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fiance visa or 1-130?

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    Canadians are not issued I-94s as visitors.


    I do not know what to advise you. It is my understanding that both countries now share data so there might be a way for the Americans to know when you left the U.S. if the Canadian border folks make a note in their computer. They will, of course, most likely ask you how long you've been in the U.S. and they may ask your kids information. I would consult an attorney if I were you.


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      I am still waiting for my interview. They do not send me interview letter yet.
      But two days ago I had big fight with my wife.
      She wanted to spend $300 on dress and I refused to pay for it.
      So, now I worry.
      What if she mess up everything before interview?
      She say she will report that I bought my degree for 100 rupees in Bangladesh.
      This is not true and I don't know where Bangladesh is, but what if someone beleive her?
      You know, some people are crazy, they beleive anything.
      All these years I wait for interview and now this ****

      Please, if anyone has similar experience, let me know.
      Patti sent papers almost same time with me and already got interview and approval.
      And many other people I helped to file for , they all passed interviews and all.
      I am still waiting.
      And my wife already say she never wanted to marry me and only did a favor to me so I can get a Green Card.
      She say she thought I am a doctor, so could make good money and buy her everything she wants.
      Now she doesn't need me anymore.

      Please, if anyone has similar experience, tell me what should I do?
      Should I wait for interview?
      Or should I start divorce now?

      Thank you!

      **** ON ME!!!


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