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Any one with LIFE legalization please help.

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  • Any one with LIFE legalization please help.

    My application to register permanent resident pursuant section 245A LIFE legalization provisions has been denied.Need to appeal, but not have enough time,need advise on this matter if anyone out there experience or know any lawer regarding this matter. Thanks.

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    My application to register permanent resident pursuant section 245A LIFE legalization provisions has been denied.Need to appeal, but not have enough time,need advise on this matter if anyone out there experience or know any lawer regarding this matter. Thanks.


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      the POPE is dying and so are your chances, unfortunatly, no offense. Love and peace!


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        Sorry to hear about your Life denial, can you please tell us what is the reason for denial
        And when is the deadline for an appeal. Also did the INS sent you intent to deny your application before the final denial. Please explain your situation, so we'll be able to give you advice, Also tell us which city you live in.? Good luck


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          oct 5th is my last date.There was a amendmend on 06/10/02 that who ever tavelled during the time period 1986-88 out side USA and came back has to be brief,casual and innocence. I was illigal at that time and the only alternative I had was to smuggle myself back and forth.Thus according to the law my travelling was not happened in a appropriate manner. Thats the main reason of my denial.


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            Which INS office you had your Interview? How log it took you to get the denial latter after the Interview?


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              had my interview on march at Buffalo NY INS office. Got my denial letter on Sep 5th.


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                Did you receive "Intent to Deny" or denial letter? In any event, you have 30 days to appeal and if you don't have an attorney, I would advice you to have one now.

                I couldn't understand the reason for your denial. You have to be in the country illegaly since before 1982. What kind of evidence have you submitted. How many absences you had between 1986 and 1988. Since you were smugling your self back and forth, were you traveling to a neighboring country. How may absences you disclosed in your application and for how many days you were missing? Do you have any evidence, showing that you were here most of the time between 1986-1988. If you give some more details, someone on this board may be able to give you some suggestions.

                Good Luck.


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                  RAHUL you can ask the INS for 30 days extension to respond to their denial letter. Just send the INS letter asking for 30 days extension. Also fax your denial letter to the center for human rights at 213/-386-9484 the center will give you advice concenring your case.
                  To help you in your case please answer the following question:
                  1-Are you CSS or LULAC
                  2- did you send any application to Vermont or Texas service center through the questionnaire program or not you just apply to LIFE Legalization


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                    Thanks SAM, finally looks like somebody knows about my case (LIFE). Yes I am a CSS class member.I send my application to Vermont Service center along with the legalization questionaries and I established my claim. I have just now cancelled my lawers appointment after reading your respond. They dont know much about LIFE but they know how much its going to cost me($2500.00).I have time till tuesday to send my appeal with the $110.00 fees. There is a option in the appeal form that I can send my brief explanation to Washington DC within 30 days after I submitted my appeal to the local office.I am going to send my papers to the Human Right Society right now.I am from Rochester, NY. I dont mind the expenses but having hardtime to find a LIFE legalization concern attorney. Many of them refused to take my case.Just curious, what you do for living?I might want to hire you if you are an Immigration Lawer. Thanks.


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                      Hi Rahul:

                      How did your "smuggling yourselfback and forth" be known to BCIS?? Did you tell them??

                      I understood that if your questionaire was approved by Vermont, your file at Texas and you will get thru. Did you file under the I 687 (old amnesty guideline) or the 2000 LIFE ACT??

                      I too was approved by Vermont, established my claim for LULAC, followed all their intruction to the teeth, was approved for residency by Texas with no questions asked, no interviews, nothing.

                      If you cannot find a good lawyer where you are at, let me know. You might want to consider one who used to work at the Center for Human Rights (she was recommended to me by the LULAC/CSS co-ordinator, I asked because I though I needed one--turns out I did not). She is very very familiar with the LULAC/ CSS proceedings--she was there when it all began. Disadvantage is she is in Los Angeles. But if phone consultation is your only choice, better get one that knows what he/she is doing.

                      Let me know, I will be glad to help in any way I can. We had waited too long and I feel for all the LULAC/ CSS class members who are still waiting.


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                        Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law
                        256 S. Occidental Blvd.
                        Los Angeles, California 90057
                        213/388-8693; fax: 213/-386-9484


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                          Hi Guest 2
                          Vermont approved my questionnaire on Dec 2001, and then I sent my application to Texas. Last months I received a letter from Texas that they transfer my application to INS local office were I live for processing.
                          I check with a lawyer he told me all application at Texas would be transfer to the applicant INS local office. I was surprised to hear your application approved by Texas without transferring your application to the local office
                          Do you know why some people approved at Texas and some applicant their application
                          Transfer to the INS local office for interview. How long it took your application to be approved. At Texas center. Did you also apply for Life Legalization?
                          You live close to the center of human rights, and you are in contact with them, do you know how many people approved or denied through the Questionnaire and Life act. Thank you and I appreciate you help and advice,


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                            Thanks Guest2, for your information. I would love to have her contact information if you have it. I was busy looking for a LIFE/CSS literate attorney but very hard to find one here in Rochester. I emailed to Peter Schey, he responded and willing to assist me in this matter. So you did not apply to LIFE, but have your permanent status right? I established my claim regarding questonaries from Washington DC and did accordingly as they advised then I got my EAD then what? Did I missed something? What I did next was applied for LIFE and they send my application to my local office and had my interview and now everything screwed up.God knows how long its going to take unscrew these matter.
                            I was in the state of Aerican sweet dream almost, and now looks like my dream is over and I am in the sate of nowhere now.All my hard work, job experience, certification is of no use now.


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                              Rafi: Where is your paper filed?


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