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Any one with LIFE legalization please help.

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    Missouri Service Center.


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      I think very few immgration officers know about the LIFE: CSS/LULAC case. During my interview in NY, the officer was asking me questions which were not related to my Life case. It was a joke. I gave up my hope to get my Green Card through Life. I am waitning to get my Inten to deny letter form the INS; I am hopping it will take them years to send me one; so, I can continue to renew my work permit.


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        your origional post is regarding 245A, 245A is for the alien who entered inspected and married to USC and want to adjust the status. its different from 245I.
        Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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          Hi Rafi,
          Yes thats exactly what happened in my interview,the question they were asking like (why my uncle is not my dad?). Did you submitted your I-687 in TSC? What happened there? Let me know. After you got your intention to deny letter you can consult to Peter Schey. He is taking cases now regarding denial.Good luck.


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            Reply to ZEID:
            Apologize for not replying sooner--was not online for a few days.

            Yes, Vermont approved my questionaire in October 2001, I applied under the old Amnesty law (did not qualify for LIFE, cos I had no written proof of classmembership) in May 2002. Was approved for temporary residence in June 2003. Eligible for permanent residence in about 2yrs.

            From what I have been reading and tracking, it looks like those who applied under the LIFE ACT are having a lot of problems.
            Guest 2

            Hi Guest 2
            Vermont approved my questionnaire on Dec 2001, and then I sent my application to Texas. Last months I received a letter from Texas that they transfer my application to INS local office were I live for processing.
            I check with a lawyer he told me all application at Texas would be transfer to the applicant INS local office. I was surprised to hear your application approved by Texas without transferring your application to the local office
            Do you know why some people approved at Texas and some applicant their application
            Transfer to the INS local office for interview. How long it took your application to be approved. At Texas center. Did you also apply for Life Legalization?
            You live close to the center of human rights, and you are in contact with them, do you know how many people approved or denied through the Questionnaire and Life act. Thank you and I appreciate you help and advice,


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              REply to Rahul:

              Yes, I would be glad to help you with that contact for that attorney but I don't think she will appreciate my posting her info here. So if you like, send me an email ( LULAC/CSS and I will respond.
              Thanks, Guest 2

              From Rahul: Thanks Guest2, for your information. I would love to have her contact information if you have it. I was busy looking for a LIFE/CSS literate attorney but very hard to find one here in Rochester. I emailed to Peter Schey, he responded and willing to assist me in this matter. So you did not apply to LIFE, but have your permanent status right? I established my claim regarding questonaries from Washington DC and did accordingly as they advised then I got my EAD then what? Did I missed something? What I did next was applied for LIFE and they send my application to my local office and had my interview and now everything screwed up.God knows how long its going to take unscrew these matter.
              I was in the state of Aerican sweet dream almost, and now looks like my dream is over and I am in the sate of nowhere now.All my hard work, job experience, certification is of no use now.


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