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  • How to get H4

    My H1B is just approved. Could anyone tell me how I can get H4 for my wife and my son?

    Much thanks!

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    My H1B is just approved. Could anyone tell me how I can get H4 for my wife and my son?

    Much thanks!


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      This process depends upon whether they are already in the United States, or are still outside of the United States.

      If they are in the United States, they would need to file Form I-539 to transfer to H-4 status.

      If they are outside of the United States, they simply need to go to the U.S. Consulate with the these documentation; their passports, birth certificates, your marriage certificate, your original H-1B Visa approval notice, and a copy of the package that was filed to the INS your H-1B.

      Good luck.


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        They are in Germany now. Where can I get the form I-539? At the Conculate or somewhere else?


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          You can go to this same web site download the form I-539, fill it in, and then print.

          Hope this helps. Good Luck and God Bless!


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            White Female, get the hell out of here,
            you're a racist!At least keep it to yourself , don't show everyone what a racist you are!


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              These were not my intentions for using this ID. If I were racist, I would not be on this board, but I can see how someone could mistake it in this manner.

              I will start using a new ID because I really do not want to hurt anyone in any way.

              Thank you for your thoughts and opinion.

              Take care and God Bless!


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                To Black Female:
                You just saw her ID and never saw her good heart. She has been on this Board for a long time and been helping others and praying for them. You are just showing your immaturity and mean mindedness. You have no sense to judge others. You just judge a person from color. All white people are not bad or racist and you can claim that all colored people like you and me are good.
                White female represents majority of Americans who feel sympathy with the immigrants because they know their roots that their forefathers also came from other countries. Very few Americans are racist and they are in minority, that is why the United States has always been receptive to immigrants. No doubt after 9/11 some sentiments have changed but for that we can not blame them alone.
                White female is really a asset to this board. By using this ID she is giving us support and want to tell us that not all whites are against immigrants. She does not deserve these remarks.
                White Female, we really appreciate your guidance and sympathies from you kind heart.
                Please do not change your ID ever. This ID represents true sentiments of Americans.
                God bless you and your family always.


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                  Thank you for you kind help, White Female!

                  To both White Female and Black Female, you may keep your ID's if you like. People would not judge you by your ID's, just as they do not by your color.

                  Best wishes to you all!



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                    Since they are in Germany, they don't fill out the I-539. Instead, they need the DS-156 and also a DS-157 if any of them are male and between the ages of 16-45. You can find these forms and more detailed instructions on how to pay fees, etc. on the Embassy webpage.

                    Also, they should bring your Approval Notice or a copy of your visa, your marriage certificate and your children's birth certificates.


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