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Moderators please clean up this board.

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  • Moderators please clean up this board.

    I used to come to this board for valuable insight but recently it has turned into a flame fest.

    Please clean up this board and ban the IP of anyone who is abusing it.

    Also it might be a good idea to allow people to register for this board and only allow registered users to post.

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    Ditto... I remember good folks like Simon, Katherine, Marie (still here ) Bugsy, I see him .... Enrique who was a bit eccentric but gotta love him... Others who were so informed and helpful. I am not sure how it became a flame fest. It is a shame though.


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      I think it's the same person using different alias's to mess up the board.

      Moderator check the IP's.


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        I have that same feeling bid. I don't even want to read the board anymore if it's going to be full of people who have nothing better to do that write a string of cuss words.

        I won't read the board if that's what it comes too. If it doesn't get cleaned up, I'm leaving.


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          most people come to this board for help and it seems now this person who is polluting this board with very unconstructive information, is making all these people move to different boards to seek their help which is a shame. i havent been on this board for a week now and came back to see new postings and all i can find is this person with serious issues, and its a shame, this used to be a really good message board


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              pls don't quit on one bad apple's bad-doing. perhaps that is his/her intention. wouldn't quitting be serving that precise purpose?

              stay on. many people like myself need all the help we can get. your help is invaluable. in fact, when i have jumped through the hoop myself, i will be here to help.

              for the larger good, pls don't quit.

              ps: moderator of board, it's a good idea to clean up the board.


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                I just found out about the discussion board and haven't been reading it long, but I think it's a good place for people needing help and advice, because it's hard to get a simple straight answer out of INS! It is a shame that the board has gone downhill a bit, but let's not allow a couple of hotheads ruin the potential of this forum. Immigration, legal or illegal, is a highly emotional issue, and tempers are bound to flare as people get frustrated and frightened. Several of you consistently offer sound advice and help, and I hope you continue.


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                  this forum is very helpful. I read the forum almost everyday, yes there are some that causes trouble, but I just smiled and say...oh well..
                  But Bugsy, Marie, Anon, and the rest (sorry if I forgot somebody) are really very helpful. I paid $80.00 to an immigration lawyer per hour one time before I found out about this forum. I am telling you....She did not answer my questions...and I already know the things she told me. It's so frustrating.
                  Please don't quit on us.


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                    The person who is doing this is breaking the TOS of this board. Legal action can be taken against him if he does not stop, but it's up to the mods to make that determination.

                    My guess is that this person does not have a static IP and is using a service like AOL which assigns you a IP every time you log in. The ISP is required by law to keep a record of every IP assigned for 2 years (I might be wrong on the exact length of time), therefore tracking him will not be difficult.

                    ISP's will gladly dish out the details of the offender when presented with a court order.

                    I don't see why the moderators can't take the time to block the IP of the wacko.

                    If anyone has the time I'd suggest to bring this matter to the attention of a moderator during one of the chat sessions.


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                      While reading some of the posts I noticed that this guy is using other people's nick to post. I remember there being a federal law that makes it illegal to impersonate another person.

                      If you are the idiot who is doing this, please be aware that what you are doing is illegal and all posts are logged with the posters IP address.


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                        Thank you very much for your interest in the ILW Discussion board.

                        Please forward urls of the specific messages you want to be "cleaned up" to


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                          I think most of the posts are not on the first page. I'm not going to go through the posts to look for the URL.

                          I've emailed the webmaster twice and got no answer. I know I'm not the only one.

                          So I'm going to post the main points of my email:

                          * Let us register our names, that will deter people from posting stupidities and hate posts.
                          It will also prevent someone using someone else's nick to post a hate crime. It has happened this week.

                          * You need moderators that will check the boards regularly.

                          * Have lawyers get involved with this board, their help is needed! We only know so much!

                          I know this is a free thing for everyone to use and I am grateful for it as I'm sure others are.
                          I'm grateful for the *one* moderator we do have, and I know you probably don't get paid to do this.

                          However the lack of moderators and the hate postings have almost made a lot of people leave the board including me. Yes, we need to ignore it but at the same time, I don't have time to read all the posts and sift through the mess. My online time is limited and I really don't want to spend it reading hate posts.

                          I really don't want to step on any toes but something needs to be done so it won't happen again. Right now, it seems that whoever was posting has either left or stopped but there will be others, there always are.


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                            Why can't we simply igore these flaming posts? Boards are going to get a degree of flaming no matter what. All we have to do is just ignore stupid replies.

                            Yeah sure registering sounds like a good thing to keep flaming to a minimal, but I'm sure there are those who want to maintain their anonymity. What I'm concerned about is, from experience, registering into a site usually means "S-P-A-M". I hate Spam, but if you roll it down a flight of concrete stairs, it'll actually bounce!


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                              I agree with May. People who post flames enjoy starting flame wars. If you defeat their purpose by ignoring them, they will move on and leave us alone.


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