright...

                        Keep in mind...


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