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all has failed -ready to end my life

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  • all has failed -ready to end my life

    my marriage of 3 years broke down

    will have to file I 751 waiver

    feel like ending my life

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    my marriage of 3 years broke down

    will have to file I 751 waiver

    feel like ending my life


    • #3 very sorry to hear how your feeling...but just think about it...youll leave alot of other problems behind to those you care about...dont you love them enough to not do something like that...listen...i feel like that from time to time...if you need someone to talk to can talk to me. dont worry ...even if things dont look clear for cant be so sure about the future.

      IM me to you like to talk ...ill be here for you if you like.

      think positive..


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        Sorry to learn that you are feeling so down. Give us more details on how this happened and perhaps someone can give you information so that you have hope that it will all work out.


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          Do what Swiss said, you can get lots of information and support on this board. Also, maybe you need to see a doc and get on anti-depressants for a while


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            All has not failed, it's "only" your marriage that has failed according to you. A waiver may be available from an immigration law standpoint and there are plenty of discussions going on about that.
            For your marriage, counseling is available and if you two are willing to try a little harder, you may be able to save it, but the odds are against you so approach this realistically!

            In RE of "ending a life"; take guatelmalian's advise, talk to her or anybody you can find to show you alternative solutions. My understanding was that she is in a whole more trouble than you're are (since she's threathened by removal from a country that she's known all her life as her home-country). If your marriage finally failed and you can't adjust your status, there is still a lot to look forward to and enjoy. It will take time and you need to allouw yourself a grieving time, but everything can be handled! Nothing that happens to us in a life time is larger than life itself! Good luck!


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              Hi nafcillin,
              I know it is hard for you to go through all of this but don't worry...whatever happened you cant turn it back....just move on with life and here you will find lot of support and information how to deal with immigration problems.... I will be glad to help you anytime....from you ID it seems to me you are a medico person. Are you doing your residency or about to apply... ? then may be you can apply for h1 visa too if waiver fails.... Hope for the best and keep faith in is so precious so don't even think to waste it for no matter what reason.....go for counseling, put your questions here...I am sure everything will be ok eventually ..... Take care....don't lose hopes


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                Did you have conditional green card


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                  Hi nafcillin,

                  Life is unpredictable, happiness or bad times are temporary, it comes and goes. You will never find permanent joy in anything. I cannot feel your pain because I am not the one going through it, but still as a friend I will suggest you to calm down, seek guidance from god and let him decide, as we cant even move a needle without his wish. Think positive and keep a good attitude, and I can assure, you will get direction and help in some form.
                  I will pray for you, take care,



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                      We are here to help you out, I have a lot of information that might be useful for you in regards to the I-751, have you filed a joint one? or you will be filing for the first time?
                      Are you Divorced? Are you in Divorce Proceedings?


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                        Maybe Nafcillin already ended his/her life.
                        How sad.



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                          Thanks to every one for their support. Our marraige has failed inspite of counseling and I dodnt know what to do. I have been depressed and have been crying all day yesterday and today. Basically we filed joint 751 in May 03 and moved to IL and had the file transferred in Aug 03.

                          I spoke to an attorney and he said a waiver is possible since it was a good faith marraige. He told me very intersting points which may be interest to all of you.

                          1. waiver has to be filed, decree final and only then you can can file a waiver. I guess u guys know that anyway

                          2. if the waiver is denied then thats really not good as immigration judges decsions are rarely over turned.

                          3. Fpr those yopu have just seperated,I am afraid it may bite you. Attorney said the couple should be married and living together or should be divorced. If seperated and married , wiaver will be denied. So thats put extra burden on me if we just decided to seperate and are called for an interview.

                          how many of you have already got divorced before I751 approval and how many of you have just seperated?


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                            But if you are separated you might get approved without interview :-) then if there is an interview and she is willing to help you should not have problems.


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                              If I seperate and called for an interview, then they may find out if we are seperated and if then will deny. How will they find out? I will work somewhere and she wil work somwhere pay stubs and stuff. If are seperated and approved without an interview- then problems with N-400 as they will know this guy started working in a different state before approval so there comes that problem.


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