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Entered Legally but I overstayed!! OOOPS!!

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    since you came here legally, thus you really would not have a problem with your AOS although you overstayed your time. You also have an advantage because your husband is a citizen as against being a permanent resident,with regards to processing times.However I believe that you should contact a good lawyer just for guidance sake. From experience, it's also a bit faster. Good Luck!


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      Hello Natalia,

      First off I'd like to say thank you for your response.
      However, I'd like to clarify something.
      I am the husband who's the immigrant and my wife is the one that is the US Citizen.

      I spoke to a lawyer 5 months ago and he told me that since I came here legally, I didn't need to get a lawyer and that I could fill out the forms myself.
      He also said that if I was to take a lawyer, it'll be a waist of my money because there isn't anything complicated about my case.

      So basically right after he said that, when I got home I started filling out all the required forms and sent them in.
      It got approved and I received my work Permit.



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        Hey,great for you! Iam happy that you are getting through. Sorry about the mix up.


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          Hello Everyone,

          I received a letter from the INS today and it is stating that I have to come for some fingerprint on the 7th of February.
          This is what the first line of the letter says:

          Dear Applicant:

          To Process your application, INS must take your fingerprints and have them cleared by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

          I guess, I was wondering what does this mean? What is it for?

          It seem to me that Washington state is going at some interesting speed.

          Please advise.


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            Anyone knows what it is for?
            Please advise.


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              Burritos de salutations,
              Il semble vous vous référez à la norme marche impliqué dans chaque procédé d'application. Remplir les formes, payant des honoraires, les documents de roviding, recevoir a pris les empreintes digitales de, médical, l'entretien etc sont des étapes standard que BCIS suit. Il est d'habitude fait à votre poste de police local ou parfois dans certains cas même au centre local au temps de classification d'application lui-même comme le cas dans notre domaine. De quoi que vous avez mentionné ici, vous ne semb*** pas avoir fait du crime ou avez été reconnu coupable pour un etc. (Overstay ne constitue pas cela). Plus comme vous avez dit que votre cas ne semble pas compliqué en raison de votre entrée légale et votre alors mariage à USC et remplissant alors pour les papiers etc. Plus par la grâce que votre application déplace à une bonne vitesse et peut toutes choses est bien pour vous et votre femme. Maintenant vous promettez d'être un bon à elle et toujours garde son heureux. Bénédictions.


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                Anita Salut,

                Merci de m'avoir repondu.
                De quel pays etes vous? Comme tu l'as remarquer, moi je suis de la Cote d'Ivoire.
                En fait comme tu l'as dis, les choses me semblent aller un peu vite ici alors j'espere que ca restera comme ca jusqu'a la fin.

                Mais en fait ma question je ne sais pas si tu l'as repondu mais je voudrais savoir a quoi es-ce que ca sert d'aller me faire prendre mes empreintes pour le FBI? Que feront ils avec?

                Autant donner que quelque part, je me dit peut etre c'est pour voir si j'ai commis des actes graves ou quelque chose de ce genre je suis quand meme inquiet. Pourquoi me demanderait l'autre. Ma reponse serait, je ne sait pas .. Je suis en toute veriter curieux de savoir.

                Je compte rendre ma femme heureuse et je pris que notre amour resteras pareille pour l'eterniter.

                Merci beaucoup et que Dieu nous garde tous.


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                  I don't understand why you are scared if are not a criminal and if you are or were then i understand your concern. This is a standard procedure to check background as well as criminal records and also add data in case of any future crime etc in all their systems. epecially due to terrorist activities of 2001 it is mandatory for bcis then ins to get every applicant cleared by FBI.
                  Pls. go to gov site and click on fingerprint you will get all details and/search for it on this site you'll find numerous threads about it.
                  Whatever you do my blessings. Take care and extra caution to not let these case/application proceedings have any adverse effect on your married life and mutual affections as unfortunately happened to so many, even on this board.

                  And pls treat your wife with respect and love. Not only coz she is your spouse,the one you love,source of your legal status but also coz she is a women and a person. and there is no denying that this requests hold true for women too.Consider it my blessing to both of you.


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                    What else can I ask for with the way you said it?
                    I thank you for your time and for your blessings. Same to you.

                    In fact I wasn't scared because I've never done anything not even a speeding ticket and I have been living in the states since 97.
                    It just that I was curious to see why is it that the FBI needed my fingerprints.

                    But I now understand and know why so I'll tell you guys how that process goes.
                    Sorry if I made it sound as if it was a big deal.

                    Gros bisou Anita and God Bless.


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                      How long does it take before one can receive a social Security card?
                      I applied for it and it has been 2 weeks going to 3 and nothing thus far.
                      The INS told me to wait 5 days for my info to show on the department of homeland computer before I go and apply.. I did, I waited and got to the social security office, I applied but I was told my info weren't there yet.
                      I guess I was wondering: Do they work against each other?
                      How long does one wait to get that number?
                      I have just recently applied for some jobs ( Technical support analyst) and got one that pays $55.000 a year to start and they want me to start ASAP or next week thursday at the latest but no SS.
                      Ain't that a B I T C H ?


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                        Hi Boritos, do you still have the phone number of lawyer who advised you to do it yourself? Thanks!


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                          No I dont have it anymore.
                          I'll try to look him up after I get off work and I'll post the outcome on here for ya.

                          Do you have a similar case? What's up?

                          Take Care and God bless.


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                            My case is more or less similar to yours with a little bit twist I tried to post new topic here with no success ... maybe because I'm still new ?????
                            Thanks for your effort looking up the lawyer's number. I'm sorry if I bother you for that.

                            Anyway, this is my case:
                            I married my hubbie when he was a PR (I came to US on tourist visa). Then, since we were not familiar with immmigration law, he filed I-130 for me right after we got married hoping that the process would be smooth for us ... turned out it's the biggest blunder for us. After waiting for 4 months without any news but a receipt; we consulted a lawyer who basically suggested to file for extension and wait. We did the extension ourselves and I got it. After that extension the only thing I could do was waiting for him to be USC (and of course I become an overstayer for almost 1.5 year). Now my hubbie is a USC and I wonder whether I should hire a lawyer to do my case or do it ourselves again. My husband is freaked out because of our first mistake.


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