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  • Mohan I-130 Question

    Mohan, I heard that a beneficiary of a I-130 who is in removal proceedings gets the lowest priority from INS. Is that right? If it is the case what does INS' lowest priority mean? A few years?

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    Mohan, I heard that a beneficiary of a I-130 who is in removal proceedings gets the lowest priority from INS. Is that right? If it is the case what does INS' lowest priority mean? A few years?


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      Don,t believe rumors.. stay calm.. take a deep breath... wait for feb to down.


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        Good luck know when we believe in things they end up getting real...
        everything will be alright


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          A'ight, I'll keep calm, and keep positive and believe in by Feb 27, I'll get my working permit


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            All I have to tell you is to hold your horses. I am in an exact situation as yours. It has been 28 months, and I'm still waiting & counting. No employment authorization, no way to be able to leave the country, nothing ZILCH, RIEN, NO'ING, N'GYEN'TONG.
            Just be patient, and good luck to all of us.


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              Man, I don't want to believe this, dang, are you waiting for a I-130 approval for 28 months???

              That is very encouraging, shoot!!!!


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                By the way, what is your story, I forgot to ask...


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                  you guys have many legal + immigration problmes and disillusioning yourselfs. A few years ago than immigration was a walk in a nice forest and not being the nightmare it is now
                  it took looong times to get anything even if you did everything by the book.

                  I understand Moahan and others who spread some light and hope but its been my experience that if your disillionsing yourself the disappointment later will be greater. It's a perfect receipe for a major depression

                  Im not wishing you bad luck just saying to keep reality in check.


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                      Thanks for the reply Gorgo & Flaco... And I am so sorry hear that things went that way... I hope and wish the best for you too... 28 months is outrageous, it is like they forgot about you...

                      I know Mohan got his I-130 approved in a year from VSC, but there were no IBIS checks at the time... I wonder how much those would add to the total adjudication time...

                      Are you going thru removal proceedings Gorgo & Flaco ? If you are, why does not the judge do something about it? Did you contact your congressman? What do they tell you when you call for case status? Do whatever you can do and leave the rest to GOD. I am hoping that the judge would have a greater impact on my case, it feels like INS knows that only my I-130 will help everything and purposely delaying it... Oh well, they will lose it, and they know it...


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                        Forgive my ignorance, but, what is an IBIS ?
                        and how is it used to decide on any specific case?
                        Thanx a zillion!


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                          It is Interagency Border Inspection System, a database where INS can run name checks on the petitioner and the beneficiary.

                          They are able to get any information recorded in federal agency databases, and they have access to lookout information... Say, FBI entered a lookout for you, the examiner runs the IBIS check, -pop- it is on the screen. So it is examiners responsibility to resolve the situation with the agency who entered the lookout info. It is where these delays start if you ask me...


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                            Thanx Bushmaster. Honestly, I don't undestand all that BUREAUCRACY.
                            They have the IBIS + :
                            CIS : Central Index System
                            NAILS : National Immig. Lookout System
                            DACS : Deportable Alien System
                            TECS : Treasury enforcemnt Communica System
                            WIN/AFIAS: Western Ident Network/ Automated Fingerprint Identific Sys.

                            Plus more. I can see why their budget being for more than $4 billion/year. And still being incompetent, and lacking the manpower that can use their new systems.Plus other shameful stories.
                            Rather than investing in new technologies, why not embed the differnt applications on one unique platform, so only one officer or INS agent can access any info from a single machine.


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                              Hey you said it! I even saw on the show "Hannity & Colmes" a news talk show on CNN. They interviewed an ex-INS officer who said that yes, INS system is so old and outdated. They're filing system is still paper paper paper. Why don't they enter it into a system so anywhere one goes may it be in the United States or internationally, they can look up the case of that person using they're ALIEN # or Case # whichever it may be. Then they wouldn't have a problem of having to accept applications and later find out that this person was deportable or whatever. You wouldn't have to call different INS offices because all would have the same info. When one office updates their computer...the rest of the nations INS offices would get updated too. You would think that their billion of dollars budget would get them updated systems. hmmmm


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